Best Baby Feeding Spoons: Enjoy Fuss-Free Mealtimes

When it comes to feeding babies, every parent wants to ensure that the experience is both comfortable for the child and hassle-free for themselves. As little ones transition from milk or formula to solid foods, the right utensils can make a tremendous difference.

Baby feeding spoons are crafted to be gentle on tender gums, sized for tiny mouths, and shaped to encourage little ones to learn the skill of self-feeding. They often come in various materials, such as BPA-free plastics, silicone, or biodegradable options, each offering different benefits.

Choosing the best baby feeding spoon requires considering factors that ensure the safety and comfort of the baby. The material of the spoon matters significantly, as it should be non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, like the ones in these kitchen cooking utensil sets.

The spoon should also have a soft tip to prevent injury to the baby’s sensitive gums. Additionally, the handle should be designed for easy grip by both the parent and the baby as they mature to aid in developing motor skills.

In my quest to find the best baby feeding spoons that meet these criteria, I spent numerous hours researching, testing, and analyzing spoons of all types. My focus was to find those that are safe and comfortable for babies to help foster their independence and make parents’ lives a little easier.

Best Baby Feeding Spoons

I know how important it is to find the perfect utensils for your little one’s mealtime. With so many options, I’ve narrowed down a list of the best baby feeding spoons that blend safety, ease of use, and eco-friendly materials.

Whether introducing solids or helping your toddler master the art of self-feeding, the spoons on this list will make feeding time a breeze for you and your baby.

Munchkin Safety Spoons

If you’re in the market for baby spoons that add a layer of safety to mealtime, these should be on your radar.


  • Heat-sensitive tips prevent mouth burns
  • Gentle on gums, which is a relief
  • Cleans easily, being dishwasher-friendly


  • Potential for staining from certain foods
  • The flat design might not hold food well
  • Limited color range could be a drawback for some

Recently, I got my hands on the Munchkin Safety Spoons, and they’ve been a game-changer at mealtime. The genius heat sensor tip that turns white to indicate when the food is too hot gives me peace of mind.

The gentle silicone tips are a blessing for your baby’s tender gums. Plus, when things get messy, as they often do, popping these spoons in the top rack of the dishwasher takes the hassle out of cleaning.

On the flip side, we noticed that foods with strong pigments can stain the spoons. And, while sleek and modern, the spoons’ shape doesn’t always cradle runny foods or more traditional shapes.

NETANY Soft-Tip Silicone Spoons

I’ve found these spoons make mealtime with your infant a delight, thanks to their gentle design and ease of cleaning.


  • Gentle on gums
  • Flexible and easy to grip
  • Simple to clean


  • Limited to purees and soft foods
  • May be too flexible for some foods
  • Colors may not appeal to everyone

The NETANY spoons are a game-changer for starting solids. Their silicone material is soft and safe, perfect for tender gums. These spoons are a great stepping stone towards independent eating with their comfortable size and easy-to-hold handles.

Having a bendable tool that adjusts to the baby’s grip and eating style is invaluable. I appreciate that these spoons don’t have any hard edges that could hurt a baby’s mouth. Plus, they’re very hard to break.

Cleaning is a breeze with these spoons since they go right into the dishwasher without fuss. Stains and odors don’t stick, keeping them hygienic and ready for the next feeding session. I can also give them a thorough clean by boiling them if needed.

Munchkin Gentle Dip Spoons

I find these spoons to be a fantastic choice for those of us introducing little ones to the world of solids.


  • Encourages independence with easy grip for little hands
  • Innovative design that works with a variety of textures
  • Made without BPA, promoting a safer feeding experience


  • Some foods might be tricky to scoop, based on texture
  • They might require a little extra effort to clean thoroughly
  • Limited color choices might not appeal to all preferences

These Munchkin Gentle Dip Spoons have become a staple in the weaning journey. I particularly love how they empower babies to participate in meals by honing their self-feeding skills. The thoughtfully designed texture is gentle on their tender gums.

Their dual-stage design is something I appreciate; start with the green spoon for thinner purees and transition to the blue for thicker, semi-solid foods. It’s been rewarding seeing babies navigate this progression.

However, they’re not without their drawbacks. Foods that don’t cling well to silicone can be a bit of a challenge, and I needed to rinse and wipe them a bit more during the cleanup process. Additionally, the color range is limited.

Olababy Feeding Set

This Olababy feeding set is a game-changer for any parent navigating the messy, wonderful journey of baby-led weaning.


  • Encourages baby’s self-feeding with flexible spoon design
  • Bowl doubles for steaming and serving, simplifying meal prep
  • Made with 100% food-grade silicone, free from common toxins


  • Spoon may hold less food than conventional spoons due to flexibility
  • Steambowl has a specific use and may not be as versatile as other bowls
  • The set includes only one spoon, so frequent cleaning or purchasing more might be necessary

My recent experience with the Olababy feeding set impressed me. The training spoon’s flexibility allows little ones to approach self-feeding from any angle. Its softness is perfect for tender gums and doubles as an unexpected teething aid

The Steambowl is another standout, with a stable base and high-quality silicone designed to withstand everyday use. It also retains the nutrients of fresh ingredients. Its easy-to-clean nature is a tremendous plus.

Despite these benefits, we’ve noticed that flexible spoons can sometimes scoop less food than more rigid spoons. And if you prefer to have a clean spoon on standby, you may find yourself washing this one quite often or needing to buy an extra.

Mushie Spoons

If you’re aiming for a hassle-free and enjoyable feeding experience, these spoons should be in your cart.


  • The silicone tip is gentle on gums
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Pleasant aesthetics with a variety of colors


  • Can’t be sterilized by microwaving or steaming
  • May stain from certain foods
  • The flat shape holds less food

I’ve enjoyed using these Mushie Spoons during meal times, and it’s been a game-changer. Designed with a soft silicone tip, they’re incredibly gentle on baby’s gums and teeth.

The simple care routine ensures that they’re ready for the next feeding round without the stress of intricate cleaning procedures. Plus, they aren’t just functional; the chic Stone/Cloudy Mauve color adds elegance to our baby’s dining set.

With that said, they aren’t suitable for sterilization by conventional methods like microwaving or steaming. I also saw some color changes after feeding foods like pumpkin. Lastly, the flatter shape of the spoon does mean that it’s better suited to semi-solids and struggles to hold runnier foods.

WeeSprout Spoons

If you’re looking for a safe and convenient spoon for your baby’s foray into solids, these WeeSprout Silicone Baby Spoons are top-notch.


  • The soft silicone design is gentle on gums, ideal for teething babies.
  • Built to last and withstand high temperatures, cleaning is a breeze.
  • Included travel case makes these spoons perfect for on-the-go meals.


  • Lighter colors may discolor over time.
  • Can retain soap smell if not rinsed thoroughly after dishwasher cleaning.
  • May be too flexible for some preferences.

When I tried these spoons, their ergonomic design stood out. They’re just the right size for small hands, making self-feeding less hassle. Their flexibility also allows babies to adjust to the perfect angle for every bite.

The spoons’ durability impressed me. Unlike some brands we’ve tried, these spoons have no hidden crevices, so cleaning them is straightforward – a quick cycle in the dishwasher and ready to go again.

Hands down, the carrying case is a game-changer. We simply toss a spoon in the case in the diaper bag. Knowing we’re giving our baby the best with these BPA-free silicone spoons feels good.

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Buying Guide

Material Considerations

When looking for baby feeding spoons, the material is one of the first things to consider. I want to ensure BPA-free plastics, silicone, or high-quality stainless steel encased in silicone for comfort and safety. Silicone is gentle on baby’s gums, and stainless steel is durable.

  • BPA-free plastics: Safe for baby, affordable.
  • Silicone: Soft, gentle on gums, often dishwasher-safe.
  • Stainless Steel: Durable, long-lasting, usually has a silicone cover.

Design and Ease of Use

The design is also crucial. Ergonomic handles that are easy for babies to grasp can make feeding time a breeze. Here’s what to focus on:

  • Handle Grip: This should be chunky enough for small hands to hold.
  • Spoon Depth: Shallow spoons are better for babies starting.

Size and Shape

Babies’ mouths are tiny, so the size and shape of the spoon’s tip matter a lot. I recommend:

  • Small, Narrow Spoons: Easier for babies to accept.
  • Flat Tips: Helps with scraping and removing food from the jar.

Safety and Cleanliness

Safety is always a top priority. I want spoons that don’t have any sharp edges or points, and they should be:

FeaturesWhy It Matters
MaterialEnsures safety and comfort
Handle DesignAids in grip and control
Spoon SizeFits baby’s mouth comfortably
CleanlinessEasy to clean and maintain

These factors will help you find the perfect spoon for your baby that’s safe, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety and suitability for your little one’s developmental stage are top priorities in choosing baby spoons.

What materials are safest for baby spoons?

I always recommend spoons made from BPA-free silicone or food-grade plastic, as these are non-toxic and gentle on your baby’s gums.

How do I pick the right spoon for my baby’s self-feeding journey?

Look for a spoon with a soft silicone tip and a chunky, easy-to-grip handle. This aids their grip and encourages motor skill development.

At what age should I introduce utensils to my child, and which are appropriate?

Most babies are ready to use a spoon when they start solids, around 6 months. Start with small, lightweight spoons designed for their tiny hands.

Are there specific spoons recommended for babies starting at 6 months?

Yes, I often suggest starting with short, silicone spoons with chubby handles that are easy for their little hands to hold.

What features make for the best weaning spoons?

Ideal weaning spoons have a shallow bowl, allowing your baby to take in the right amount of food and a gentle, flexible tip on their gums.

Can you suggest popular baby spoons that parents often recommend?

Many parents rave about spoons that double as teethers, with soft silicone tips, especially those that stand up on the table to keep tips clean.

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