Preserving Memories + DIY Travel Journal

DIY Travel Journal #diy #travel #handmade #journal (43B)

Did I ever tell you that Hubs and I got married in St. Lucia? Since then, we’ve enjoyed many trips to the Caribbean, Mexico, U.K. and Europe, as well as within the U.S. I wish I had been smart/diligent enough to document the details of each trip. Now they’re all a blur. Before digital cameras came along, I was better about printing our photos and putting them into albums. Now we have instant gratification. We can view/share digital photos as soon as we snap them, which lessens the urgency to print. Unfortunately, this means I’ve gotten lazy about preserving the memories of our travels (among other things such as birthdays and holidays). This is a bad thing. Especially as we age and our memories begin to fail us.

DIY Travel Journal #diy #travel #handmade #journal

For the travels that I’ve managed to document, I treasure the tangible memories. It is fun to flip through the albums and photo books from time to time. Life goes by so fast—it’s so easy to forget. I recently made a photo book of our trip from last fall (to Prague and Budapest, which are both wonderful places to travel, btw). Better late than never. It was actually a really fun project. As a graphic designer, I used to struggle with the limited capabilities of creating a custom photo book online. The templates and fonts were cheesy. The software was slow. It was kind of a headache. But they have come a long way. I used Shutterfly this time and was really impressed with the entire process. They have some great options for clean, modern templates with sophisticated font choices and graphic embellishments. And the software doesn’t make me want to throw things at my computer screen.

DIY Travel Journal #diy #travel #handmade #journal

Years ago, we went to the U.K. and Europe for the first time—nine countries in three weeks. It was the only trip that we’ve ever journaled. On the night before we left, I ran downstairs to my craft room and whipped up two little journals. I had been saving these bright handmade papers for a worthy project. Hubs’ book (the blue one) contained fewer pages because I knew he wouldn’t write as much. I actually ran out of pages in mine and had to clip more to inside back cover. It is so much fun to go back and read what we each wrote. There are things I would never remember had I not written them down. I wish I had a journal from every trip we’ve taken.

DIY Travel Journal #diy #travel #handmade #journal



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