The Oh She Glows Cookbook Review, Giveaway + Empowered Noodle Bowl (vegan, gf)

I must start this off with an apology to my regular readers (if you’re still there). This is my first post since November. I had every intention of taking a brief hiatus for December, but I did not intend to leave you hanging for January and February. A clumsy fall resulted in a broken right (dominant) hand just before Christmas. Just after the new year, I had surgery. Thus, my extended hiatus. Good news is I’m (almost) good as new and I’m excited to be back!

When my one of my vegan idols, Angela Liddon (author of The Oh She Glows blog and cookbook), asked me to participate in her virtual cookbook tour, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been waiting for her cookbook to come out FOREVER and it’s finally HERE! I’m honored that Angela asked me to participate because this girl is a vegan (and blogging) superstar. I have relied on her amazing recipes (here are a few) since I first went vegan two years ago. In fact, my second blog post ever (first recipe test post) was one of Angela’s recipes (don’t look, it’s embarrassing). What I love about her is that she doesn’t post a recipe unless it’s truly fabulous. Same goes for this cookbook. I have absolutely no doubt that there isn’t one recipe in the book that I won’t love (except maybe the beet salad ;). I’m tellin’ ya–she’s got skills.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

I can’t even begin to imagine what an undertaking it must be to create such a beautiful cookbook from cover to cover. It is completely chock-full of hearty recipes that herbivores and omnivores alike will love. And each one is made with real, whole food ingredients (love that!). There’s a wide range of quick and easy recipes, as well as some that are more involved (but nothing a beginner can’t handle). Being a graphic designer, I am critical when it comes to visual details. The Oh She Glows Cookbook passes with flying colors. The food photography (all done by Angela, herself) is gorgeous and the layout is clean and easy to read/follow. Might I just mention that there are over 100 vegan recipes (most of which are gluten-free and soy-free) and nearly all of them have a photo!

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

food photo credit: Angela Liddon, upper right photo credit: Dave Biesse

Angela even went the extra mile by including allergy information for each recipe–indicating whether it is gluten-free, soy-free, grain-free, nut-free, sugar-free, oil-free and/or no bake/raw. She also includes notes on how to adapt certain recipes to make them nut-free or grain-free, for example. Pretty sure she thought of everything. There’s even a chapter called My Natural Foods Pantry, which details her most commonly used ingredients.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

It’s your lucky day. Not only can you enter the giveaway below to win a copy of The Oh She Glows Cookbook, but I’ve also got a freebie for ya right here. A vegan, gluten-free recipe from the cookbook! The Empowered Noodle Bowl with Thai Peanut Sauce is an easy, quick recipe that you can whip up in no time. In the book, there’s also a second (nut-free) dressing option (Orange-Maple Miso Dressing), which I haven’t yet tried but it sounds wonderful.

Empowered Noodle Bowl with Thai Peanut Sauce (vegan, gluten-free recipe)

No surprise here–this wholesome recipe is a winner. It has great texture and amazing flavor! And it’s so easy to make. The recipe calls for soba (buckwheat) noodles, but I’ve never had much luck with them so I used quinoa pasta instead.


Empowered Noodle Bowl with Thai Peanut Sauce (vegan, gluten-free recipe)

Empowered Noodle Bowl with Thai Peanut Sauce (vegan, gluten-free recipe)

So, here’s the bottom line. Whether you’re vegan or not, if you’re looking for a great cookbook full of inventive, decadent, delicious, wholesome, healthy, allergy-friendly recipes, this is your book. One of my other vegan idols, Dreena Burton, is quoted on the back cover as saying, “If you can choose only one cookbook this year–Oh She Glows is it!” And that’s coming from an author of FIVE amazing vegan cookbooks.

Here are just a few of the many recipes from The Oh She Glows Cookbook that I can’t wait to try:  Ultimate Nutty Granola Clusters, Sunrise Scramble with Roasted Home Fries and Avocado Toast, Out-the-Door Chia Power Doughnuts, Life-Affirming Warm Nacho Dip, Mushroom-Walnut Pesto Tart, Perfected Chickpea Salad Sandwich, Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas, Luxurious Tomato-Basil Pasta, Marinated Italian Mushrooms, Classic Glo Bar, Cacao Crunch Almond Butter-Banana Bites, Homemade Yolos and Crispy Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. One word–yum.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Recipe reprinted by arrangement with AVERY, a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, A Penguin Random House Company. Copyright © GLO BAKERY CORPORATION, 2014. Affiliate links included in this post.

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  1. Diane Vandermast says

    I saw a copy of this book the other day, and giving the snowy weather we’ve been having,, the Indian red lentil- cauliflower soup is calling my name.

  2. Diane says

    I love Angela’s website recipes. This looks like a great cookbook. Thanks for the bonus recipe and chance to win a copy of the book!

  3. Jacky Hood says

    Oh She Glows is one of my go to vegan blogs! Love the recipes & articles, can’t wait to try the cookbook!

  4. says

    I love your blog…it is my favorite source for recipes and info. I hope I win the contest…I would love to have this cookbook!

  5. says

    Sorry to hear about your fall and surgery Livvy but hopefully you’re getting back to normal soon. Nice to see you posting!
    My copy of the OSG Cookbook just arrived yesterday. I’ve made a couple of things already :)

  6. Jessica says

    I do love the oh she glows blog! She always has such creative and delicious recipes. I can’t wait to check out the official cook book.

  7. says

    Thank you for this beautiful post Livvy!!! I’m so happy you are enjoying the cookbook so far. :) Good call on using the quinoa pasta too – I’ll have to try that sometime! I’m so happy to hear that your injury is healing…I can only imagine what a long recovery it’s been for you. Thank you greatly for taking the time to put together this post as I can imagine it wasn’t easy on your hand!! xo

  8. Jeannelle says

    I am really excited to try this cookbook. My favourite Oh She Glows recipe of all time is the eggplant and zucchini casserole!

  9. Emily R. says

    It’s very hard for me to find appealing vegan recipes, so OSG is a great resource! I also love that she creates variations for people with food allergies and specific dietary needs.

  10. Beth says

    I love all of the recipes I’ve tried form Angela’s blog. I know I would enjoy all of the recipes from her cook book!!

  11. Amy says

    The cookbook looks great! I can’t wait to try this “life-affirming” nacho dip. Sounds good to me. :)

  12. julie says

    The variety of dishes and recipes provided interests me most about the cookbook and all the pictures!

  13. sharon says

    I have made many of angela liddon’s recipes. those from her website and look forward to seeing this book.

    thank you for the giveaway

  14. Carl says

    Welcome back!!! I’m impressed that the recipes include a lot of whole foods and are not gimmicky or gadgety in any way. Thanks.

  15. says

    So glad you’re back to blogging. Can’t wait to try out some of the awesome recipes in this book and also looking forward to drooling over the wonderful photos. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  16. Stephanie says

    I love the Rainbow Rad Pad Thai recipe from OSG! I have made it several times and my husband loves it as well!

  17. Ashley says

    I love all the gorgeous photos (from the previews) and her approach to overall health and wellness! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  18. Jess says

    I love Angela’s recipes! I made her double layer chocolate torte and it was incredible. I can’t wait to see what kind of desserts she came up with for her cookbook.

  19. Becky Egeland says

    Welcome back, glad to hear you are on the mend! I always joke that I could be a vegetarian; I love veggies. This cookbook is a good way to start down the vegan path. :)

  20. Maria says

    It’s really difficult to choose just one favorite recipe from OSG, because Angela is freakin amazing, but I absolutely love her butternut squash mac n’ cheese. I never thought to use butternut squash before that and it’s just so hearty and delicious!

  21. ikkinlala says

    My favourite Oh She Glows recipe is the avocado pasta – such a quick and easy weeknight dish, and delicious too.

    I’m guessing the recipes in this cookbook will be equally tasty.

  22. Margie says

    Thank you Angela for helping and inspiring me to eat better and LOVE Eating Better! Your food is amazing and I’m spreading the word to all my friends! :)

  23. karen says

    I would love to give this book to my daughter in college who is learning to cook on her own. love Angela’s blog and I know my daughter would get a lot of inspiration and motivation from this book!

  24. Crystal Bauman says

    I have loved Oh She Glows for years! Angela’s recipes are fairly simple, and are conscious of a variety of allergies and eating habits. I would be thrilled to own this cookbook.

  25. Flora says

    Angela is just purely amazing! I haven’t ever tried one of her recipes that I didn’t like. One of my favorites are the butternut squash burritos. Yum!

  26. says

    I made the Lasagna with Lemon-Basil Cheeze Sauce last night and it was AMAZING! My meat-loving soon-to-be-hubby went back for seconds and took some for his lunch today. I’m new to vegan cooking and so far, I love it!

  27. Nicole says

    What a gorgeous looking cookbook…in a world filled with them! I am going to make this thai noddle bowl and hopefully many more recipes from the cookbook.

  28. Rosanna says

    I agree with you! I’ve followed her blog for a year now and have made so many of her recipes (printed over 50 and have my own favorite recipe book!).

  29. Ashley P says

    I have tried a few of her recipes from online and they are delicious! Would love to try more recipes from this cookbook!

  30. Sara says

    The gorgeous pictures and gluten free recipes! I’m in a winter weather cooking funk and this book is filled with great new meal options!

  31. says

    ohgoodgolly…so sorry to hear about your hand! What a time to take a tumble, right before the holidays! Hope the surgery went well and you’re on the way to a lightningfast recovery. :)
    Choosing a fave recipe from all of Angela’s beautifully brilliant dishes is tough but I gotta go with Blueberry Vanilla Bean Pancakes with Blueberry Glaze…soooo good! I seriously could eat a stack of them everyday until you tell me to stop. ;)
    I bet this cookbook is crazyamazing…looking forward to more delicious recipes from both of you!

  32. Leigh C says

    Thank you for sharing this recipe I look forward to looking around your site as well. This is my first visit – but won’t be my last!

  33. says

    What most interests me about this book is all the healthy vegan recipes. There are so many vegan books our three as we’ve seen I feel this will be better since I’ve found healthier vegan breakfasts and other meals that I really enjoy .

  34. Tomi says

    With this long Michigan winter, and a birthday of epic proportion rapidly approaching, I need all the tools I can get to help me glow!!! This cookbook would be just the ticket.

    (I’ve missed reading your posts. Glad you’re back:)

  35. Emily C. says

    Oh She Glows’ apple pie oatmeal and roasted red pepper hummus are staples in our house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. Anna says

    All of Angela’s recipes I have made were fantastic! I wouldn’t expect anything less from her cookbook, surely to be full of recipes that won’t disappoint!

  37. says

    My all time favorite recipe from Oh She Glows must be the Buckwheat Groat Parfait. The best and most delicious breakfast you can imagine! I sooooooo wish I could win her book! :)

  38. Natalie says

    So many favorite Oh She Glows recipes but one of my personal favorites is her Smokey Butternut Squash sauce or any of her countless Green Monster and Oatmeal recipes!

  39. Shadow says

    My favorite hummus recipe came from Oh She Glows years ago. I must make it at least three times a month. I can’t wait to got my hands on a copy of this cookbook.

  40. Shauna says

    My favourite OSG recipes have always been the protein and goddess bowls. My husband likes the pumpkin brownies.

  41. Ellie says

    This is on my wish list! I love Angela’s blog (huge inspiration to go vegan!) and can’t wait to see even more recipes from her!
    My favorite recipe has to be her cookie dough fudge or her gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

  42. says

    Mmmm, that noodle bowl looks amazing. I’ll have to try it once I get the cookbook. I saw your review on Oh She Glows, thinking “86 lemons” meant you really liked lemons (which I do). Well look who’s a noob. :) Your blog looks awesome BTW. <3

  43. Jill F says

    I love Angela’s avocado cream pasta sauce and applie pie oatmeal! (Also, glad you are back blogging and sending *good* healing thoughts!)

  44. Jill F says

    Oh and also her Best Shredded Kale Salad really is THE BEST. The pecan ‘parmesan’ is what my dreams are made of.

  45. Melanie Faris says

    I really want to have this cookbook so that I can try new healthy recipes for my clients (I do in-home cooking). I am looking for new recipes all the time that are healthy and unique, and this is the perfect book for this!!

  46. Christine L. says

    I only discovered OSG after seeing a tweet from the publisher relating to the release of the cookbook. Now I have all kinds of ideas after having browsed through some of the content on the site. The cookbook would be a huge boon to me and my family as we are always in search of more healthful alternatives.

  47. Kara Williams says

    I have got to get this cookbook! I am so tired of just making vegan recipes off of Pinterest (they are great…. but…). I want a cookbook with beautiful photos to cook from. I am going to try this noodle bowl next week!

  48. Trina says

    This looks like a fabulous book! Such beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to try the recipe you shared from it! (I love your layout for recipes!)

  49. Tara says

    I’ve loved every single recipe I’ve tried by Angela, but right now my favorite is the detox salad. It’s full of health cruciferous veggies and tastes absolutely delicious. I’d love the chance to try her cookbook recipes!

  50. Ana Z. says

    My favorite OSG recipe is the Protein Power Goddess Bowl. One of the best lunches (especially to take to work!).

  51. Lucia says

    Her recipe for chocolate peanut butter cups in a jar (which I adapted into a full size pie) is scrumptious! After one bite my meat-loving, football-playing brother requested it for his birthday dessert!

  52. Chely says

    I am intrigued by the Chia Doughnuts. And I am a fan of her Chia Tortilla Soup and her Quick Enchiladas and the Butternut Cheese recipe. I make them all the time.

  53. Tiffany Chilvere says

    Having a baby in May and trying to transition from vegetarian to vegan so I would love to have this book!

  54. Terri Cole says

    The gorgeous photos have really piqued my interest. And my favorite OSG recipe is the avocado pasta.

  55. Sophia Finster says

    I’m excited to try this cookbook because I will finally have many of oh she glow’s recipes in one place!

  56. Katherine J says

    I heard there was a ‘food pantry’ section, I love reading things like that! I am always looking for any tips or tricks I can find to have a full and exciting vegan pantry. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!!!

  57. Jessica Quinn says

    I have so many fav OSG recipes, but here is one I’m loving the most right now – the Black Bean and Potato Nacho Plate – so many possible modifications!

  58. Katie M says

    One of my favourite OSG recipes is her Spiced Lentil, Tomato & Kale soup. Hearty, filling, yet so healthy for wintertime!

  59. says

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Livvy! I bet your vegan living has helped keep you strong while you’re on the mend. :-) Thanks for this giveaway. I love Angela’s recipes so much. I want whatever it is that looks like it’s drizzled in something creamy and avocado-y in the photo on the left of the middle row!

  60. Alissa says

    what interests me most is the premise of vegan recipes that are comprised of whole foods (not imitation dairy/meat products)

  61. Marie says

    The only thing better than a cookbook with great recipes is one with beautiful photographs accompanying great recipes!

  62. Tara says

    My favorite OSG recipe is the sweet potato black bean enchiladas. yuuummmmmmmm, my mouth waters just thinking of them.

    • Catherine says

      And my favorite recipe of OSG is Our Perfect Veggie Burgers, though it’s hard to name just one favorite!

  63. says

    I’m all about Angela’s oatmeal recipes – especially the carrot cake oatmeal. But I can’t wait for some great new lunch ideas from this cookbook!

  64. says

    I’m really curious to try the Ultimate Nutty Granola Clusters from Angela’s book. I’ve been looking for a great granola recipe for a while, and it sounds like that one is precisely what I’m looking for!

  65. Tiffany says

    As a long time OSG reader it is next to impossible to pick a favourite recipe…. everything she posts is delicious! Her smoothies are always a staple for me and she is one of the first places I go to when I have a food craving bc she covers just about everything!!!

  66. Stefanie says

    I would love to win this cookbook…. we are new to vegan eating and I could really use some great recipes!

  67. Rachelle says

    My favorite OSG recipe that I have made so far is overnight oats! I love the possibilities! This book intrigues me because of the natural ingredients that are used; I need to continue to remove processed foods from my diet!

  68. Yafa says

    The photos look fabulous!

    I am in a book club with one gluten free and one dairy free person and when I host I make desserts that everyone can eat. I recently used two of Angela’s recipes to rave reviews. It would be great to have a whole book of her recipes.

  69. Renee G says

    I’m always excited to try new and healthy recipes. In particular, I can hardly wait to try the Classic Glo Bars.

  70. natalie says

    I tried the Empowered Noodle Bowl w/ Orange Maple Miso Dressing after seeing it on another blog and it is seriously delicious. I’m so excited about this cookbook! I’m sure all of the recipes are fabulous but the photographs are what really have me intrigued. Angela is truly an artist :)

  71. Sabrina says

    My favorite OSG recipe is the vegan chocolate macaroon truffles, tweaked a bit to make vegan Mexican chocolate truffles!

  72. Lisa M says

    I’m new to vegan cooking, and I rely on Angela’s recipes heavily. My fave, hands down, is her granola nut clusters. So simple and delicious. Even my office mates ask me to make them.

  73. Breanna Anderson says

    I am so excited for this book! I’ve been checking out her blog for a while now, and absolutely love her recipes!

  74. Kayleigh says

    So many oh she glows recipes are absolutely amazing, but my favorite has probably been her portabello pizzas. It’s something I wouldn’t have thought of, and delicious!

  75. says

    I just legitimately cannot pick a favorite recipe of hers. I’ve never made anything bad from her blog! Her GF chocolate chip cookies are spot-on and her tahini sauce is a favorite here!

  76. Laura says

    oh I would loooove to win her cookbook, I’m insanely obsessed with Angela’s recipes ;) is this giveaway only open to US?

  77. Tara says

    This one looks like it could be my new favorite recipe, can’t wait to try it. I have made a number of Angela’s recipes since discovering her blog, and my favorite is usually whatever one I am eating in that moment! The cookbook looks brilliant. :)

  78. Noella says

    I love that the Oh She Glows cookbook uses wholesome easy to find ingredients and is vegan and many are gluten-free to-boot!

  79. Bonnie says

    I am most interested in finding out all the great vegan recipes, as I am new to exploring a vegetarian/vegan diet.

  80. Kati says

    I absolutely love Angela’s barbeque chickpea burgers… I make them just about every week! I’d love to be able to try out more of her recipes.

  81. Ann says

    So excited to get to try more of her recipes by having hard copy (we don’t have internet at home, so unless I print things out, they don’t get made). Love her!

  82. Sonia G says

    The OSG book looks so beautiful. I love it when the recipes have pictures. My favorite OSG recipe from the blog is the tofu quiche. Super easy and super delicious. Love the crunchy crust.

  83. Niki says

    Aw I love her blog!!! I would love to check out her book. I’m sure it’s absolutely incredible. I’ve made a few of her recipes and they have turned out so well!

  84. Nikki Nisly says

    YUM YUM YUM! Her cookbook will be an amazing addition to any kitchen! So excited to get a copy of it for myself!

  85. sarah louise says

    After being vegetarian all my life, I’m just making the switch to Vegan. hoping this book will make it even more delicious :)

  86. Katherine M. says

    I’m so excited for this cookbook! Angela’s recipes are all so delicious and satisfying. The Empowered Noodle Bowl literally made my mouth water just reading about it!

  87. Jessica says

    I can’t eat dairy or gluten and I try not to eat meat, so I think there would be a lot of great ideas here!

  88. Sophia says

    my favorite OSG recipe is definitely the Lightened Up Summer Granola! It’s my every day breakfast with homemade Greek yogurt & berries!

  89. Alissa says

    I have been following Angela for the past two years, and her vegan recipes have been so inspirational, some of my favorites are all of her VOO and Cookie recipes. I would love to own her book, because I know I am going to want to try all of her awesome recipes!

  90. Hannah Beth says

    This cookbook is so inspiring! I would love to cook gluten-free, but struggle find good recipes and creative! This will give me the variety I crave!

  91. Britta Kallevang says

    What is your favorite OSG recipe?

    I looooove her butternut mac n cheese. Both with cashews and without. Amazing! Angela is amazing!

  92. Heather Rennie says

    i LOVE the butternut squash/lentil/curry stew! although i’ve never made anything that’s turned out poorly from angela’s collection –her site is definitely a go-to! :-)

  93. Marielle says

    My favorite OSG recipe is the chilled dark chocolate pie. It is seriously SO good. My (omni) husband and (vegan) I also love the recipes for lemon dill tofu, cake balls, Elvis bars, and so many more from Oh She Glows!

  94. Beth says

    I am so excited about this cookbook! I love Angela’s oatmeal recipes, smoothies but I have especially loved all her great ideas for fresh healthy lunches and dinner entrees. In one of my favorite posts, she gave a menu for 5 gluten free vegan lunches that were all delicious!

  95. Laurie says

    This cookbooks looks so beautiful & inspirational! Every recipe I’ve heard of sounds easy, inventive fresh & healthy. What a great way to start off Spring!

  96. Kelsey says

    Angela’s recipes are always so delicious and her photos are beautiful. I would love to get my hands on this cookbook!

  97. Celeste says

    I just recently heard about the the Oh She Glows blog, I really appreciate her perspective and healthful tips. It would be great to win a copy of the book, it’s definitely on my list to buy soon!

  98. stacey h says

    i just discovered ‘oh she glows’ today, apparently i live under a rock.
    i was checking out her blog page and so many great recipes, i feel the need to own this cookbook.
    i am vegetarian, with bouts of vegan, and am always looking for really tasty treats

  99. Suzanne says

    I have never tried any of her recipes, but I love her blog! I can’t wait to start working my way through her cookbook!

  100. Leah says

    I love Oh She Glows!! I have fallen off the vegan train as of late, and I need to get back on. It’d be lovely to have this cookbook to help me get going :) Great giveaway!

  101. Jasmin says

    I’ve been waiting for this book ever since she said it was in the works!! Discovered Oh She Glows over a year ago when I decided to go vegan cold tofu, and with the help of the recipes on the Oh She Glows site as well as Kathy’s Healthy Happy Life recipes, I’ve been wowing people with vegan meals for over a year. <3

  102. Em says

    Looks delicious. My fave OSG recipe is the pumpkin brownie pie with pecan topping. It’s the best of pumpkin and pecan pies AND brownies. Absolutely delicious – everyone who tasted it raved about it.

  103. Beth says

    My fave OSG recipes are the GF brownies and GF crispy PB cookies! These two are practically staples in our household! SO good!

  104. Leigh C says

    THANK YOU so much!! How exciting! Thank you for the recipe review & post (which we tried and loved that Thai peanut sauce was AWESOME!!) holding the contest!

    I will send you my address etc.


  105. says


    Love your site and it’s so good to hear you are doing better. all the best!
    Love the upcoming cook book and can’t wait to see the Oh-She glows book.


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