Recipe Fail: Sweet Potater Tots

Today I wasted a whole bunch of time testing out a recipe for Sweet Potater Tots. It takes me twice as long to make a recipe because of the photos I take during the process. As you can imagine, when I finally get to the end and it tastes like CRAP, well… then I’m just in a rotten mood. I don’t always post about these debacles because I want this site to be a resource for projects and products that don’t suck.

The thing is, I’d hate for you to waste your precious time and energy on such a recipe.

In theory, Vegan Sweet Potato Tater Tots sound like a great idea. In fact, I might even attempt to come up with my own recipe when I recover from the disappointment of this one. I think the problem may have been ‘wrong tool for the job’. The recipe author used a spiralizer, but said a mandoline slicer would also work, so that is what I used (I don’t have a spiralizer – yet). I inserted the julienne blade and muscled through two large sweet potatoes. The problem with this method (vs using a spiralizer) is that it results in a much wetter consistency. Think shredded/grated zucchini. Yeah. So…

They were mushy. Really mushy. Even after baking them three times as long as instructed, they were STILL mushy. And largely lacking in flavor. I was SO MAD. I know there are far more tragic things in the world, but in that moment, I wanted to scream. So I had a little tantrum for about 10 minutes. I debated about whether or not to post about it. I decided to write about it (obviously), but not to include photos. Since I wasted so much time in the kitchen, I didn’t want to waste anymore on photo editing. I know, how boring, a photo-less post :(

And that is all I have to say about that.


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9 thoughts on “Recipe Fail: Sweet Potater Tots”

  1. Livvy…something good comes out of everything, right? I’ve been looking at all your delish recipes and gorgeous photos and hadn’t commented on anything until now.

    This post cracked me up!! In fact, it just made my day. Not that you had a bad experience but because it sounds like something that would happen to me.

    So even though your poor little potatoes didn’t cooperate, you did make someone else smile!

    BTW…I have a spiralizer on my wish list too ; )

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad that someone else has tantrums when their recipes go kaput! I feel your pain, and I’m happy that you have saved us all from trying a dysfunctional recipe!

    • Yep, haven’t outgrown tantrums yet ;) On the flip side, when a recipe DOES turn out and it tastes great, I do a little victory dance. Now if the photos AND the recipe are good – well, that’s enough joy to sustain me for a whole day! LOL!

  3. From now on Livvy, get your Sweet Potatoes or fries in a restaurant. Crazy Horse has great mashed sweet potatoes!! They even put walnuts in it.

    Nice try though! Hey, I get really pissed when recipes don’t turn out right. I swear that I’ll never bake again. And then-I always do.


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