The Pillow Disease

My grandpa used to tell my grandma she had the “Shopping Disease” because she likes to shop too much. If he were here today, he might tell me that I have the “Pillow Disease.” I can’t stop myself when it comes to cute throw pillows. Recently, a few more have crept into the mix.

The orange/pink chevron pillow is old news. But the other two were just born. I scored the feed sack during a recent treasure hunt with a friend. The flower print is a fabric I’ve had in my stash for a long time now. Finally used it to make a pillow cover because just look at how great it goes with the other two. C’mon.

The feed sack pillow has a zipper closure. I’m a very amateur sewer, so I’m scared of putting in a zipper the REAL way. Instead, I use this tutorial for putting one in the simple, easy way. Works like a gem.

The flower print pillow has a envelope closure. I prefer a zipper, but I didn’t have anymore zippers on hand. The great thing about sewing this closure style is that it’s FAST and EASY. Here is a great tutorial.

Again, the blue textured pillow in the foreground is old news (and so is the blanket in the background). But the floral pattern pillow is my new pride and joy. While browsing at World Market, I realized that the fabric napkins were 20″ square. Ding, ding! I have a stash of 20″ pillows with no covers (mostly from Ikea). Most tutorials will tell you to cut your fabric 1″ larger than the size of your pillow, but I find that it’s always too big. I like the pillow cover to have a snug fit so it’s nice and full – so I cut to the same size as the pillow (20″ x 20″). Well, hello?! No cutting required and at $4 for two napkins (they were on sale), I’d call that a deal. Go find yourself some napkins and whip up a pillow cover already.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The boys (Dutch & Schatzi) were just looking so cute next to my pillows today.

The pink textured round pillow is a recent TJMaxx find. It’s a Cynthia Rowley and, although I don’t recall the exact price, it was definitely under $20, maybe even under $15. Had to have it.

These three are all old news, too. But it’s just further evidence of my “Pillow Disease.” Can anyone out there relate?!

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6 thoughts on “The Pillow Disease”

  1. I have the same “Pillow Disease” and just had this conversation with my boys…they think I am crazy of course!

    I especially love your “live” pillows…they make the best accents!

  2. Don’t have the pillow disease. Love yours though! They are so colorful and fluffy.
    Dutch and Shatzi are patiently waiting for Grandma Weatherbee to arrive.

  3. I COMPLETELY have the pillow disease and now that my husband and I are buying our first home, I’ll be making throw pillows like a crazy woman! Thanks for the tutorials, but I have another question–I LOVE your blue couch. Where did you get it? Thanks!


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