Elephant Envy

For our tenth anniversary (in April of this year), Hubs and I took a trip to Acapulco. When we travel, I like to shop for a small piece of art (usually a watercolor or print) to bring home for a souvenir. During our trip, we hired a driver to take us on a tour of the city (which was beautiful). In the morning, we stopped to do a bit of shopping (pretty sure our driver had cut a deal with the shop owner to receive a portion of any business he generated). The shop owner was kind of gracious and kind of a pain in the butt. There were no prices on anything. Instead, he said, “Just put everything you like in this basket and I give you a good price.” Sure you will. Long story short – we found a few things we liked, which totaled up to about $400 (he was giving us “his best  price”)… a few minutes later, we finally settled on a price we could all agree on – about $150.

One of the things in my basket was a hand carved black onyx elephant. I thought it was beautiful and that it would make a great art souvenir. And so began my elephant collection. Since April, I’ve picked up three more elephants – two at antique markets, one at TJMaxx. And of course, there’s my new Stella & Dot Bryant Park Scarf in Poppy, which has an elephant pattern. I adore this scarf!

And then a massive pencil mural of elephants by Adonna Khare took first place at ArtPrize this year…

Photo source: mymodernmet.com

Seems like I’ve been seeing more and more elephants lately, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from around the world wide web ;)

1.  Original Watercolor Elephant Painting (4×6)  $18
Love the color palette and simplicity of this piece. It would look great in a frame with an oversized mat.

2.  Extremely Tiny Micro Crochet Mini Elephants (set of 2)  $230
Seriously, how is that even possible?! They are SO TINY! Not sure who would pay $230 for two itty bitty crocheted elephants, but they are pretty incredible.

3. Brass Elephant Bookends  $125
LOVE these. They would look so good on my bookshelves.

4. Elephant Tissue Holder  $39.99
The tissue coming out of the trunk – how clever. I want it.

5. Elephant Baby Booties  $20
Every baby should have a pair of these, don’t you think? How stinkin’ cute.

6. Trunks Full of Taste Shaker Set  $12.99
I love that their trunks intertwine.

7. Fill Me with Sunshine Canvas Shopping Tote  $35
Love the happy, bright yellow color paired with the whimsical illustration.

8. Pink Elephant Flour Sack Towel  $12.00
This retro-vibe, super soft cotton towel is screen printed by hand. Luv it.

9.  Elephant Mug  $6.99
Reminds me of my onyx elephant from Acapulco. Some people say I’m hard to buy for. Um, HINT, HINT!

10. “Blue Mountain” Original Elephant Print (11×14)  $22
I think this is just beautiful. I already know where I would hang it.

11.  Thanks a Ton Note Cards (set of 4)  $7.50
I’m a sucker for good graphic design.

12.  Soft Turquoise Elephant Block Print  (11 x 8.5)  $14
I’ve always admired the rustic texture of blockprint. How convenient that this one is in my current favorite color ;)

13. Elephant Quilt by Serena & Lily  $180 – $220
I wish the matching sham wasn’t $68 because I would snatch it up in a second.

14. Elephant Baby Mobile  $50
There’s so much cute nursery decor out there. Maybe I should create a nursery for my two dogs. Just kidding.

15. Seafoam Resin Elephant Head  $134.99
Faux taxidermy has been a big trend for a while now. I’m diggin’ this aqua elephant head.

16. Original Elephant Watercolor Print (11 x 14)  $25
Mama and baby – awwww…


How could I write an elephant post without mentioning Water for Elephants? Read the book. Saw the movie. The book was better. But the movie was pretty good. Just sayin.

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