Hutch swap and mini makeover.

On Friday, I gave you a little sneak peek of this project on Facebook.

I’ve had quite a bit of red in my decor for some time now, and I’m ready for a change. Slowly but surely, I’ve been swapping out my red pieces for fresh, light colors. We’ve had a red hutch in our dining room for about eight years. I considered painting it white. But, believe it or not, I already had a white hutch in another room (talk about shopping the house!). It was being used as a bookshelf/office storage in Hubs’ office. I never really liked it in that room – too big for the space. So, the white hutch took the place of the red one, the red one was sold and now Hubs’ office is on the project list for a major makeover. That’s a whole different post.

The red hutch.

This one was of those things that I thought about and dreaded for at least two weeks before I actually rolled up my sleeves and just did it. I knew it would suck. Both hutches were VERY full of stuff. After weeding through it all, some of it got discarded or donated. Much of it was temporarily moved to the basement (until Hubs’ office makeover is completed). That was the very worst part – going through all the junk. Our house looked like a disaster zone for much of the weekend. Fortunately, I have a very patient husband (thank you Jesus!). Once again, the payoff was well worth it. I love the new look and I love that Hubs’ office is now clean (it’s usually a wreck because it’s where we dump everything that doesn’t have a place – we agreed not to do that anymore).

First, I removed all the junk from each hutch.

Then, I moved the two hutches all by myself (Hubs was still at work). Here’s where I tell you about one of the best inventions ever. I’m sure you’ve seen these furniture sliders on TV before, right? I spotted another version at Menards about a year ago and convinced Hubs we needed them (at the time I think the set of eight was about $20, but now they are only $4). He scoffed/rolled his eyes/shook his head. I guess I didn’t really convince him. They just went in the cart against his will. I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve used these things. They’re amazing. I can move an entire couch with barely any effort at all. Hubs had to eat his words – he loves the furniture sliders. He even told me I should write about them on the blog! And here we are. After watching the video on this site, I’m convinced I need the special tool that lifts up the furniture, because that part is sometimes a pain. Bottom line – get yourself some furniture sliders and thank me later. You will rearrange your furniture just for fun.

I decided to give the all-white hutch a mini makeover. The inside back wall of the upper part got a fresh coat of – you guessed it – my favorite light aqua color (Valspar “Summer Cottage”). This was the easiest, quickest furniture makeover ever. Seriously, if you’re thinking about doing it – just do it.

And here’s the hutch swap/makeover “after.” I used some of the same decor pieces that were in the red hutch, and again, shopped the house for some turquoise pieces to add in. How much do you love my turquoise “Z” on the top shelf?! I picked up that find during a recent treasure hunt with a friend. I had just told her how “Z”s are so hard to find (our last name starts with a “Z”), and two seconds later, she spotted an “N,” turned it sideways and voil√°! – it was mine. Genius. Hubs loves it, too. The elephant also came from that same adventure.

FYI – if you are local and/or you care to know, the distressed white hutch is from Cottage Corner. My friend’s mom and aunt own this store and it is chock full of beautiful cottage-inspired, repainted/distressed furniture pieces, decor and more. They also own the antique store right next door, which has the most fabulous decor finds.

If this post has inspired you to complete a similar project, I’d love to see your photos! Share them on the 86 Lemons Facebook page!

p.s. In case you need some shelf styling help, I found this informative how-to post with lots of great examples.

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6 thoughts on “Hutch swap and mini makeover.”

  1. Great job Livvy! Like the furniture movers. From Menard’s eh? I’ve been using my knees and body to move furniture for years.

    Also, the light, bright, and happy, colors thar you are using. That light pop of color goes well with the gray walls.

    • Thank you! Glad you like it :) And yes, those furniture sliders are AWESOME. I would get the new set I mentioned above tho ( because it comes with that handy lever tool to lift up the furniture so you can get the slider under it.


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