The 5 Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Brands

vegan Chocolate Chips On Background

Of Chocolate and Vegans For people who need a health-based justification to indulge, studies show that dark chocolate is a great source of flavonoids, which are antioxidants that help increase heart health. As a naturally vegan ingredient, …

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Is Vegetable Oil Vegan?

Is Vegetable Oil Vegan

The short answer..yes. Most Vegetable Oils are in fact vegan, in the sense they are not made from animal products. But if you feel a vegan lifestyle is more than just having a vegan diet, …

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Is Agave Vegan? A Cruelty Free Nectar Guide

Is Agave Vegan

Just because you’ve adopted a vegan diet and lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to cast aside your sweet cravings. In the health and fitness world, the quintessential buzzwords for alternative sweeteners are maple sugar, monk …

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