Best Meal Prep Containers: Stay on Track with These Quality Picks!

Meal prepping is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to save time, control their portions, and ensure they’re eating healthy on a regular basis. The right containers are essential to keeping vegan food fresh, tasty, and safe. The best meal prep containers go beyond mere functionality; they reflect the needs of a meal prep master, from the size to the material of the containers.

I prefer to use containers made from materials like glass or high-quality BPA-free plastic for my meal prep. Glass containers are durable, stain-resistant, and microwave-safe, making reheating meals a breeze. BPA-free plastic containers offer the convenience of being lightweight and often come with compartments to separate different foods.

I’ve dedicated time to finding the best meal prep containers that support a healthy lifestyle and make meal management effortless while also focusing on eco-friendly and cruelty-free options. I’ll explore the top picks that cater to these specific needs.

Best Meal Prep Containers

I’ve assembled a selection of the best meal prep containers to keep your food fresh and help you stay organized while supporting a cruelty-free lifestyle. Let’s dive into the containers that I’ve found to be top-notch in the world of meal prepping.

Amazon Basics Glass Containers

I recommend these containers if you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to store your meals with a reliable seal.


  • Oven-safe glass withstands high temperatures
  • Leakproof design keeps meals contained and mess-free
  • Variety of sizes caters to all my storage needs


  • Lids may require some effort to close properly
  • Glass is heavy and may not be ideal for on-the-go use
  • Sudden temperature changes could lead to cracking

I’ve been aiming to make my kitchen more sustainable, and these Amazon Basics glass containers align perfectly with that goal. The airtight lock means that whether it’s a creamy vegan pasta or a vibrant salad, my food stays fresh without any spills. The glass also gives me peace of mind, knowing that no harmful chemicals are leaching into my food.

With multiple shapes and sizes, I’ve got options for every portion, which is a huge win for my meal prep routine. The smaller ones are a dream for snacks, and the larger sizes are perfect for main dishes. I appreciate that I can pop them straight into the oven or microwave without transferring my food to different dishes.

I’ve noticed that the lids can sometimes be a bit stubborn to snap on, but once they’re sealed, they’re solid. These containers are a bit heavier due to the glass, so they’re not my first pick when I need something lightweight for travel. Also, I’ve become careful about not exposing them to extreme temperature changes too quickly since glass can crack under those conditions.

Rubbermaid Brilliance for Meal Prep

I must say, these Rubbermaid Brilliance containers have truly simplified my weekly meal prep routine.


  • Keeps food fresh with an impressive airtight seal
  • Two compartments are ideal for separating flavors and ingredients
  • Sturdy construction and withstands regular use


  • May require more storage space due to their solid build
  • Slightly higher price point compared to basic models
  • The clear material, while attractive, can show smudges

After trialing these containers, I’ve found their leak-proof build to be a game-changer – not a single spill in my lunch bag ever since. The clear StainShield plastic makes it a breeze to spot my vegan lunches, and they come out of the microwave without any splatters, thanks to the innovative vent system.

What’s more, the stacking feature helps keep my fridge super organized. I can stack them neatly, maximizing space, which is so helpful given my tight city apartment fridge. All lids fit across same-size containers, so I’m never fumbling through a drawer looking for the right lid.

My only minor gripe is that they’re bulkier than your average container. While it indicates their quality, it does mean sacrificing some storage space. Also, the premium look and feel are reflected in the price, but I believe you get what you pay for with the Rubbermaid Brilliance. It may not be the most budget-friendly pick, but its durability saves money down the line, curtailing the need for frequent replacements.

Bentgo Meal Prep Kit

I think the Bentgo Meal Prep Kit is a solid pick for anyone dedicated to portion control and reducing single-use plastics.


  • Embossed portion control helps me stay on track without measuring.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe for quick reheats and cleanups.
  • Eco-friendly and durable design makes them a repeat-use staple in my routine.


  • Lids aren’t microwaveable, which requires an extra step when heating.
  • Despite durability, one of my containers warped in the dishwasher.
  • Not completely leak-proof, so I’ve learned to carry them upright.

After switching to these Bentgo containers, meal prepping has become a breeze. Their portioned compartments save me the hassle of measuring everything out, making it easier to stick to my eating goals. I used to get frustrated with different-sized leftovers cluttering my fridge, but now, everything stacks neatly, and I can see exactly what’s inside thanks to the clear lids.

I warmed up yesterday’s stir-fry straight from the fridge in the microwave – just remember to crack open the lid to let the steam out. Cleaning up is no issue; I simply pop them on the top shelf of the dishwasher, although I did notice one did not take kindly to the heat down at the bottom – lesson learned.

While I adore these containers, they’re not perfect. I’ve had to adjust how I pack them in my bag, ensuring they stay upright to prevent any leaks. But all things considered, they’ve held up well through daily use. They still look good as new, without any of the dreaded spaghetti sauce stains.

M MCIRCO Glass Containers

I think these M MCIRCO Glass Containers are a solid buy for anyone looking to streamline their meal prep routine with durable, versatile storage.


  • Lasting durability of borosilicate glass
  • Leak-resistant with smart locking lids
  • Suitable for multiple kitchen uses


  • Lids must be removed before microwaving
  • Glass can be heavier than plastic alternatives
  • Limited capacity for larger meals

Having just packed my week’s lunches into these containers, I’m quite impressed with their sturdy feel and how well they fit into my compact fridge. The leak-proof design is a genuine win for me; not a drip escaped even when I accidentally tipped one inside my bag.

Cleaning up is a breeze as they go straight from my lunch bag into the dishwasher. Handling glass gives a level of satisfaction you don’t get from plastic – it just feels cleaner and more substantial.

Admittedly, removing the lid before zapping meals in the microwave is a slight hassle, but it’s a small trade-off considering I can cook, store, freeze, and reheat all in the same container. They are borosilicate glass, which means they withstand temperature changes better than regular glass.

While I wouldn’t mind a bit more volume for days, I pack hearty salads, the 22-ounce size is mostly ample for my typical portions. Their heft is more noticeable than my old plastic ones, but the trade-off is a quality feel and a product that doesn’t warp or hold onto food odors.

Freshware 1-Comp Meal Prep Containers

These Freshware containers are a game-changer for anyone serious about sticking to a plant-based diet and healthy portion sizes.


  • Compartments help keep my portions under control
  • Multiple uses in both the microwave and dishwasher without any issues
  • Saves tons of space


  • A couple came with minor cracks
  • Not as deep as other brands

I recently got these containers for my meal prep routine, and they’ve made my life so much easier. I used to worry about portions and whether my food would stay fresh. Not anymore! They’re just the right size to fill with a hearty chickpea salad or quinoa pilaf. Plus, they’re a terrific help for keeping my meals neatly organized in the fridge.

The material feels durable, and I’m happy to report they’re quite resilient. Even after zapping a lentil stew in the microwave, the container didn’t warp, which really impressed me. And regarding cleanliness, the dishwasher does the job without any wear and tear on the containers.

As an added bonus, I’ve also started to use these for my fruit and veggie portions. I just adore how effortlessly they fit into my freezer, giving it a clean, organized vibe. Plus, when I’m ready to go, I just pop one out, let it thaw, and I’m set with a nutritious meal that supports my vegan lifestyle.

Glotoch Bento Boxes

These containers are practically magic if you aim to keep meal prep simple and tidy.


  • Lids seal tightly, no mess in my bag
  • Perfect portion control with the compartments
  • Sturdy through microwave heat and dishwasher cycles


  • Lids need a bit of patience to snap on securely
  • Not the most durable for long-term, heavy use
  • Can crack if mishandled or dropped

Reaching for my Glotoch Bento Box at lunchtime, I can confidently say that last night’s pasta is still perfectly snug in its compartment, not a sauce smear in sight. I appreciate how each section keeps flavors distinct – no unintended mixed meals here. The snug fit of the lid preserves every aroma until I’m ready to indulge.

Heat, rinse, repeat – that’s been my routine with these containers. They breeze through microwave warming, something my past containers couldn’t handle without warping. Afterward, they go straight into the dishwasher, coming out clean and ready for the next round. They stack neatly, too, which has been a space-saver in my tiny kitchen.

When I’m all about eco-friendliness, knowing these boxes can be recycled brings peace of mind. However, I did notice the containers can crack if I’m not careful. It’s good that they come in a bulk pack, but I’d advise against expecting them to survive a fall from the countertop. Despite this, they’re a mainstay on my kitchen shelf for the convenience and order they bring to my meal prep routine.

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Buying Guide


I always look for durable and safe materials for both my health and the environment. Glass containers are great because they are recyclable and don’t warp or stain. If I opt for plastic, I ensure it’s BPA-free and can withstand microwave heat without leaching chemicals.

GlassNon-reactive, microwave-safeHeavier, can break
BPA-free PlasticLightweight, often cheaperCan stain, less durable

Size and Shape

It’s key to consider what I’ll be storing. For larger meals, I need something substantial, but for snacks, a smaller container will do. I prefer square or rectangular shapes since they stack well and save space in my bag and fridge.


Compartments are super handy for keeping ingredients separate. I look for containers with adjustable or removable dividers, giving me flexibility with meal portions.

Seal and Leak-Resistance

A tight seal is crucial. I check the lid for a good sealing mechanism, like silicone gaskets, to keep my meals fresh and prevent leaks.

Seal QualityImportance
Tight with gasketPrevents leaks
Snap lockingSecures lid in place


I like to heat my meals directly in the container, so I check if it’s microwavable. It saves time and cleaning effort.

Easy to Clean

I make sure that my containers are dishwasher-safe for hassle-free cleaning. It’s important they don’t have many nooks where food can get stuck.


Lastly, sustainability is close to my heart. I go for containers that are reusable and contribute less to waste. Eco-friendly materials or those that are recyclable matter to me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I know having the right containers is essential in meal prep. Here, I’ve answered some common questions about choosing the best ones for various needs.

What’s the ideal material for containers if I want to reheat my meals in a microwave?

For microwave reheating, I always go for glass containers. They’re microwave-safe and don’t leach chemicals into my food when heated.

Which meal prep containers are top-notch for keeping my gym meals fresh?

I find that high-quality, BPA-free plastic containers with airtight seals are fantastic for keeping my gym meals fresh and avoiding spills in my gym bag.

Are there any meal prep containers that can go from freezer to microwave without any hassle?

Yes, absolutely! I use glass containers that are designed to withstand extreme temperatures so they can easily go from the freezer to the microwave without cracking.

What type of containers should I use to keep my salads crisp throughout the week?

I prefer using containers with in-built dressing compartments and vented lids for my salads; they help keep everything crisp and fresh until I’m ready to enjoy.

Can you save a few bucks meal prepping, and if so, how?

Definitely! I save money and reduce food waste by using reusable containers and buying ingredients like grains and veggies in bulk.

What kinds of foods last the longest when prepped ahead of time for the week?

I’ve found that hearty veggies, whole grains, and plant-based proteins like tofu and beans hold up best for meal prepping—they stay fresh and tasty all week long.

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