Vegan Mediterranean Crostini (Gluten-Free)

I haven’t given an update on the greenhouse lately. Mostly because there’s not much to report. Things started out well, but then I took off for a week to attend a conference and left the watering/tending to Hubs. It happened to be an extremely hot week and unfortunately, they didn’t get enough water.

Nothing died (though nearly), but it certainly marked the beginning of the decline. Somehow, through it all, the tomato plants have managed to thrive. I have one patio tomato plant that is pretty slow-producing and two plum tomato plants which have a decent yield, although the tomatoes are quite small.

This recipe is a great way to enjoy fresh tomatoes!

Vegan Mediterranean Crostini Gluten-Free

If you’re thinking this looks like bruschetta, well you’re right. I wasn’t sure whether to call it bruschetta or crostini, so I did a little digging to learn the difference. Apparently, the difference lies in the bread. Click here for a short, simple explanation.

No matter what you call it, I promise you that this recipe is delicious. If you’re not keen on artichokes or Kalamata olives, feel free to sub roasted red peppers, eggplant, mushrooms–whatever you like. Or keep it simple and just sub a few extra plum tomatoes.

Vegan Mediterranean Crostini Gluten-Free
Vegan Mediterranean Crostini Gluten-Free

If you want to skip the vegan mozzarella, you certainly may (just toast the bread one time at 450° for 5-6 minutes and do not re-toast it with the topping). However, if you haven’t yet tried Teese Vegan Cheese from Chicago Vegan Foods, I think you’ll be impressed.

I’ve tried several brands of vegan cheese and this is my favorite so far. They make a few different flavors–all of which are good but the mozzarella is, in my humble opinion, the best. It has excellent flavor and the “meltability” is great. It is also gluten-free, soy-free and Kosher certified.

Click here for where to buy. I ordered mine online from this site.

Vegan Mediterranean Crostini Gluten-Free

Go ahead, invite a few friends over and impress them with your mad kitchen skills by serving this delectable appetizer. Togas optional.


Note:  For the sake of pretty photos, I shot these pieces without mixing the vegetables in the liquids and seasonings. So don’t freak out when yours doesn’t look exactly like this.

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4 thoughts on “Vegan Mediterranean Crostini (Gluten-Free)”

  1. I do everything for a good (food) picture, too ;)
    Your crostini look so delicious and I wish, I could have the vegan mozarella, but I’m from Germany and its a little bit too far.
    Will visite you again and your gorgeous blog…

  2. Those look fun and easy! I have had Teese vegan cheese and it is pretty amazing. They had a booth at the Boston Veg Fest last year and were giving samples of their cheddar and mozzarella on mini pizzas they were cooking right there. They were melty and soooo good! I had planned on buying a couple of packages of their cheese before I left the fest but when I went back they were sold out! I was sad for me but glad for them. I really hope they return again this year. Anyway, nice post!


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