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Here in West Michigan, we are having the most beautiful Fall day. The sun is shining, the leaves are gorgeous, and well, it’s Friday. That always helps.

I snapped a few Instagram shots around the house so you could get a glimpse of the ‘Fall flair’ I’ve been working on…

Remember when I posted 10 Fabulous Fall Decor Projects? Check it out – I actually did some of them – the paper flowers and candle holder/vase sweater cozies were pretty simple and quick to do. The faux mercury glass votive holders were a project I completed at a recent Pinterest Party. Those are easy, too. I used this tutorial.

This is a shot of a shelf on our bedroom wall (thus the word SLEEP). The letters were a find from a recent antique/flea market trip. I think I may have found that brass deer from the same market the month before. I gathered up the pine cone branches from my neighbor’s yard. So simple, so FREE!

This wooden thing (for lack of a better term) was a find at that same market. A steal at just $15. Just think of all the possibilities! Although I REALLY love the perfectly distressed natural wood, I think I may paint it white or cream so it doesn’t blend into the table. Either that, or I’ll have to get/make a runner. Ideas anyone?

Remember my pop of wall color tutorial? For summer, my sofa/console table had green grass arrangements on both ends, and lemons in one of the glass containers. For Fall, I swapped out a few pieces to bring in a pop of orange. Traded the lemons for Osage oranges and white pumpkins.

Outside, my lemon wreath got swapped out for Indian corn. Mums and pumpkins replaced the summer flowers (boy was I sick of watering those every single day).

Off to enjoy what’s left of this gorgeous day. Unfortunately, the weekend is going to be cold and rainy. Boo :(

Have a great weekend wherever you are. GO BLUE!


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6 thoughts on “around the house { fall decor }”

  1. Your fall deco is super cute. I have some fall deco, but somehow it never makes it out of the tubs stored in the basement, at least not until the night before Thanksgiving, right before our guests come. Then it’s up for about a day, and my husband takes it down and gets out the Christmas stuff. And every year, we say, “Next year we’ll get it out sooner!”

      • Livvy, as always you have lots of great ideas!

        The “wooden thing” would stand out a lot more if it were on a table runner of some sort. Ideas? I know a lady who places a small rug on top of tables to get texture. Just lthis past week, she had placed a burlap rug on a distressed black wooden table. In the center she had a cake stand with an autumn themed wreath, (berries, etc.). And in the center a pumpkin of a Dk. shade of orange. It looked great!!


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