Recipe Fail: Macaroni & Cheese with Broccoli (vegan)

Oh boy. This isn’t going to be pretty, folks.

Since starting this blog, I’ve had only a few recipe failures. I posted about one of them here. The second wasn’t so much a recipe failure (Hubs loved it, I thought is was okay) as much as it was a photo failure. So that one never made it to the blog. As much as I sometimes wonder if it’s pointless to tell you about bad recipes, that IS the whole reason behind this blog – to warn you about the lemons. I would hate for you to waste your time on making this disastrous recipe. It was TERRIBLE. Downright disgusting.

I’m not interested in making enemies, so I’m not going to link up to the original source for this one. But, I will say that if you find a recipe online for vegan Mac & Cheese with Broccoli (and maybe another vegetable) that involves shredded carrots in the cheese sauce – send me the link before you attempt it. I’ll let you know if that’s the one. Here’s another hint – the photo is gorgeous and mouth-watering.

Not only was it a giant pain in the rear and took forever to make, but the end result was the weirdest tasting vegan cheese sauce ever. So gross. Hubs will eat just about anything and even he thought it was bad. He was starving, so he actually ate some of it. I couldn’t get past the first two bites. On the other hand, the dogs liked it. But that doesn’t say much. Oh, and how could I forget – my kitchen was a mess afterwards – dirty dishes everywhere. It’s one thing to clean up a giant mess after you’ve filled up on a delicious meal – quite another when you’re still hungry (as we like to call it, “hangry” – so hungry you’re angry).

And while I’m on a rant, let me just say that I found this recipe to be poorly written. Yes, I should have read through the whole thing before I started to make it. BUT, things like listing “frozen” vegetables in the ingredients, only to find out in the middle of making the recipe that the vegetables need to be thawed first (if you’re thinking DUH!, just you be quiet) – well things like that just really irritate me. I mean, wouldn’t you list it as (for example only): 2 cups frozen corn, thawed? Right?! Other things like “add water” but not saying how much and leaving out cooking times – well, you get my drift. It drives me nuts. Lesson learned. READ THRU THE ENTIRE RECIPE FIRST.

And now I present to you…

now wait, don’t be fooled by these sort of yummy-looking photos… I promise they are lying to you…

The World’s Worst Ever Vegan Mac & Cheese with Broccoli…

Anyone care to share a “lemon” (recipe/project/product) while we’re on a roll here? I mean, let’s all just save each other the time and hassle – and cash! – right?!

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10 thoughts on “Recipe Fail: Macaroni & Cheese with Broccoli (vegan)”

  1. My lemon…In an effort to become a more creative, crafty Mom I have been glued to Pinterest trying to find the next best thing. I found this craft called Smashing Balls (Baked Cotton Balls) It sounded great! My little guy getting to use a hammer and smash hardened cotton balls to pieces…not so much. He loved making the mess by dipping the cotton balls in the flour, water, food coloring mixture. However, hammering the finished product…he was over it as soon as it started. It wasn’t as fun as the post made it out to be. My little guy is 3 1/2. It might be fun for someone a little younger.

  2. I think I’ve run across the recipe you’ve mentioned – it sounds very familiar. However, I was fortunate enough not to try it… thanks for the honest feedback, though, and telling us your lemons! Don’t you hate it when the pictures are gorgeous and the food is disgusting? That’s just the worst!

    • It really is. You think it’s going to be so tasty and then all that work/mess/time for nothing!!!! Grrrrrr!!!! Glad you didn’t fall in the trap on that one.

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  4. Hi Livvy, I am having the exact same toss up at the moment. Not sure whether to post recipe failures. I have a “taste tested” section on my blog, and I’m scared to post failures! Especially if you name the blog where you got the recipe. Thanks for posting yours – I think honesty is always best. :)

    • I hear ya. I don’t think I could name the source unless it was a large company/magazine/website (not just an individual). I tested two recipes last week that were terrible. I haven’t posted about either one yet. I think sometimes bloggers work so hard to come up with a recipe and they spend so much time photographing the process that even if it tastes like crap in the end, they still ‘need’ to have a post for the day, so they post it anyway. I’m tellin’ ya – we’ve got to 86 the lemons. There’s a LOT of crap out there!

      • Yep, theres no point making people upset and making enemies! Yeah I’ve been thinking that a lot lately. Browsing sites like and there are just so many recipes, but some of them are just like a basic salad with a few ingredients and no dressing, for example, and other stuff like that, which to me isn’t even a recipe. Just something to fill up their blog with. I promised myself when I started my blog that I would only post recipes that I would make over and over again and were ‘staple’ recipes, not just a recipe for the sake of having something to post! *rant over* :)

  5. I am glad that you post about the terrible and failed recipes. Saves me time and money!

    Since going vegan I’ve tried multiple mac & cheese recipes with various “cheese” sauces. So far, I’ve not found one that I really like.

    I agree with Shae too, I don’t want to post recipes for just to have a post for the day. I only share recipes that I really enjoyed and either are staples or will be staples in my home.


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