Crushing on coral.

As you may or may not already know, the color of the year 2012 is Tangerine Tango (as declared by Pantone). As a result, we are seeing shades of tangerine everywhere. I’m loving it. Is it weird to say I have a crush on a color? Cuz I do. I heart coral. Conveniently, it goes particularly well with my favorite pale aqua color (have I mentioned I even have a light aqua vintage convertible VW Bug?). I digress.

If I had a money tree, I would scoop up every single one of these gorgeous coral Etsy finds. For now, I might just have to pick one. Or five.

1. Coral Bookends
This Etsy shop is full of clever bookends and more. I think I need the lemon bookends. Right?

2. Coral Nesting Bowls
Sooooo pretty.

3. Coral Specimen
Not only do I love the color coral, I love the form, too. Isn’t this a fine specimen? ;)

4. Coral Striped Straws
C’mon. How cute are they?

5. Coral Clock
This is from the same Etsy shop as #1 (bookends). The shop owners are from Ukraine and I think they have a coral crush, too.

6. Fan Coral Stencil
Okay, so after browsing through this Etsy shop, I’m contemplating stenciling a wall. I’m pretty sure I hate stenciling. But I LOVE their stencils.

7. Coral Wrap Bracelet
This is pricey, but it’s beautiful.

8. Coral Ombre Tapas Plates
Seriously, how great are these? Coral AND ombre – you got me.

9. Crocheted Coral Coasters

10. Vintage Fan Coral Print
I want every single print in this Etsy shop. I don’t know where I would put them all, but I love them.

11. Coral Wreath

12. Coral Ballet Flats
Oh my. Coral leather ballet flats. I think my heart skipped a beat. Yes, I eat a vegan diet. No, I don’t abstain from purchasing/using leather goods, etc. I’m just not that good.

13. Glass Coral Bowl
This pretty bowl is available in several colors. I like the yellow and spring green a lot, too.

14. Coral Infinity Scarf
Yes, please.

15. Coral Ikat Pillow
What if it was coral AND ikat AND ombre AND chevron? Okay, maybe that’s a bit much. I do adore this pillow. It would look so good on my couch.

16. Coral Linen Clutch
Simple and beautiful.

So… do you have a current color obsession? Do tell.


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6 thoughts on “Crushing on coral.”

  1. You knew I was going to comment didn’t you? You knew this post would compel me to do so….

    I ADORE coral. A.D.O.R.E.

    Since the majority of my house is teal/aqua/turquoise…. anything coral is absolutely fabulous. When we redid the girls’ room, the colors are aqua and white with coral as the accent. My fall project is to finish off their closet…. the walls are aqua, trim and linens are bright white and the inside of the closet (took the doors off) is going to be a bright coral color. Cannot wait to see how it turns out. I made buntings that are aqua and coral and then of course those cute little lights I did at your house.

    My picks out of these 16 are: 2, 7, 10 & 12. Although, I could be talked in to any of them!

    • Ha! No, I didn’t know you had a coral crush, too. But how could you not? The girls’ room/closet sounds divine. You must post pix on fb when you are done. And how about those SHOES – right?!?!?!? O.M.G.

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