Best Dried Lentils: Your Ultimate Guide for Nutritious Meals in 2024

Dried lentils are a staple in my pantry for a multitude of reasons. They’re nutritious, affordable, and incredibly versatile, making them a go-to ingredient for hearty soups, rich dahls, and satisfying salads.

Unlike other legumes, lentils don’t require pre-soaking and cook relatively quickly, which is perfect for those evenings when I want to follow a vegan recipe without too much prep work. Each variety, from brown and green to red and yellow, offers its own unique flavor and texture, letting me get creative in the kitchen.

As someone who follows a plant-based diet, I’m always on the lookout for protein-rich foods that are also good for the environment, and lentils check both boxes. They’re a fantastic source of plant-based protein and essential nutrients like iron, folate, and fiber.

Plus, lentils are environmentally friendly; they have a low carbon footprint, use less water to grow, and even improve soil health by fixing nitrogen levels.

Having spent considerable time searching for the best dried lentils, I can say that the best ones for me are those that offer a balance between taste, texture, and nutritional benefits. Now let’s take a closer look at the specific types of lentils that stand out in the kitchen.

Best Dried Lentils for Plant-Based Power

Ideal for soups, salads, or the main dish, lentils can be the star of any meal. Let’s dive into some of the best dried lentils I’ve found, perfect for anyone looking to enrich their vegan lifestyle.

Iberia’s Quick Cook Lentils

After trying a variety of brands, I keep coming back to Iberia’s Dry Lentils for their consistent quality and delightful taste.


  • Versatile for numerous recipes
  • No unnecessary additives
  • Support a healthy, vegan diet


  • Smaller than typical brown lentils
  • Slightly costlier than in-store options
  • Packaging may not be ideal for everyone

I got my hands on Iberia Dry Lentils recently, and they’ve been a game-changer in my kitchen. They are robust and hold up well, whether I’m cooking a hearty stew or looking for a solid base for my salads. As a staple in my vegan diet, these lentils provide the kind of simplicity and purity I value – no hidden sugars or fats, just good, honest legumes.

I was curious to see how they compared with lentils from my local organic store, not to mention I’ve been a bit tired of the usual options there. Iberia’s lentils are noticeably tinier but pack a punch with flavor.

Also, there’s something pretty satisfying about having such a versatile ingredient delivered straight to my door, saving me a trip to the store. They are slightly pricier, but for the convenience and quality, I don’t mind the trade-off.

If variety is the spice of your vegan life, Iberia’s lentils are a pantry must-have. They’re the versatile hero of my plant-based meals and the health benefits? Well, they just keep on giving.

Fresh Finds Lentils

Amazon Fresh Lentils

Just whipped up a batch of these lentils, and my taste buds are thrilled—ideal for any plant-based pantry.


  • Rich in fiber, a staple for healthy digestion
  • Versatile enough for salads, soups, and sides
  • Absolutely no GMOs; eating clean feels great


  • A standard taste profile, not unique to this brand
  • Requires patience—soaking improves cooking time
  • Packaging can be tricky to reseal

Having just savored these Amazon Fresh Lentils in a zesty soup, I can confidently say they are a must-have for those seeking wholesome, plant-based nutrition. Their non-GMO promise aligns precisely with my ethos, supporting a more natural diet.

Their texture was remarkably consistent after cooking. I’m all for no-fuss preparation, and these lentils were exceptionally cooperative, with no debris—just wholesome goodness. It’s reassuring to know that what’s simmering in my pot is clean and ready to nourish my body.

Combining these lentils with aromatic herbs and fresh vegetables brought my stew to life. It’s best to give them a good soak, though—skipping this step means a longer wait before you can dig into your dish. Yet, patience pays off with perfectly tender bites complementing any spices I throw into the mix.

It’s a joy when simple foods like these support my vegan lifestyle, not only in nutrition but in delighting the senses. Sure, they’re just your everyday lentils, but it’s their unpretentious nature that makes them so indispensable in my kitchen.

Wholesome Palouse Lentils

Palouse Brand Brown Lentils

If you’re looking for ethically-sourced, hearty lentils, these are a must-try, especially for plant-based eaters like me.


  • Exceptionally fresh with rich, earthy taste
  • Environmentally conscious, straight from the farm’s field to my kitchen
  • Impressive shelf life, ensuring long-lasting goodness


  • Price point might be a bit high for some budgets
  • Smaller size could be a surprise if you’re used to bigger varieties
  • A strong, natural scent that might be off-putting to some

I recently whipped up a lentil stew using these brown beauties and let me tell you, they’re as good as they get. The texture was perfectly firm yet tender, and they soaked up the flavors of my spices beautifully. For anyone on a vegan journey, these lentils make getting your protein a truly delightful experience. Plus, the fact that they come from a family-owned farm makes me feel good about supporting sustainable agriculture.

Cooking with them couldn’t be easier. They maintained their shape well and didn’t turn mushy like some other brands do. It’s such a win when you can enjoy your meal knowing it’s nourishing and cruelty-free.

In my kitchen, I strive for quality, and knowing the origin of what I eat is a big deal to me. These lentils check all the boxes; they’re non-GMO, kosher, and they come in a burlap bag that just screams rustic charm and zero waste. It’s clear these farmers take pride in their craft, and it shows in every bite.

Camellia’s Lentils

Camellia's Lentils

I’d say you should grab these lentils because they’re not only tasty but also full of nutrients that cater to a healthy vegan lifestyle.


  • Packed with protein and fiber
  • Versatile in recipes
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO


  • Price might be steep
  • Packaging could be larger
  • Requires sorting before cooking

Recently, I cooked a batch of these Camellia lentils and found them exceptionally flavorful. They’ve got this natural, earthy taste that makes them a fantastic base for my vegan chili. The texture is spot on—firm enough to hold their shape, which is exactly what I look for in lentils.

I appreciated knowing that these lentils are rich in protein and fiber, heartening facts for anyone on a plant-based diet. It’s reassuring to serve food that’s not just filling but also nutritious and supportive of my vegan lifestyle. Plus, being gluten-free and non-GMO means I’m not compromising on my health or values.

One minor inconvenience is the price point; it’s somewhat higher than what I’d expect for lentils, even of this quality. The size of the packages could also be more generous, given I cook in large batches to save time. Lastly, be ready to do a little pre-cook prep, checking for small debris, which is pretty standard for dried legumes, but worth noting nonetheless.

Be Still Farms Red Lentils

Be Still Farms Red Lentils

I just tried these organic red lentils, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them for their freshness and rich flavor.


  • Boost heart health with high fiber and magnesium
  • Versatile in use: from snacks to bread flour
  • Support clean eating with organic, non-GMO ingredients


  • Might be pricier than non-organic options
  • Require thorough rinsing before cooking
  • Packaging may be difficult to reseal

I’ve recently discovered Be Still Farms Red Lentils, and they’ve quickly become the MVP in my vegan kitchen. Their taste is authentic, and they seamlessly integrate into my soups and salads, giving me that much-needed protein kick. Plus, the fiber content keeps me full and energized throughout my busy day—no more mid-afternoon slumps!

Transitioning to a plant-based diet has been made much easier with such staples. Crafting a hearty lentil soup packed with flavor without relying on meat was a revelation. It was more than just the taste; it was the feeling of satisfaction knowing everything was ethically sourced and prepared with care.

For anyone who’s on the fence, let me tell you, these lentils change the game. You don’t just get a nourishing meal; you also contribute to a healthier planet. It’s the small choices, like picking sustainably farmed produce, that make a real difference. And when it tastes this good, it’s no sacrifice at all—it’s pure enjoyment.

Hearty Idaho Red Lentils

Hearty Idaho Red Lentils

If you crave a blend of great taste and sustainable farming, these red lentils from Idaho should top your list.


  • Robust sweet flavor, perfect in every dish
  • Cooks in a flash, no soaking needed
  • Love that they sprout, indicating freshness


  • May lean towards the pricier side
  • The large quantity could be too much for some
  • Limited availability outside the U.S.

Recently, I got my hands on some exceptional red lentils by Palouse Brand. The moment I opened the bag, I was greeted with nothing but high-quality, unblemished lentils. Preparing my vegan chili was a breeze because these little gems didn’t require pre-soaking. In under 15 minutes, they were tender and ready to mingle with the rest of the ingredients, infusing the dish with a naturally sweet and slightly nutty essence that you just don’t get from average lentils.

Sustainability is a huge factor for me, and I was pleased to learn that Palouse Brand shippings are carbon neutral. Feels good to support a brand that takes environmental responsibility seriously. It’s important to point out that these lentils are non-GMO and kosher, aligning with my clean-eating values.

Keep in mind, 25 pounds is quite the bulk purchase, but for me, it means fewer shopping trips and less packaging waste in the long haul. They store effortlessly in my pantry, staying fresh in an air-tight container.

Although these lentils might be on the upper end of the price spectrum, the superior taste and ethical standards make them worth every penny in my book. Plus, a portion of each sale supports the local farming community—talk about feeling good about your purchase!

Green Goodness Lentils

Organic Whole Green Lentils

If you’re aiming for a wholesome and quick meal, these lentils are a fantastic choice due to their exceptional taste and nutritional profile.


  • Ready in a snap without pre-soaking
  • Nutrient-dense to complement a plant-based diet
  • Maintain firm texture post-cooking, ideal for a variety of dishes


  • Slightly more expensive than non-organic options
  • May require sorting for debris, though minimal
  • Packaging could be improved for sustainability

Just had a bowl of these Organic Whole Green Lentils, and I’m impressed. They’ve got a natural, earthy taste that’s just right, and I’ve noticed they’re surprisingly quick to cook compared to other legumes — no soaking required. I feel energized and satisfied, knowing I’m getting a solid dose of plant-based protein and fiber.

Such a versatile staple! I tried them in a salad, and they kept their shape beautifully, adding a pleasant bite. Yesterday, I made a lentil soup, and the peppery flavor shone through; they just morph into whatever dish you’re making. Plus, knowing they’re organic, non-GMO, and come ready to cook, makes me confident I’m making a smart choice for myself and the planet.

I appreciate that Food to Live’s lentils are also kosher and vegan, aligning perfectly with my conscious lifestyle. And from a sprouting enthusiast’s perspective, these lentils are excellent—they sprout quickly, which means they’re fresh and full of life. I’ve had my fair share of legumes, and these are definitely at the top of my list.

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Buying Guide

Type of Lentils

I always consider the variety of lentils available. There are several common types:

  • Green: Firm and ideal for salads.
  • Brown: Versatile, perfect for any dish.
  • Red/Yellow: Break down easily; great for soups.


It’s important to look at the origin of the lentils. I prefer knowing they’re grown with sustainable farming practices that support the environment. This isn’t always listed on the package, but it’s worth checking out online if you’re committed like I am.


Size and type of packaging play a role. I opt for larger bags to reduce plastic use and look for recyclable materials when possible. A clear package is also a plus, letting me check the lentils for any impurities or irregularities.

Large BagsBetterVaries
Recyclable MaterialPreferredN/A

Cooking Time

Different lentils cook at varying times. I check the cooking time, especially if I need something quick and convenient. Generally, split lentils cook faster than whole ones.

TypeCooking Time

Color and Shape

Finally, the color and shape of lentils can be a sign of quality. I look for uniformity and vibrant color, which often reflects fresher lentils with better flavor.

Remember, your choice of lentils has an impact not just on your plate but also on our planet. Let’s pick wisely for our health and the Earth. Check out these vegan yogurt brands next!

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