Best Cast Iron Woks: Traditional Cooking in 2024

Cast iron cookware has been a staple in culinary traditions for centuries, celebrated for its superb heat retention and even cooking. The wok is a true standout among the vast cast iron cookware.

Its high walls and rounded bottom are perfect for the fast tossing and turning of stir-frying, and when cast from iron, it adds a dose of rustic durability to the mix. This traditional Chinese cooking utensil has been adapted even among easy vegan cookbooks.

Opting for a cast iron wok brings a certain heft and heartiness to the kitchen that fans swear by. Cast iron improves with age, developing a non-stick seasoned layer, and fortifies foods with iron, a welcome nutritional boost.

Several critical considerations come into play when hunting for the best cast iron woks. Material quality is one of them, as unlike a non-stick ceramic frying pan, cast iron needs constant maintenance.

Size and weight are also pertinent; a wok should be large enough to cook a family-sized meal but not so heavy that it’s unwieldy. The shape of the base will dictate whether it’s compatible with your stove type, flat for an electric or induction stovetop, and round for gas.

Having taken the time to survey a selection of the top-rated cast iron woks available, I’ve identified those that offer the best combination of durability, heat distribution, and practical features. Now, let’s dive into the models that stand out in cast iron wok cooking.

Top Cast Iron Woks

I’ve put together this list, understanding that sometimes there’s nothing quite like the sear from a cast iron wok. All my selections are perfect for plant-based cooking, ensuring you get that authentic wok-charred flavor in your delicious vegan dishes.

Let’s jump in and find the perfect cast iron wok for your kitchen.

Lodge 14″ Wonder Wok

Lodge Cast Iron Wok

If you’re after a quality wok that retains heat like a champ for perfect stir-fries, this is the one you’ll want by your side.


  • Exceptional heat retention for even cooking
  • Ready to use with a natural oil seasoning
  • Compatible with all cooktops including induction


  • Quite heavy, can be a challenge to handle
  • Not dishwasher safe, requires careful hand cleaning
  • Somewhat pricier due to its high-quality cast iron build

I’ve recently tried the Lodge 14″ Cast Iron Wok, and let me tell you, it’s transformed my stir-frying game. Whether I’m tossing together a quick veggie stir-fry or simmering a rich vegan curry, the heat distribution is spot-on, keeping everything cooking evenly without any cold spots.

The pre-seasoning is a fantastic touch. Not every day, you find a wok ready to go right out of the box. And speaking of seasoning, as someone who sticks to plant-based oils, it’s great that Lodge uses 100% natural vegetable oil for theirs.

Moving it around can be a bit of a workout due to the solid construction, but I don’t mind the extra bicep exercise. I appreciate that it’s made in the USA – supporting local craftsmanship is always a plus in my book.

Lodge BOLD Cast Iron Wok

Lodge BOLD Cast Iron Wok

If you’re hunting for a stylish and sturdy wok that’s vegan-friendly and a blast to cook with, this one’s a winner.


  • Ideal for high-heat, even cooking
  • Naturally nonstick surface improves with use
  • Usable on diverse heat sources, indoors and outdoors


  • Heftier than other woks, challenging to maneuver
  • Requires maintenance to preserve seasoning
  • Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only

After my latest vegan stir-fry adventure, I was thoroughly impressed with this Lodge BOLD Cast Iron Wok. The naturally nonstick surface, which comes from it being preseasoned, made a crucial difference.

Earlier today, I moved cooking outside, and the work was just as splendid on the grill as on my induction stove. That’s the versatility that earns a tip of my chef hat!

The heft of this work is noticeable, and if you’re not used to the weight of cast iron, you might find it a bit cumbersome initially. Also, remember that cast iron craves care – regular cleaning and oiling post-use are musts to keep this bad boy in tip-top shape.


WANGYUANJI Traditional Wok

If you’re seeking a piece of history for your kitchen that nails the art of stir-fry, this heirloom-quality wok is for you.


  • A natural, non-stick patina that adds character to the wok
  • Superb heat retention for quick and even cooking
  • Versatility across all cooking surfaces, even campfires


  • Hand washing and careful maintenance required
  • Slightly heavy, which might be a factor for some
  • No lid included, limiting its versatility somewhat

After my inaugural cooking session with this WANGYUANJI Cast Iron Wok, I knew I had found a kitchenmate for life. The wok’s surface has begun developing that coveted non-stick patina.

The heaviness of cast iron, which some might find burdensome, gives me confidence in its enduring quality. I was also impressed with how the work distributed heat uniformly across its surface.

One detail, though, is that the wok does demand devotion. Unlike some modern cookware, it isn’t dishwasher safe, and neglect in the maintenance department could spell disaster for the seasoning.

Made In Blue Carbon Wok

Made In Blue Carbon Wok

I just used the Made In Blue Carbon Steel Wok, and it’s truly a sturdy piece of cookware that any kitchen would benefit from, especially if you enjoy whipping up quick, high-heat dishes like stir-fries.


  • Exceptional heat retention and even cooking
  • Grows more non-stick with use, perfect for plant-based cooking
  • Compatibile with all stovetops, an adaptable piece


  • Requires initial seasoning and regular maintenance
  • A bit heavy, which might not suit everyone
  • Rust can develop if not cared for properly

The Made In Wok simplifies cooking with its carbon steel construction, offering a similar experience to cast iron but with a lighter feel. Its impressive heat responsiveness enables me to sear vegetables to perfection quickly and uniformly.

The wok’s ergonomic handle stays cool on the stove, making it easy to maneuver without needing pot holders. The flat bottom is well-suited to my induction cooktop and doesn’t wobble as some rounded woks tend to do.

Maintaining this wok requires a bit of love and affection – seasoning it well and keeping it dry is key to preventing rust and ensuring the surface becomes more non-stick over time. The effort is worth it, though, as I’ve noticed it becoming increasingly non-reactive, and clean-up has become a breeze after each use.

Bruntmor Blue Beauty

Bruntmor 14 Inch Enameled Cast Iron Wok/Pot

I’m in awe of this wok’s ability to perfectly stir-fry crisp veggies and tofu, lending a delectable char without any trace of sticking.


  • Heat retention is remarkable, delivering even cooking
  • Pre-seasoned, making it a dream to use straight out of the box
  • Versatile on all cooking surfaces, including induction and oven


  • Quite hefty, so it requires some muscle to handle
  • Needs to be hand washed which might be inconvenient
  • Limited in color choices for those who prioritize kitchen aesthetics

The heftiness of this cast iron wok from Bruntmor is immediately noticeable, providing a stable base that doesn’t wobble during vigorous stir-frying. It’s pre-seasoned, and its large loop handles make transferring the wok a breeze, though its weight can be a bit of a workout.

Enameled in a calming blue, this Bruntmor wok has become the centerpiece of my cookware ensemble. While being restricted to hand washing can be a minor inconvenience, the overall maintenance is straightforward.

Its ability to adapt to various heat sources, including induction, makes it a versatile choice for any vegan kitchen. Though there aren’t many color options, this wok is about performance over aesthetics, and it delivers on that front without fail.

21st & Main Lightweight Wok

21st & Main Cast Iron Wok

I’ve found that this wok is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, especially for those who love to whip up some quick, flavorful stir-fry dishes.


  • Pre-seasoned for immediate culinary action
  • Compatible with various heat sources such as gas and induction
  • Thoughtfully designed with a wooden handle to keep hands cool


  • Heavy for a “lightweight” classification
  • May require re-seasoning over time to maintain non-stick qualities
  • Hand wash only, so not as convenient as dishwasher-safe options

My experience with the 21st & Main cast iron wok left a strong impression. Its flat bottom design sat securely on my stove top. The heat distribution was even and consistent, allowing vegetables to crisp nicely without burning.

The wok’s pre-seasoned surface meant I could start cooking immediately. Its generous size is ideal for preparing meals for my family or hosting a dinner with friends.

The wooden handle is another practical feature that stood out to me. It stayed cool throughout the cooking process, enabling a firm grip without needing pot holders. Cleaning was relatively straightforward, too—some warm water and a gentle scrub were all it took to maintain its surface.

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Buying Guide


When I’m looking for a cast iron wok, I prefer one made from pure cast iron. This ensures even heating and a naturally non-stick surface that improves with each use. Remember, cast iron can be heavy, so balance thickness and manageable weight.


The size of the wok is crucial for my cooking needs. I typically choose one large enough to toss and stir ingredients without overcrowding, usually a diameter between 12 to 14 inches. Consider the number of people you typically cook for when deciding on size.


Comfortable handling is a must for me. Cast iron woks should have sturdy handles for secure grip, as they’re heavy. A long handle with an opposite helper handle is what I look for – it makes lifting easier.

Flat or Round Bottom

I choose a flat-bottomed wok with an electric or induction stove to ensure proper contact with the heat source. A round bottom wok works great on gas stoves, but I’ll need a wok ring to stabilize it.


The initial seasoning of a cast iron wok is something I pay attention to. Some come pre-seasoned, but I prefer seasoning it myself to create that perfect non-stick patina. It’s a personal process that makes the wok uniquely mine.


Easy maintenance is important to me. A cast iron wok requires proper care, which means regular seasoning and drying immediately after washing to prevent rust. I avoid soap to maintain the seasoning, using only a brush and hot water to clean it.

By considering these features, I ensure I get a durable and functional cast iron wok that suits my vegan lifestyle and culinary needs.

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