Best Jar Spatula: Ensure Easy Scooping and Scraping

While larger spatulas are commonly used for flipping pancakes or scrambling eggs, there’s a special type essential for anyone who hates to waste even a dollop of their favorite spread: the jar spatula. This nifty tool is designed to scrape and reach into the deep corners of jars effortlessly.

The best jar spatula is characterized by its long, narrow shape and flexible yet firm silicone head that can navigate the tight contours of jars of all sizes. When selecting the right jar spatula for our kitchens, it’s crucial to look for materials that are durable, heat-resistant, and free from toxins like BPA.

Equally important is the handle’s design, which should provide a comfortable grip and control during use, just like these spatulas for cast iron skillets. Some may prefer a stainless-steel core for added stability, while others might opt for a full silicone spatula for its gentle flexibility.

In pursuit of the perfect tool to clear out jars and minimize waste, I’ve put several jar spatulas to the test. My goal was to find ones that effectively combine form and function, making them indispensable additions to any kitchen.

Looking For The Best Jar Spatula

We all know how frustrating it can be to scoop out that last bit of almond butter from the bottom of the jar. I’ve searched high and low for the best jar spatulas to reach those tight spaces.

My list of top picks will help you maximize your ingredients with ease and a bit of eco-friendly flair.

OTOTO Splatypus Spatula

The OTOTO Splatypus Spatula is a game-changer in the kitchen, turning jar scraping from a chore to a joy.


  • Reaches into tight spaces effortlessly
  • Bright and playful design adds fun to the kitchen
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


  • May not be as durable as some would like
  • The quirky design isn’t for everyone
  • Stiffness not optimal for all food textures

Making your way to the bottom of a sticky jar without wasting a drop can feel like a victory. With the Splatypus spatula, I’ve found the flexible tip maneuvers into the trickiest of spots, capturing every bit of spread from our jars.

The pop of color and adorable platypus shape of this spatula have me reaching for it daily. It’s not just cute; it’s practical, making mundane tasks like spreading jam on my toast a bit more delightful.

I’ve placed it in the dishwasher numerous times, and it’s come out looking as good as new every time. Some of my pals have reported that it isn’t the sturdiest tool in the drawer, but for the price and personality it brings to the table, I’m not complaining.

OXO Jar Spatula

If you’re tired of wasting spreads and condiments, this spatula helps you savor every last bit easily and comfortably.


  • Gets into tight spaces easily
  • Sturdy and comfortable to grip
  • High heat resistance and dishwasher safe


  • May be too small for larger hands
  • Pricier than some alternatives
  • Limited to jar use rather than multi-purpose

I just scooped the final ounces of almond butter from the jar seamlessly. The OXO Jar Spatula’s edge’s flexibility means no delicious spread goes to waste. The polished and beveled design is a game-changer, fitting into the nooks of blenders.

Handling this tool is a breeze, courtesy of its long, non-slip grip. Given its silicone construction, I also didn’t fret over it melting when left near a hot pan or pot, and tossing it in the dishwasher was worry-free.

However, I noticed the spatula’s size didn’t quite suit larger hands. The price point is also on the higher end for a jar-specific tool.

Vovoly Jar Spatula

If your pantry has jars aplenty, this spatula’s slender design and agility will win you over.


  • Remarkable for getting every last bit from deep jars
  • Heat-proof for a variety of kitchen tasks
  • Cleans easily with no pesky crevices for food to hide


  • May be too flexible for very thick spreads
  • The stainless steel core could be heftier for added strength
  • Limited to a single color choice

I took this Vovoly spatula in the kitchen today, and here’s what I think. Its slim head fits perfectly into the jar. It didn’t even flinch when exposed to the heat during a quick pan sauce prep. As a bonus, cleaning was a breeze; no residues hiding anywhere.

This spatula did bend a bit under pressure, reflecting its graceful, flexible design. It would be stellar if it packed more clout for those challenging mixes.

That said, I’ve embraced my Vovoly spatula. Sure, those who prefer an armory of color-coordinated kitchen tools might lament the lack of color options. But frankly, I’m willing to overlook the aesthetic shortfall for its utility.

MOJOTORY Jar Spatulas

You’ll love these spatulas for their practicality in getting every last bit from your jars and their easy-to-clean design.


  • Flexible yet strong silicone design reaches into the corners of jars effortlessly
  • Integrated molding structure prevents residue buildup, making them very hygienic
  • Dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze


  • Might be too flexible for some firmer ingredients
  • The handles may be short for those who need to reach deep into larger jars
  • Offered in a 2-piece set, which may not be sufficient for those wanting a variety of sizes

These MOJOTORY jar spatulas have quickly become a staple in my kitchen for their versatility and ease of use. The silicone is pliable enough to scoop and scrape without missing a bit.

Moreover, I appreciate that the silicone is gentle on our jars, avoiding scratches, and the ergonomic design makes holding the spatula comfortable during use. There’s no sticking, no mess, just smooth sailing.

These spatulas pass the cleaning test with flying colors thanks to their design, which leaves no nook or cranny for food to hide. Rinse them under the tap or pop them in the dishwasher, and they look good as new.

Barsone Mini Spatulas

For anyone looking to maximize their product usage down to the last drop, these spatulas are a game-changer.


  • No product waste with their designed reach
  • Variety of sizes for different container needs
  • Made with safe materials and are quite durable


  • The end might bend too easily for some
  • Handwashing is preferred for longevity
  • The stainless steel core might feel too rigid for certain applications

I tried the Barsone Mini Spatula and was impressed by how it fearlessly navigated the narrow opening of a condiment bottle. The silicon felt gentle yet effective against the bottle’s interior, ensuring I didn’t leave a single drop behind.

Using the spatula with its small spoon end, I scooped out just the right amount of our pricy face cream. This is an affirmation of its versatility and thoughtfulness in design.

In the kitchen, I repeatedly reach for these spatulas to deal with the stickiest of situations. Cleaning them is a breeze, although I usually prefer handwashing them to maintain their condition.

U-Taste Spatula Set

You’ll appreciate the U-Taste Spatula Set for its impressive heat resistance and easy-to-clean design.


  • Heat resistance up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit ensures durability.
  • One-piece design means no food traps and easy cleanup.
  • Balanced flexibility provides control and versatility in the kitchen.


  • May be more expensive than basic alternatives.
  • Black color may not suit all kitchen decors.
  • Set includes multiple pieces, which may be unnecessary for some users.

Hold this silicone spatula set, and you can tell it’s built to last. The weight feels right in our hands—not too light or heavy. Every spatula in the set, from the jar scooper to the spoonula, has perfect flex.

When tossing them into the dishwasher, it’s peace of mind knowing they’ll come out looking as good as new without any lingering smells.

Trust us, the resilience is top-notch. Even after repeated exposure to high heat, there’s no hint of melting, which is saying something. Plus, who doesn’t love the absence of cracks where old cake batter can hide? It’s like these spatulas just shed away debris.

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Buying Guide


When hunting for the best jar spatula, I first consider the material. Silicone is a top choice due to its flexibility and heat resistance, which makes scraping out jars a breeze without scratching the surfaces. I also appreciate that it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Size and Shape

A spatula’s size and shape are crucial. It should be slim enough to fit into small jar openings but still have enough surface area to scoop efficiently. I prefer models with a long handle for reaching the bottom of deep containers.


Strong construction is a must. Look for spatulas that can withstand repeated use and dishwashing without losing shape or strength.

FeatureWhy it’s Important
Heat-resistantTo prevent melting during use.
Dishwasher-safeFor easy cleaning.
Stain-resistantTo keep it looking new longer.

Comfort and Ease of Use

A good grip is key for comfort and control. I opt for spatulas with ergonomic handles and non-slip materials, making them easier to handle during use.


Lastly, versatility is a factor. I gravitate towards spatulas that can be used for multiple tasks, such as spreading, mixing, and scraping – they’re kitchen multitaskers.

By considering these attributes, I ensure that I choose the best jar spatula to meet my needs without compromising my values.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking for the best jar spatula, people often question their use and materials. Let’s dig into some specifics that can help us make informed decisions.

What’s the difference between rubber and silicone spatulas?

Rubber spatulas are traditionally made from natural rubber, whereas silicone spatulas are crafted from high-heat-resistant and non-reactive synthetic rubber. Silicone can withstand high temperatures, is dishwasher safe, and is less likely to degrade.

Which spatula should I use to scrape batter efficiently?

A spatula with a soft, flexible blade that conforms to the shape of the jar or bowl is ideal for scraping batter. Silicone spatulas with curved edges can help to get every last bit out more efficiently than stiffer models.

Can I use a jar spatula for both cooking and baking?

Absolutely! A good-quality silicone jar spatula is versatile enough for cooking on the stovetop and baking. Its heat resistance and non-stick properties make it a great all-rounder.

Why do people recommend silicone spatulas for non-stick pans?

Silicone spatulas are recommended for non-stick pans because they are gentle and won’t scratch the delicate surface. The flexible yet durable nature of silicone ensures that it can stir and flip food without causing harm to the pan’s coating.

What makes a spatula great for handling eggs?

For eggs, get a gentle spatula on the pan that is firm enough to lift the eggs without breaking them. The edges of the spatula should be thin and flexible to slide underneath the eggs easily.

Which spatulas are top picks on Amazon?

When browsing Amazon, I often look for high-rated spatulas and positive reviews highlighting durability, heat resistance, and flexibility. Popular choices tend to be silicone spatulas that are one-piece designs as they are easier to clean and have no crevices for food particles to get trapped.

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