DIY Felt Leaf Garland

Have you been to a Pinterest Party yet? On Saturday, I attended my third one. It’s basically just a designated time and place for girlfriends to gather and actually MAKE a few of the projects they’ve pinned on Pinterest.

Each person brings their own project(s) and materials as well as a snack/appetizer that they’ve pinned. I cheated and took Raisinet Cookies.

The host inspired two of my projects (actually, she told me what she was going to be doing and I copied her). We both made t-shirt scarves and faux mercury glass (hers was a glass pumpkin, mine were glass votive candle holders).

I will be posting those two projects soon. She also made sugar body scrub and a ribbon headband holder for her daughter. My third project was one that I pinned a long time ago – Felt Leaf Garland.

The original source of the pin is one of my very favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess. Their beautiful photos make me want this garland all over my house! Fortunately, I’m happy to report that it is as easy and cute as it looks in the photos.

It’s a great project for a Pinterest Party because it requires little concentration, allowing you to carry on a conversation while doing it. Here’s what you’ll need…

Assorted colors of felt (I got mine at Hobby Lobby – 4 letter size sheets for $1)
Card stock paper for template
Needle with large eye (like a Ribbon/Embroidery Needle)

Make a leaf template on the card stock paper. I made mine about 4″ x 2″. Size is up to you, but I don’t recommend going much larger because it will cause the garland to hang poorly. If you want to use my template, click on the image below, print it on the card stock paper and cut it out.

Determine where you’ll be hanging the garland. Drape the yarn as you would the finished garland. Before you cut the yarn, add at least another 6″ for tying off the ends.

To determine how many leaves you’ll need, measure the length of the yarn (minus the additional 6″) and divide by the length of your leaf template.

For example, if my desired garland length is 80″ and my leaf template is 4″ long, then I will need 20 leaves.

If I were using 4 colors of felt, I would need 5 leaves of each color.

Using a marker, trace around the leaf template onto the felt. Cut out the leaves (be sure to cut on the INSIDE of the marker line so no markings show).

Tie one end of the yarn in a single knot, leaving a 1″ tail. Thread the needle with the other end of the yarn, leaving about a 4″ tail. Sew the leaves together, end to end (alternating colors as you wish). Slide the leaves down the yarn as you go. Note – the yarn will be tough to pull through the first few holes, then will get easier.

After sewing on the last leaf, tie off the yarn in a single knot, leaving about a 1″ tail. Then, hang the garland and enjoy your handy work!

It makes fun, whimsical fall mantle decor.

Let me know if you like this and if I should make more DIY projects like this! Ok off to go research if oreos are really vegan friendly.

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