Best Double Boilers: Experience Easy Melting and Simmering

Also known as a bain-marie, a double boiler allows indirect heat to melt or cook food, preventing the burning or curdling that direct heat can cause. Such a technique is essential for tempering chocolate, creating creamy sauces, or cooking delicate custards.

Indirect heat in cooking is beneficial because it ensures the temperature is consistent and moderately low. This can be critical for ingredients susceptible to separating or clotting, like soy milk or cashew cream.

The construction of a double boiler is simple: it features two pots, with one fitting snugly over the other. The bottom pot is filled with water that, when heated, gently warms the upper pot.

When looking for the best double boilers, material is a significant consideration. Stainless steel is popular for its durability and even heat distribution, but glass or ceramic inserts can be preferable for those wary of cooking with metal.

After countless hours of researching and testing, I’ve honed in on a selection of double boilers that excel in stable heat distribution and ease of use. Whether a seasoned chef or a home cook, the right double boiler can make all the difference in your culinary creations.

Top Double Boilers for Plant-Based Cooking

I’ve scoured the market to find the best double boilers for any plant-based kitchen. Whether melting chocolate for a vegan dessert or crafting a delicate sauce, a reliable double boiler is a must-have.

My list focuses on quality, ease of use, and versatility so you can cook your favorite vegan recipes without a hitch.

Farberware Classic Double

If you’re in the market for a reliable double boiler for your kitchen, this Farberware Classic should be a top contender for its durability and even heating.


  • The handle keeps cool and easy to grip – a godsend when the kitchen gets hectic.
  • Heats quickly and evenly, no hot spots where your chocolate might seize up.
  • A breeze to clean, and believe me, I appreciate a straightforward cleanup.


  • Not suitable for induction stovetops, so if you’ve got one, this isn’t your match.
  • Although it’s oven-safe, the 350°F limit can be restrictive if you’re adventurous with your recipes.
  • Perfect for small batches, but not the best pick for larger culinary ventures.

I just tried melting some chocolate in this double boiler for a vegan ganache, and it worked like a charm. The heat distribution was spot-on, so no worries about scorching. I could handle the pot easily, even with the steam rising – no need a potholder immediately.

What I truly appreciate is the weight of the pots. They sit firmly on the burner no tipping or spinning. And when it came time to pour, the control was fantastic, none of that awkward clunkiness you get with some lesser pans.

Now, speaking of oven use, I tossed it in to keep my sauce warm while I prepped the rest of my meal. I handled it without problem, but remember, don’t go above 350°F. It’s not the pan for every oven task, but for what it’s designed to do— fabulous.

SONGZIMING Stainless Set

If you enjoy crafting your own vegan chocolate treats or soy candles, this double boiler set is a game-changer in the kitchen.


  • Heats up quickly, accelerating my melting tasks
  • Rests stably on various cooktops; no wobbling
  • Easy cleanup – just a quick swipe and it’s ready for next use


  • Smaller capacity than expected
  • Feels a little flimsy, might dent easily
  • The spatula, while handy, could be sturdier

I recently used the SONGZIMING Stainless Set to melt down some chocolate for a batch of vegan truffles, and I have to say, it was a smooth experience. The stainless steel material feels quality, and I didn’t notice any signs of rust, which is a relief.

Thanks to the cool-to-touch handle, I didn’t have to dance around my kitchen looking for an oven mitt. Plus, the front hook is a nifty feature that keeps the boiler in place.

The double-pour spouts were a blessing, allowing me to control the flow of melted wax into molds with minimal mess. What’s admirable is how the pot pairs effortlessly with my eclectic range of cooktops, from induction to electric.

T-fal 3 Quart Double Boiler

If you’re in the market for a reliable double boiler, the T-fal 3 Quart should be at the top of your list for its even heating and easy maintenance.


  • Melts ingredients smoothly without burning
  • Spacious 3-quart capacity handles larger recipes
  • Cleanup is a breeze thanks to its dishwasher-safe design


  • The top pot doesn’t feel like high-grade stainless steel
  • Received some reports of damage upon delivery
  • Could be lighter for added convenience

I just whipped up a velvety vegan chocolate ganache using the T-fal double boiler, and it was a dream. The ProGlide non-stick interior meant no fuss with the cleanup – the remnants practically rinsed away.

Handling this double boiler is a piece of cake. Its ergonomic handle stayed cool. Thanks to the sturdy base, the sauce heated evenly, and I didn’t encounter any hotspots that often lead to lumpy results.

As a bonus, it felt great to know that I could pop this pot in the oven up to 350°F. The dishwasher-safe feature came in handy after I finished my cooking spree. Although it’s a standout in my kitchen, it’s worth noting it felt a touch top-heavy.

Cook N Home Double Boiler

I’d recommend this boiler to anyone looking for a reliable kitchen companion for gentle cooking methods.


  • Even heat distribution prevents scorching delicate foods.
  • Tempered glass lid is a game-changer for keeping an eye on my vegan chocolate.
  • Compatible with various stovetops, including induction.


  • The handle can get warm; caution is needed.
  • The top pot could use a bit more heft for better balance.
  • Takes a tad longer to heat up due to its sturdy base.

I found the Cook N Home Double Boiler perfect for smoothly melting my vegan chocolate without any burning risk. It feels substantial in my hands, and the mirror finish isn’t just for looks – it’s straightforward to get it sparkling after a quick hand wash, though it’s dishwasher safe for those busier days.

The tempered glass lid is my favorite feature; it lets me keep track of the melting process without letting heat escape by lifting the lid. One thing that stood out during my use was the handle, which gets a bit warmer than expected after prolonged use.

Using it on my induction stove was a breeze, which I know can be a pain point with some other pots. The aluminum disc in the base might mean it takes a little longer to heat up, but this is a worthwhile trade-off for its even heating.

Marsheepy Magic Melter

If you’re in for a seamless chocolate melting experience or need a reliable soy candle-making tool, this Marsheepy set might just be your kitchen’s new best friend.


  • Versatile usage for chocolate, butter, and even crafting
  • Quality materials ensure a clean melt with no risk of burning
  • The included spatula is a handy tool for mixing and scraping


  • The top bowl may not sit perfectly even, which requires a bit of caution
  • The pots aren’t suited for direct flame, limiting stovetop options
  • Some users have noted that it’s prone to denting

Just recently, I had the opportunity to test out the Marsheepy Double Boiler set while whipping up a batch of vegan candies. The stainless steel construction felt solid, and cleaning up afterward was a breeze, which I genuinely appreciated.

The silicone spatula included was quite the icing on the cake. Its one-piece design meant no worries about food getting stuck in the nooks and crannies, and it was just the right tool for getting every bit of blend out smoothly.

The boiler’s gentle heating ensured everything melted evenly. However, I did notice that the top bowl had a slight wobble, as it didn’t sit entirely flush with the bottom pot. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but it’s something to be mindful of while stirring.

ExcelSteel Double Boiler

I find this essential for anyone who loves crafting vegan treats that require gentle heating.


  • Seamless melting of chocolates without scorching
  • The glass lid is perfect for keeping an eye on your culinary creations
  • Cleanup is a breeze as it’s dishwasher-friendly


  • Feels a bit light, which may not suit those preferring heftier cookware
  • The lack of a vented lid can be a slight inconvenience
  • Requires careful heat management due to the thinner material

When I used this double boiler, the stainless steel shined like it was ready for a cooking show. The size is just right—not too bulky, and slots perfectly on my compact kitchen shelf. Handling the boiler is stress-free because the handles don’t heat up.

Watching chocolate melt is oddly satisfying, and the tempered glass lid on this set means I can do exactly that without lifting a finger. Whether preparing a delicate vegan ganache or a creamy sauce, the see-through lid keeps me in control.

After preparing a gorgeous vegan fondue that my friends raved about, I popped the set into the dishwasher. However, I stay mindful of the heat settings due to its thinner construction, but once you get the hang of it, it works like a charm.

ZENFUN 3-piece Double Boiler

I think this set is a fantastic choice if you need a durable and versatile double boiler with convenient features for candy-making or melting chocolate.


  • High-grade stainless steel material ensures durability and food safety.
  • It features a smart design with a diversion port and clear measuring scale for easy operation.
  • Comes with a sturdy silicone spatula, which is handy for stirring.


  • Some users may find the pots a bit heavy due to the high-quality steel.
  • The stainless steel might show water spots after washing, requiring extra polishing.
  • The set is a bit pricier compared to some basic models.

I’ve just been using the ZENFUN Double Boiler Pot Set, and I must share that the quality stands out. When melting chocolate for my vegan pastries provides a smooth and even melt with no burning, thanks to the layered pots.

Its 304 stainless steel construction is robust and gives me peace of mind knowing I’m using food-grade materials. Moreover, the pots come with interior scaling and a convenient pouring spout.

The riveted handles on this set provide the extra stability I need. It’s a bit heavier than some other pots, but this is the trade-off for durability. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe, which saves me so much time on cleanup.

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Buying Guide

When I’m in the market for a double boiler, I know it’s key to consider a few important features to ensure I find the best fit for my kitchen needs. It’s vital to look at specific elements that cater to the dishes I plan to create.


I usually think about the material of the double boiler. Common materials include stainless steel and ceramic. Stainless steel is durable and conducts heat well, while ceramic is ideal for gentle heating and is often easier to clean.

Stainless SteelDurable, Good Heat ConductionCan be heavy
CeramicGentle Heating, Easy to CleanMay be more delicate


Next, the size is crucial, depending on the volume of food I’ll be preparing. Sizes typically range from 1 to 3 quarts. If I see myself making large batches, I’ll lean towards a larger size, but for small, everyday tasks, a 1-quart option usually suffices.


The compatibility with different stovetops, including induction, gas, and electric, can affect my choice. It’s smart to pick a double boiler that works well with what I have at home.


A few additional features that are important to me include:

  • Handles: They should be sturdy and heat-resistant for safety.
  • Lids: A snug-fit lid is ideal for heat retention.
  • Ease of Cleaning: The easier it is to clean, like being dishwasher-safe, the more convenient it’ll be.
  • Price: I always look for options that offer the best value within my budget without compromising quality.

After considering these factors, I narrowed down my choices to find the double boiler that matches my specific needs, especially when focusing on creating delicious plant-based recipes.

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