Best Brown Rice Brand: Elevate Your Meals with Quality Grain

Brown rice has become a staple in health-conscious diets, recognized for its nutritional benefits over white rice. It’s a whole grain, which means it contains all parts of the grain — the bran, germ, and endosperm, unlike white rice, which has the bran and germ removed. Brown rice is richer in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and has a nutty flavor and chewy texture that I find adds depth to meals.

When I’m shopping for brown rice for my vegan dishes, there’s a wide range of brands to choose from. Each brand might boast a different origin, grain length, or specialty, such as organic or sustainably farmed rice. These factors, along with the processing method, can affect not only the nutritional value but the taste and texture of the rice.

I believe it’s important to consider the growing and processing practices of the brown rice I choose. Opting for organic brown rice ensures that the product is free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and can also be better for the environment.

As a consumer who values health and environmental sustainability, finding the best brown rice brand involves weighing these factors in order to contribute to a balanced diet and a better planet. After thoroughly examining several brands for taste, nutritional content, and ethical farming practices, I’m ready to share insights that should make selecting the ideal brown rice simple and straightforward.

Best Brown Rice Brand for Healthy Eating

I’ve gathered my favorite brown rice brands that promise both flavor and health benefits. Whether you’re prepping for a stir-fry or a cozy bowl of rice pudding, these brands are sure to elevate your vegan kitchen. Let’s dive into the ones I trust for my daily dose of whole grains.

Nishiki’s Premium Brown Rice

I’d recommend Nishiki’s Premium Brown Rice because it offers a wholesome, all-natural option that’s versatile for daily meals.


  • Consistently fresh and flavorful
  • Bulk 15-pound bag is economical for frequent use
  • Grown and raised in California, supporting local agriculture


  • Texture may vary after cooking, sometimes chalky
  • Requires proper storage to prevent infestations
  • Might significantly impact blood sugar levels for some people

Having just prepared a batch of Nishiki’s Premium Brown Rice in my rice cooker, I found that it delivered both in taste and texture. The grains fluffed up nicely without becoming too sticky. It’s been great in everything from my hearty morning porridge to a savory pilaf accompanying dinner.

Its natural, subtly nutty flavor complements a variety of dishes. I especially appreciate knowing that this rice is grown in the USA, ensuring some quality oversight. Plus, you can feel good about integrating more whole grains into your diet with this naturally vegan product.

The bag size is a double-edged sword. While it’s fantastic to have a large supply at my fingertips, ensuring I won’t run out soon, it also means dedicating some pantry space for storage. I’d advise keeping it sealed to maintain freshness and deter pantry pests. If you’re monitoring your blood sugar levels, keep an eye on how you react to this rice, as it might have a different effect compared to other brown rice varieties.

Mahatma Brown Rice

I’d recommend this rice for anyone seeking a healthier alternative to white rice with great flavor and versatility.


  • Nutty flavor enhances a variety of dishes
  • High in whole grains, ideal for health-conscious individuals
  • Simple preparation on the stove or in the microwave


  • Longer cooking time than white rice
  • May require more water to achieve desired fluffiness
  • Some bags may contain discolored grains

Coming from a person who prefers a plant-based diet, I was pleased to find Mahatma Whole-Grain Brown Rice. It’s been a delightful base for my stir-fries and salads. The grains cook up separately and fluffy, just as promised, without any hint of stickiness.

Texture-wise, there’s a noticeable difference from white rice. It’s chewier, which works wonders in hearty meals where you want the rice to hold its own. Plus, the nutty undertone brought a new dimension to my culinary creations, especially when I paired it with some roasted veggies and a sprinkle of herbs.

Cooking it couldn’t be more straightforward – I had the option to toss it in the microwave or let it simmer on the stove. I tend to simmer mine as I find the texture even more pleasing this way. While it does take a tad longer to cook than white rice, that’s a trade-off I’m willing to make for the added nutritional benefits. Just remember to plan for those extra few minutes in your meal prep.

Nishiki Quick & Tasty Brown Rice

I think this Nishiki Brown Rice is a great option for anyone seeking a quick, healthy, and tasty whole-grain option.


  • Convenient and quick to prepare
  • Maintains a pleasant, soft texture
  • Ideal serving size for individual meals


  • Slightly more expensive than uncooked rice
  • Packaging may be less eco-friendly than bulk rice
  • Limited to a specific portion, which may not be enough for larger meals

I’ve been including more whole grains in my diet, and this Nishiki Cooked Brown Rice has made it incredibly easy. The individual plastic bowls are a no-fuss solution for busy days when I don’t have the time to cook rice from scratch. The microwaveable aspect means I can have a warm bowl of brown rice ready in just 90 seconds – it’s like magic!

The texture is another plus. Some brown rice can turn out dry or chewy, but Nishiki has nailed the perfect balance that makes each bite satisfying. I love the fact that it’s whole grain without compromising on the softness that I enjoy.

The portioning is just right for me. Each bowl serves one, so there’s no guessing or leftovers. It’s particularly handy for quick lunches or as a hassle-free addition to dinner. I just pop it in the microwave, and by the time I’ve finished prepping my veggies, the rice is ready to go.

It does come with a few drawbacks, though. If you’re looking to serve a family, you’ll need several bowls, and that adds up in price and packaging waste compared to cooking a larger quantity from a bulk bag. And while the convenience is unbeatable, it does cost a bit more than traditional uncooked brown rice. Still, for the ease and consistency it offers, I find it to be a worthy kitchen staple.

Augason Farms Brown Rice

I’d say grab this if you’re looking for a large quantity of nutritious and gluten-free brown rice with a solid shelf life.


  • Stays fluffy and perfect for various dishes
  • Large quantity with an impressive shelf life
  • Comes in a convenient, watertight pail


  • The lid can be quite difficult to open
  • Packaging issues may lead to rice spillage upon delivery
  • Price point may be higher compared to smaller packages

When I whipped up my favorite stir-fry last night, this brown rice from Augason Farms was a game-changer. It cooked up beautifully, stayed fluffy, and did not clump together like some other brands tend to do. The taste was pretty much on par with what I expected from a good brown rice, and it really absorbed the flavors of my veggies and sauce nicely.

As someone who likes to be prepared for any situation, having a 24-pound pail of rice is reassuring. It’s not just about the quantity; the quality is there too. Plus, with the amount you get, it’s conducive to meal prepping or stocking up your pantry. The fact that it’s sealed well means I’m not fretting over insects or moisture getting in.

One thing I’ll advise, though, is to make sure you have a spot ready in your pantry for this hefty bucket. It’s sizable but for good reason. When I finally needed to dive in, I faced some muscle work getting that lid off, so you might want to keep a tool handy.

SEEDS OF CHANGE Quinoa & Brown Rice

I definitely think this rice is a smart buy for anyone wanting a quick, wholesome side dish.


  • Quick and simple to prepare
  • Versatile for many dishes
  • Organic and healthy


  • Flavor might be mild for some
  • A bit pricey compared to non-organic options
  • Pouches may cause more waste than bulk rice

Nothing beats the convenience of having a nutritious base for a meal ready in just 90 seconds. My schedule has been hectic lately, so I’ve been leaning on SEEDS OF CHANGE Quinoa & Brown Rice to fill that gap. The blend of garlic, quinoa, and brown rice creates a heart-warming and healthy foundation for my veggie bowls.

The versatility is a real win for me. Whether I’m tossing it with roasted veggies or adding it alongside a stir-fry, it always complements the meal without overshadowing the other flavors. Plus, going for an organic option means I can feel good about what I’m eating.

As for the downside, I’ve heard some folks find the flavor a little on the bland side. I like a milder taste, as it allows the flavors of my added ingredients to stand out. But if you prefer something with a stronger kick, you might need to jazz it up with extra spices.

While the price is higher than non-organic rice, I believe you pay for quality and convenience. And the individual packaging, albeit handy, isn’t the most eco-friendly choice if you’re trying to minimize your waste.

Kusha Brown Basmati

I’d recommend Kusha Brown Basmati for anyone looking to enjoy a premium, fluffy grain that enhances any vegan dish with its natural aroma.


  • Rich flavor that complements a variety of dishes
  • Maintains perfect texture when cooked properly
  • Gluten-free and suits a vegan diet well


  • Pricier than some other brands
  • May find occasional hulls in the rice
  • Reports of packaging issues with pests found

I recently tried Kusha’s Brown Basmati, and I must say, the aroma filled my kitchen as it cooked. It’s been a game-changer for my homemade biryanis and pulavs, providing a fluffy texture that holds up well against spices and vegetables. Cooking it is straightforward; I usually use a 1.5:1 water-to-rice ratio, simmering it slowly to preserve the integrity of each grain.

As someone who’s mindful about what I include in my diet, I appreciate that this rice is naturally gluten-free and fits perfectly into my vegan lifestyle. This basmati rice gives not just health benefits but also a delightful, delicate taste that’s just right for a hearty meal.

Despite being a bit on the expensive side, I find the Kusha Brown Basmati to be worth the investment. The freshness has been consistent, although I’ve come across a review mentioning unwelcome guests in the package, suggesting some issues with sealing. This has never been my experience, and the rice has always been clean and ready to use.

I recommend checking the packaging upon arrival to ensure there are no problems. Storing it in an airtight container also might help prevent any potential issues with pests. After all, when it comes to food, better safe than sorry!

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Buying Guide

Organic Certification

When I’m shopping for brown rice, the first thing I look for is organic certification. This ensures that the rice is grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Organic rice is better for the environment and often for our health.

Whole Grain Goodness

I always check the labels to make sure I’m getting whole-grain brown rice. This means the nutritious bran and germ haven’t been removed. Whole grain rice retains more natural nutrients and provides better fiber content, which is essential for a balanced diet.

Texture and Cooking Time

Rice varieties come with different textures and cooking times. I consider my personal preferences and meal-planning needs. Some brown rice cooks quicker but might have a softer texture, while traditional types often take longer but yield a chewier outcome.

Sourcing and Sustainability

It’s important to me that my food choices support sustainable practices. I look for brands that are transparent about their sourcing and demonstrate a commitment to sustainable farming methods. Preserving the ecosystem where the rice grows is critical for the planet’s health.


I’m also conscious of packaging choices. Brands using recyclable or compostable packaging rank higher on my list. Plus, bulk buying options can reduce waste and often save money in the long run.

Here’s a quick reference table I created to summarize the key points:

FeatureWhy It Matters
Organic CertificationAvoids chemicals, environmentally friendly
Whole GrainHigher nutrients, better for digestion
Texture & Cooking TimePersonal preference, meal planning
SourcingSupports sustainable agriculture
PackagingEnvironmental impact, waste reduction

Remember, the best brown rice for you aligns with your values, suits your taste preferences, and fits your lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In my search for great brown rice, I’ve come across several brands that stand out for their health benefits, taste, and dietary suitability. Let me share what I’ve learned.

What’s the top-rated brown rice brand in the US for healthy eating?

I’ve found that Lundberg Family Farms is often rated highly for healthy eating. They focus on organic farming and offer a variety of brown rice options.

Any suggestions for brown rice brands that are great for weight management?

For weight management, I recommend looking at Tilda’s whole-grain brown basmati rice. It’s naturally low in fat and high in fiber.

Can you recommend brown rice brands that are suitable for diabetics?

Yes, Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Brown Rice is a good option for diabetics because it has a lower glycemic index, which is better for blood sugar control.

What’s a good brown rice brand that’s similar in taste to white rice?

If you’re after a taste close to white rice, try Nishiki Premium Brown Rice. It’s got a slightly nutty flavor but is still mild and fluffy, like white rice.

Looking for the healthiest brown rice brand—any favorites?

One of the healthiest options I’ve enjoyed is Texmati Brown Rice by RiceSelect. This brand offers whole-grain goodness and essential nutrients without compromising on taste.

Which brown Basmati rice brand stands out for flavor and quality?

Hands down, I find Royal Brown Basmati Rice to have an excellent flavor profile and the quality is consistently high. It has that aromatic Basmati fragrance with the added benefits of whole grain.

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