Preserving Memories + DIY Travel Journal

DIY Travel Journal #diy #travel #handmade #journal (F)

Did I ever tell you that Hubs and I got married in St. Lucia? Since then, we've enjoyed many trips to the Caribbean, Mexico, U.K. and Europe, as well as within the U.S. I wish I had been smart/diligent enough to document the details of each trip. Now they're all a blur. Before digital cameras came along, I was better about printing our photos and … [Read more...]

Vegan Mushroom Crostini with Rosemary Lemon Cashew Cream

Vegan Mushroom Crostini

There's a local restaurant that used to have a mushroom crostini appetizer on their menu. It was amazing. When I went vegan, I started ordering it without the goat cheese and it was still pretty amazing. Then they took it off the menu. No idea why. I suppose that's part of the business—rotating menu items and all. But it's so disappointing when one … [Read more...]

DIY Mother’s Day Card (free printable)


This week on Facebook, my mom posted a photo of her mother and wrote, "My mom may be a little crazy, but that's what makes her the BEST MOM!!!" The same is true of my mother. She's a little crazy (let's be honest, sometimes she's a LOT crazy), but she sure can be a lot of fun. Her name is Sherry, but her alias is "Sharia Shriver" (Maria's Shriver's … [Read more...]

DIY Basket Lid Tutorial

DIY Basket Lid Tutorial

Several months ago, I decided to paint our entryway. Guess what color? Yup. Valspar Summer Cottage. Same color as the front door, the back of the hutch shelves and the pop of color on the living room wall. Now the entryway is bright and cheery (unlike the former dark olive green color). The only problem was that our entry table (a light blue dry … [Read more...]

Test Report: DIY Paper Bag Animal Puppets

Paper Bag Animal Puppets Tutorial

During our mission trip in the Dominican Republic, I had the opportunity to teach an art project to some of the school children. I knew I would be doing this before we left, but I wasn't certain what ages I would be working with. So I scoured Pinterest for ideas that would be suitable for ages 3 to 9. I finally settled on two projects - paper bag … [Read more...]

Mushroom and Spinach Pockets (vegan)

Mushroom & Spinach Pockets #vegan #glutenfree #gfcommunity

I'm not really sure which teams are in the Super Bowl. Well, now I am. I just googled it. 49ers and Ravens. While I love to watch college football (Michigan Wolverines, in particular), pro football just doesn't interest me much. But I do look forward to the clever commercials during the Super Bowl. And sometimes there's a decent halftime … [Read more...]

Kalamata Olive & Herb Socca with Roasted Vegetables (vegan, gf)

Kalamata Oliva & Herb Socca with Roasted Vegetables (gluten-free, vegan)

(Don't let the length of this post/recipe scare you away. It really is easy and fairly quick to make.) I am so excited to share my new-found love of socca, the chickpea flour crêpe/pancake/flat bread from Nice, France. It is very easy to make, yet I felt like an accomplished baker when I saw the end result - it's beautiful! Don't worry, if you … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Valentine Garland

Easy Valentine Garland using paper lace hearts from the dollar bin at Target

I have never once decorated for Valentine's Day - until now. But now I have this hutch, this chalkboard, this white wreath and this centerpiece that all beg for festive adornment. It's just so easy to add a few simple touches that I couldn't resist. Besides, winter here in Michigan is drab and gray and depressing - who couldn't use a little … [Read more...]

DIY 3D Chevron Christmas Tree (free download)

FREE download - DIY Chevron Christmas Tree

I was hoping to share my new wreath with you today, but I ran out of fabric, so it's not done yet. I can't wait for you to see it - it's pretty fabulous ;). In the meantime, I hope you're feeling crafty because I created a FREE download for you! You can make one or several of these cute little chevron Christmas trees to decorate your mantle, … [Read more...]

5-Ingredient Raw Apple Pie (vegan, gf, raw)

5-Ingredient Raw Apple Pie

Day 21 of my 28-day detox. Still hanging in there. Thank you to so many of you who sent me tips and raw recipes to try in response to my last post (mid-detox meltdown). You guys rock! Tonight is our last detox class with instructor, Margaux Drake. After class, we're having a "rawluck" (a potluck with all raw foods). I'm excited to see what … [Read more...]