Detox Week 1 and Vegan Food Swap

Happy Election Day! I voted, did you?

Last week, I briefly mentioned that I was starting a 28-day pre-holiday detox. Today is day 7.

It all started when I met fellow vegan and health guru, Margaux Drake, at the Taste of Michigan event. Her enthusiasm for detoxing peaked my interest. I’ve never done a detox before, so I figured it was time. I talked my BFF into doing it with me. You know, for moral support ;)

I’m not gonna lie – when I saw the list of suggested items to purchase (probiotics, lecithin granules, psyllium husk, etc), I was a little nervous and so was BFF. She was leaving in just a few days for a weekend trip to Chicago with friends… and didn’t want to be stuck in the bathroom the whole time, if ya know what I mean. Fortunately, Margaux (who is a Certified Raw Food Chef, Teacher and Trainer) leads a class each week to teach us all about detoxing, food preparation, etc. After the first class, I was both fired up and a little confused… it was just SO much information to absorb! But Margaux’s enthusiasm is contagious. Hearing about how our body stores away toxins in our muscles and joints was an “ah-ha! moment” for me. I really want to rid my body of all those nasty toxins.

Oh – and after hearing about the possibility of a “healing crisis” (flu-like symptoms due to detoxing) occurring, I was a little worried. I mean, who wants to feel sick? Apparently, some members in the group are experiencing this (we keep each other posted via a private Facebook group). Fortunately, I am not. But I have 21 days left.

Margaux offers up several options to choose from – you can pick one or all – whatever you’re comfortable with. Many of the options (omitting soda, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, dairy, meat, etc) are already a part of my lifestyle. However, drinking half my weight in ounces of water each day has never been a habit for me, so I’m trying really hard to drink a TON of water. Some days are better than others. Over the past 7 days, I incorporated a probiotic, enzyme capsules, Margaux’s Gimme Green Pure Energy Super Smoothie, and a psyllium/bentonite nightcap. It was a bad week for me to start a detox since I was prepping for a baby shower. So, I didn’t get in all of those things each day. That is my goal this week.

In addition, I would really like to eat as much raw food as possible for the next 21 days. Why raw? In a nutshell… when we cook our food, we destroy the nutrients. I’m excited to feel the difference that ingesting all of those live nutrients and vitamins can make. So, be prepared for some raw recipes over the next few weeks!


On an entirely different note, I’m a little late with my monthly Vegan Food Swap post (because my package arrived late). October marked my fourth month participating in this swap, coordinated by Cat at The Verdant Life.

I sent a package to Aimee at Big Spoon Kitchen Adventures, and received a package from Erin, who doesn’t have a blog. Here is what my package contained…

Homemade Granola
Minestrone Soup Mix
Izze Sparkling Juice (blackberry flavor) – I love Izze!
Vanilla Soy Milk
Apricot Fruit Strip
Hemp Seeds (with coupon and hummus recipe)
A hand-written note from Erin

I haven’t had a chance to try the items yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know if there are any stand-out winners! Thanks, Erin :)

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12 thoughts on “Detox Week 1 and Vegan Food Swap”

  1. I’m planning a detox next week as well! I’ll just be doing 7 days worth though. I feel like it’s a good way to prepare for the coming winter and holiday season. Best of luck as you continue yours!

  2. I did Margaux’s first detox she offered earlier this year at Gazelle. I followed her plan exactly as she recommended. It’s a lot of work and preparation but my skin never looked better and I felt great after the 28 days! You may have motivated me to do this again!

  3. Hi Livvy!

    I’m so excited you are going to try some raw foods! Back in April, I ate 100% raw foods for 40 days and lost 13 lbs (which isn’t a lot for most people, but for me, it was A LOT because I can’t lose weight no matter what I do). I’ve got a lot of raw recipes on my website, especially desserts and snacks ; ) if you need some ideas.

    Also, juicing is really good for detoxing, weight loss and a good way to get live nutrients. Cilantro and spirulina are good for heavy metal detox and lemon juice is good too. Do you have a juicer, or can you incorporate that into the detox plan you are following?

    I can’t wait to see how you like it….good luck! :)

    • I don’t have a juicer (yet) – do you have a recommendation? Also, do you have a favorite raw food cookbook? I would love to test a raw recipe from your site – any suggestions?

  4. The very first one I got about 7 years ago was a Breville Juice Fountain. It’s easy to use and clean and is a good, inexpensive “starter” juicer. I recently updated to an Omega 8005. It’s a bit more expensive, takes a little longer to prep the fruit/veggies, but is much better for leafy greens, which is why I got it. This one can also make nut butters too! Both juicers have excellent ratings and reviews. Also, a good book to start with is called “The Big Book of Juices & Smoothies.”

    If you decide to incorporate more raw foods into your diet long-term, you may want to invest in a dehydrator (Excalibur Dehydrator) which will give you more food/recipe options.

    Just remember…anything that is “cooked” under 118 degrees is considered “raw”. That’s why the dehydrator comes in handy because it keeps everything under 118 so the living enzymes are not destroyed.

    But I wouldn’t get a dehydrator ~just~ for a short term detox ; )

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