Vegan Lasagna with Lemon-Basil Cashew Cheeze

Vegan Lasagna with Lemon Basil Cashew Cheese

A meatless lasagna that will knock your socks off. The star of the show is the Lemon-Basil Cashew Cheese Sauce, which is incredibly creamy and flavorful. Vegans and meat-eaters alike love this recipe. And it’s so easy to make!

Muddy Buddies

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Pumpkin Banana Loaf

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Earl Grey Cookies

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Summer Fruit Galette (v/gf)

Vegan Summer Fruit Galette

Was that you at the farmer’s market the other day? The one who was spellbound by nature’s bounty? The one who bought entirely too many cherries, peaches, plums, berries? I know, I know. They were calling your name and you simply could not resist. Lucky for you, I have just the recipe to make use of that delicious summer fruit.

Summer Fruit Galette (vegan, gluten-free) 03

Confession. Somehow I managed to survive 38 years on this planet with no knowledge of the galette. For those of you in the same camp, a galette (French) or crostata (Italian) is a free-form, rustic version of a tart, with the dough edges folded up around the filling. They can be sweet or savory. As it turns out, they can also be vegan and gluten-free! This galette crust recipe is buttery, flaky perfection. A plant-based pastry that can rival the best of them. Strap on your apron, channel your inner Julia Child and get ready to make an amazing dessert.

Summer Fruit Galette (vegan, gluten-free) 04

Summer Fruit Galette (vegan, gluten-free) 05

Just one note before you begin. While cooking is forgiving, baking is not. Measurements should be precise for consistent results. It’s a good idea to use a kitchen scale when measuring flour. One cup of flour weighs 140 grams, so you’ll need 350 grams for this recipe. If you don’t have a kitchen scale, then at least spoon the flour into a measuring cup and level it off with a knife. If you scoop the flour straight out of the bag using a measuring cup, it will result in too much flour. And as with any recipe, read through the entire recipe before you begin. There is some refrigeration/freezer time involved with this crust.

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Chopped Kale & Quinoa Salad (v/gf)

Vegan Chopped Kale And Quinoa Salad

So, about today’s recipe. When we were in California last fall, we had lunch at a place in Sausalito called The Trident. I had their Kale & Quinoa Salad minus the cheese and it was amazing. I was craving it when we got back, so I attempted my own version. Since then I’ve made it several times and it has evolved into one of my favorites. I’ve made it for others as well, and the reviews are always great. So, grab some kale, let’s get started.

Vegan Gluten Free Chopped Kale & Quinoa Salad

Chopped Kale & Quinoa Salad - Gluten Free and Vegan

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Broccoli & Chickpea Rice Bowl (v/gf)

Vegan Broccoli and Chickpea Rice Bowl

I’m back! I’ve missed you. How are you? I hope your new year is off to a good start. If you resolved to start eating healthier this year, then you’re in the right place. Today, I have an especially healthy, nutritious recipe for you. It’s vegan of course, and also gluten-free. The flavor is light and refreshing, but it’s also a hearty, filling dish.

Broccoli Chickpea Rice Bowl (vegan, gluten-free) 06Often I’ll make a big batch of brown rice at the beginning of the week. It makes recipes like this one so quick and easy. Reheat the rice, steam the broccoli, whip up the dressing and toss it all in a bowl. Done. See, this is what drives me nuts. This is such a cheap, quick, easy meal—why can’t I find something like this on the menu at most restaurants? Maybe it’s just where I live—rural midwest America. But that’s about to change.

Broccoli Chickpea Rice Bowl (vegan, gluten-free) 05

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DIY Gold Leaf Wreath

I was in a crafty mood recently and decided to whip up a wreath. I’m so into GOLD. For the longest time, gold was not in fashion. Well, it’s back and I love it. I love gold jewelry, gold dishes, gold decor, gold shoes, you name it. So, why not a gold wreath? One that can be used for both fall and winter. Just swap the ribbon for a festive red one or add a few sprigs of holly…and bam! it’s a Christmas wreath. Kind of like that other wreath I made.

DIY Gold Leaf Wreath - super easy and fast #diyDIY Gold Leaf Wreath - super easy and fast #diyThis isn’t complicated, folks. Pretty simple stuff.

You’ll need:

  • 14″ straw wreath
  • 2.5″ wide gold ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • small plate or piece of cardboard (for the hot glue gun)
  • gold leaf floral stems (I got mine at Hobby Lobby in the floral department and used 3 of them.)
  • (optional) wide ribbon for hanging

I waited for a floral sale at Hobby Lobby and got them for 50% off (originally about $10 each). Used my 40% off coupon for the ribbon. The straw wreath was only about $4. And I already had scissors, glue gun, glue sticks. So I spent about $25 on materials.

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