Banana-Apple Buckwheat Muffins (vegan, gf)

Banana-Apple Buckwheat Muffins #vegan #glutenfree #sugarfree #healthy #recipe

Remember the Get Balanced course I wrote about not too long ago? It's a 15-day course focused on balancing your cortisol levels (that would be your stress hormone), which is intricately linked to everything from weight to mood to energy. I'm 11 days in and going strong. You would not believe the amount of substance to this course. Nutritionists, … [Read more...]

Stella & Dot Giveaway – Summer 2013 Collection

Chelsea Tech Wallet (fits smart phone)

That's right, it's time for another Stella & Dot giveaway! This time, from the just released 2013 Summer Collection. Our Chelsea Tech Wallet has been extremely popular and since you all seemed to love the giveaway I did last fall (for the Chelsea in poppy), I decided to give away another one! ***Note:  This wallet is currently available in … [Read more...]

Chickpea Ratatouille (vegan, gf)

Chickpea Ratatouille #vegan #glutenfree #recipe

Wow. What a week. The Boston Marathon bombing (which continues to unfold as I type this post), the explosion in West, TX, and then storms/flooding in our area. Sure does put our "problems" into perspective, doesn't it? While this very wet, gray, cold weather is not fun, I find it hard to complain when I look at the big picture. The folks in Boston … [Read more...]

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Before I jump into today's post, I just want to encourage continued prayers for those affected by the tragedy in Boston. Such a senseless, horrific act. Stay strong, Boston. We are thinking of you! When I jumped into the world of blogging, I was blissfully ignorant (and still am, to a degree). I know nothing about search engine optimization. As … [Read more...]

Tired and Wired

Get Balanced

This morning, I read a post titled "Easy Ways to Stop Feeling so Tired!" that really got my attention. I'm not a parent (which is the target audience of MPMK), but c'mon, who couldn't use a few tips to stop feeling tired? Nutritionists, Megan and Katie of Prescribe Nutrition, were invited to share a few tips on the subject. What I loved about their … [Read more...]

Hearts of Palm and Avocado Salad (vegan, gf)

Hearts of Palm and Avocado Salad #vegan #glutenfree #salad #recipe

Two posts in one day? Yup. I'm on a roll. Must be all the fruits and veggies I've been eating this week. After two not-so-healthy recipe posts in a row (first Carrot Cake, then Mushroom Stroganoff), I promised to get back on track this week. And that I have. I can really tell a difference in my energy level. I know I've said it before, but it's … [Read more...]

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (my new obsession)

Barstool BEFORE Chalk Paint #anniesloan #chalkpaint

When we purchased our home nearly nine years ago, almost every single wall in the house was off-white. At the time, I was into bold color. So I went nuts with color on the walls. Bright, sunny yellow in the living room. A cool medium blue in the kitchen/dining room. Warm mocha in the bedroom. Tuscany olive-green in the entry. You get the idea. … [Read more...]

Mushroom Stroganoff (vegan, gf)

#anniversary #flowers #roses #triplebud

I meant to have this post up hours ago, but my new Stella & Dot summer samples arrived today and let's just say I've been distracted ever since! It's like Christmas in April, I tell ya. I'll introduce you to the new line very soon, and some lucky reader will win a fabulous giveaway ;). Stay tuned. Tuesday, April 2 marked 11 years of marriage … [Read more...]

Minty Fresh Finds (my new spring color crush)

mint green accessories #mint #color

Last August, I posted about my coral color crush. I'm still loving coral, but I've also got a new crush on the color mint. It's everywhere right now. Last week at Target, I couldn't get enough mint. I bought a set of four mint green dip bowls, a mint green photo frame and a decorative minty milk glass bottle (none of which are available online, … [Read more...]