So nice, I made it twice.

If I didn’t already convince you to try the Vegan Pancakes I posted last Saturday, maybe this will do the trick. I made them again on Sunday morning and topped them off with fresh raspberries, vegan chocolate chips, sliced almonds and pure maple syrup.

These definitely do NOT suck. Get the recipe here.



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6 thoughts on “So nice, I made it twice.”

  1. Livvy, your blog is awesome! I try to eat vegan as much as I can, and your recipes (and lovely photos) are fantastic. I’m sharing the link to your blog on my FB page. Yay!! : )

  2. these look amazing! I love the toppings you chose. Yum. Making pancakes tomorrow morning. I like adding cinnamon in mine. :)

    Love your blog BTW.
    Check mine out:

  3. Your photo was so enticing that I made these today. My kids and I ate a double batch! Great pancakes and the toppings made them even better (and more special than our usual). Definitely a keeper. Thanks.


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