About 86 Lemons

What does 86 Lemons mean?
During college, I waited a whole lotta tables at various restaurants. It was then that I became familiar with the term “86,” which means to remove, end usage, run out of, or take something out or away. For example, a customer might order a burger with no onion, which would translate to the cook as “86 onion.” Or maybe we ran out of ribs, so the manager would scribble “86 RIBS” on the 86 whiteboard in the kitchen. If you’re thinking that the word “no” is just one syllable and much more efficient than the three-syllable term “86,” you are right. I’m right there with ya. (If you care to know how the term “86” originated, click here.) And we all know what a lemon (slang) is:  a person or thing that proves to be defective, imperfect or unsatisfactory; dud (his car turned out to be a lemon). Essentially, ‘”86 Lemons” means no more duds. And that’s what this site is all about…

What is 86 Lemons about?
I spend my time testing out all those fabulous-looking projects, recipes and products so you know which ones are time-wasting, headache-inducing, wallet-draining lemons… and which ones I deem worthy of your attention. Have you ever spotted a project that looked like a no-brainer, only to find out it was far more complicated than you anticipated? (Ahem… like starting a blog.) Or maybe it was a recipe that ended up tasting like crap (darn that mouth-watering photo). Oh, and what about the latest mascara ad/commercial that convinced you it was “the one,” but it was just like all the rest. Don’t you wish some honest person with no agenda would test it for you and give you the inside scoop? Wouldn’t it be lovely if they would weed through mess and toss the lemons? Hey, it’s a dirty job but I’m here to do it. Think of 86 Lemons as your resource for all projects and products that pass the test. I’ll give it to you straight. No sugar-coating here. So before you go hunting down a blue canning jar for every bathroom in your house (don’t tell me you haven’t seen the soap dispenser project on Pinterest like a million times), I hope you’ll visit 86 Lemons and find out if it’s worth the bother.

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  1. Livvy!!!! This is awesome! I am so excited about this blog…. what a genius idea. Not that this surprises me at all coming from you. :)

    I am still giggling about that soap dispenser comment. That was a total dud. How funny.

    Cannot wait to read the rest! Off to go snoop around….


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