Best Electric Pressure Cooker: Guide to Effortless Cooking

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience in the kitchen has never been more crucial. Electric pressure cookers are a modern twist on a traditional cooking method, combining speed, efficiency, and versatility to make meal preparation a breeze. Not only do they significantly reduce cooking times for a wide array of dishes, but they also retain the nutrients and flavors that might be lost through other cooking methods.

When I’m on the lookout for the best electric pressure cooker, I always consider durability, ease of use, and the capacity that matches my needs. Whether I’m making a large batch of beans or a hearty stew, having a pressure cooker that can handle the quantity is key. It’s also important that it comes with various settings for different types of dishes, including those that are vegan-friendly.

After thoroughly researching and testing various models, I’ve pinpointed an electric pressure cooker that stands out as the best in its class. It consistently delivers delicious, evenly-cooked food, and it’s a centerpiece of my plant-based kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this pressure cooker a cut above the rest.

Best Electric Pressure Cooker List

I’ve gathered a selection of top-notch electric pressure cookers that cater to all my plant-based cooking needs. Whether you’re whipping up lentil soup or cooking quinoa in a flash, these gadgets help make vegan meals quick and delicious. Let’s dive into the options that make meal prep a breeze.

My #1 Pick:

The ChefWave Chefe 13-in-1 Programmable 4 Qt. Multicooker is hands down our top pick for 2024, and here’s why:

Why It’s Our Top Choice:

  • 13-in-1 Functions: Handles slow cooking, steaming, rice, soups, stews, cakes, and more with ease.
  • 4-Quart Capacity: Perfectly cooks up to 16 cups of rice and doubles as a casserole dish.
  • Smart Technology: Features include voice alerts, 360° induction heating, and programmable delay start.
  • Convenience: Easy-to-use digital controls, LED touchscreen, and an Easy-fill water tank.
  • Easy Cleaning: Removable inner pot and accessories for quick cleanup.

My Experience:

The ChefWave Chefe 13-in-1 has transformed my cooking routine. One evening, I used it to prepare a hearty stew while multitasking around the house. The voice alerts kept me informed, and the meal was perfectly cooked without constant checking. This appliance is a real game-changer in my kitchen.

For a versatile, user-friendly multicooker that delivers consistently great results, the ChefWave Chefe is the best choice for 2024.

Instant Pot Duo

If you’re searching for a versatile kitchen companion, the Instant Pot Duo is a no-brainer for its quick and multifunctional capabilities.


  • Simplifies meal prep by combining seven appliances in one
  • Offers customizable smart programs for effortless cooking
  • Easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe components


  • Initial learning curve for beginners
  • Bulky size may take up significant counter space
  • In high-demand periods, accessories can sell out quickly

The variety of Instant Pot Duo’s features is impressive; it switches from a pressure cooker to a yogurt maker with ease. This beast can tackle pretty much any dish I throw at it, whether I’m in a hurry to get meals on the table or eager to slow-cook that perfect stew. The stainless steel interior is a cinch to clean, and being able to toss dirty parts into the dishwasher is such a relief.

The smart programs have become my go-to – with a flick of a switch, I can have beans, rice, or even a vegan stew cooking instantly without sweating over stove settings. The Instant Pot Duo certainly frees up more time for me to relax or get other tasks done.

I’ve noticed, however, that it can be a tad intimidating at first, with all its buttons and functions. But once over that initial hump, it’s smooth sailing. The size might not suit everyone’s kitchen – for smaller spaces, it demands a decent amount of real estate. Also, I’ve seen that the accessories can be hard to nab when it’s the holiday season.

All in all, my experience with the Instant Pot Duo has been mostly carefree and definitely delicious. It’s a solid pick if you’re keen to expedite cooking without sacrificing quality.

Cook’s Essentials 4QT

Cook's Essentials Pressure Cooker

If convenience rules your kitchen, this pressure cooker is a game-changer for your plant-based meals.


  • Simplifies meal prep with pre-programmed settings
  • Dual functionality as a slow cooker adds versatility
  • Compact design doesn’t hog counter space


  • A 4-quart capacity might be limiting for large batches
  • Could have more programmable features
  • Some may prefer a more established brand

I’ve just had the chance to put the Cook’s Essentials 4QT through its paces and let me tell you, it’s made meal prep a breeze. There’s nothing like tossing in some lentils, veggies, and spices, pressing a button, and getting on with my day. It’s not just a pressure cooker; with the glass lid, it’s also my slow cooker for those rich, hearty stews that taste like they’ve been simmering for hours.

The first thing I noticed was how intuitive the controls are – no need to thumb through a manual. I adjusted the cooking time manually when I threw together a quick vegan chili, and before I knew it, I had a comforting dish ready to share.

Space is always at a premium in my kitchen, but this cooker fits in snugly. Sure, if I’m hosting a huge gathering, its 4-quart capacity may not suffice, but it’s perfect for my day-to-day cooking. Plus, it’s in a vibrant red that adds a splash of color to my countertop.

I’ve got to mention that it’s not just about those preset buttons. The keep-warm function has saved my dinners more than once, keeping my food just right until I’m ready to serve. The stainless steel housing promises durability, which is always a plus when I’m investing in a new kitchen gadget.

However, I do find myself wishing it had a few more functions to experiment with – especially when I see other models boasting yogurt-making and rice-cooking options. Also, while I’m all for giving new brands a shot, some might prefer sticking to a brand they’ve used before.

Zavor Lux LCD Multi-Cooker

Zavor Lux LCD Multi-Cooker

I’d recommend this to anyone in a heartbeat for its convenience and versatility, especially if you’re on a plant-based diet and looking for an all-in-one kitchen solution.


  • Intuitive interface streamlines cooking processes
  • Versatile settings enable a variety of dishes without hassle
  • Reliable safety features provide peace of mind


  • Bulky size requires ample storage space
  • High initial investment compared to basic models
  • Some may find the diverse functions overwhelming

I recently got my hands on the Zavor Lux Multi-Cooker, and I am floored by how much easier it’s made my meal preps. With a variety of programmable settings, I’ve been able to effortlessly switch from pressure cooking my chickpeas to slow cooking some rich, flavorsome vegan stews.

The sous vide function was a game changer for me. I tried it on tofu, and the texture was spot-on—firm yet tender, just the way I like it. Plus, the keep warm setting ensures that even if I step away, my food will still be hot when I get back.

Yet, as I’m conscious about kitchen space, I did notice the bulkiness of the unit; it’s quite the commitment to countertop real estate. Also, the multitude of functions, while impressive, took me a moment to navigate. But once I got the hang of it, I was cooking various dishes with just the touch of a few buttons.

Clean-up is a breeze, too. Just pop the parts in the dishwasher, and you’re good to go for the next culinary adventure. The only real downside I’ve noticed is that it’s a bit pricier than some might expect, but in my opinion, it’s worth every penny for the hassle it saves and its robust versatility.

Cosori 6QT Multi-Cooker

If you’re hunting for an ally in the kitchen, this Cosori Electric Pressure Cooker is a no-brainer with its versatile perks and easy usability.


  • Hassle-free cleanup with dishwasher-safe components
  • Intuitive design featuring safe steam release and simple lid locking mechanism
  • Valuable multifunctionality with 9-in-1 cooking options


  • The slow cook settings may puzzle those expecting traditional high heat
  • Initial learning curve with pressure release for newcomers
  • It occupies a fair amount of counter space, which might be a concern in smaller kitchens

I had to take this Cosori cooker for a spin when I was in the mood for a hearty vegan stew. It didn’t disappoint! The settings were a breeze to navigate, which meant I could toss in my ingredients and let the cooker do its magic. Having the progress bar on the display is a real treat, as I can check how my dish is coming along without fidgeting with knobs or buttons.

Cleanup has always been a chore I’d rather skip, but this cooker simplifies the process. I’m impressed that all the parts I needed to clean were dishwasher safe—no elbow grease required. Moreover, the unit’s design is quite thoughtful; the steam release mechanism is truly stress-free, a feature I didn’t appreciate until I avoided the steam bath I typically get from my old cooker.

For those ready to embrace more plant-based meals, the Cosori 6QT Multi-Cooker supports your journey beautifully. It’s a powerhouse for cooking grains and legumes to perfection, and it’s robust for daily use. However, the slow-cook function did have me checking multiple times, as it ran cooler than I expected. For me, it’s a small quirk in an otherwise outstanding appliance.

Instant Pot 6QT Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Plus

I’d say it’s a solid buy for anyone looking for a versatile and quiet kitchen helper that simplifies meal prep and offers a myriad of cooking methods.


  • Multifunctional abilities cut down on the need for other appliances
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-follow instructions on the display
  • Cleanup is a snap with fingerprint-resistant and dishwasher-safe parts


  • Takes up a fair amount of counter space
  • Initial learning curve with all the cooking functions
  • Might be more capacity than a single person or small household needs

After toying around with my new Instant Pot Duo Plus, I’m pretty stoked about the culinary adventures in store. This stylish stainless steel gadget has turned my kitchen into a quasi-professional setup without the need for a brigade of appliances cluttering up the countertops. I get why this tool is the buzz of the town.

The large LCD screen is a godsend as well, guiding me through the cooking process with an ease that I never thought possible. Poking around the 25 Smart Programs feels like I’ve got a personal chef’s secrets condensed into a couple of button presses.

As someone who leans toward plant-based eating, I’m thrilled by how this machine handles my vegan recipes. It’s a breeze to steam veggies to perfection, and the sauté feature means I can brown onions and garlic without firing up the stove.

While I appreciate the convenience, I do wish the pot was a tad smaller; it’s a bit overkill when you’re cooking just for one or whipping up a modest meal for two. But hey, more leftovers, right?

Cleaning up is where the pressure cooker truly shines – it’s effortless. Wave goodbye to the days of scrubbing pots and pans. Everything just needs a quick rinse before heading into the dishwasher. Although it took me a moment to figure out all the features, once I got the hang of it, I was off to the races.

Instant Pot Pro 6QT

If you’re seeking a kitchen workhorse that can handle a bevy of tasks while still being user-friendly, this Instant Pot is your match.


  • Simplifies cooking with multiple functions
  • Intuitive safety features boost confidence
  • Cleanup is a breeze with the stainless steel pot


  • Occupies significant counter space
  • Requires a learning curve for optimal use
  • The initial cost might be a bit steep for some

I recently whipped up a batch of my staple chickpea curry using the pressure cook function on the Instant Pot Pro 6QT. My whole kitchen was filled with the aromas of the spices in no time, and the chickpeas were perfectly tender. It’s always reassuring to have those reliable safety features in place, especially the gentle steam release that prevents any splatter – ideal when my nephew is eager to help in the kitchen.

Later in the day, I opted for a slow-cooked vegan dish. The flavors developed beautifully over hours, and honestly, the wait was well worth it. It was a joy to be able to sauté the veggies directly in the pot before switching to slow cook mode; it’s things like this that save me from a sink full of dirty dishes.

At the end of the day, the cleanup was as straightforward as the cooking. Just a quick wash of the stainless steel pot, and it was like new again, ready for tomorrow’s culinary adventure. It feels empowering that with just one device, I can tackle nearly any recipe I dream up, from hearty stews and fresh yogurts with almond milk to perfectly steamed seasonal veggies.

Smart Canner Companion

Nesco Smart Electric Pressure Cooker

I just whipped up a batch of my favorite fruit jam using this gem, and it didn’t disappoint. With its safety and convenience, I’d say it’s a solid buy for anyone wanting to simplify their canning and cooking.


  • Incredible ease of use with digital presets
  • Versatile enough for both canning and varied cooking needs
  • Convenient clean-up due to dishwasher-safe pot


  • Takes up a fair bit of counter space
  • Limited capacity for large batch canning
  • Not officially approved by all food preservation authorities

Hands down, preparing jams with the Smart Canner was a breeze. It’s a relief not worrying about monitoring the canning process, thanks to the reliable built-in safety features. The digital display did all the thinking for me, leaving no room for error.

Not just for canning, this electric marvel also cooked my veggie stew to perfection. The smart pre-set programs tailored the cooking process exactly how I needed it. And when it came to clean-up, I simply popped the pot into the dishwasher.

I must admit, though portable, it does command a sizeable chunk of kitchen real estate. And while it handles small to medium-sized batches admirably, I’d have to do a few rounds for my post-harvest canning marathons. It’s also worth mentioning that while I trust my own judgment with the canning results, some might seek the reassurance of approval from all food safety bodies.

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Buying Guide

When I’m on the hunt for an electric pressure cooker, there are a few key features I zero in on. First, the size of the cooker is crucial. It’s important to consider how many mouths I’m feeding. A 6-quart model is typically suitable for small to medium households, while an 8-quart or larger might be better for meal prep or large families.

Next, I pay attention to cooking settings. A good electric pressure cooker should have a variety of options for different vegan dishes, allowing for flexibility in the kitchen.

Important Features

  • Preset Programs:
    • I like having a range of presets for grains, beans, and soups.
  • Pressure Settings:
    • Multiple pressure settings give me better control over cooking times.


Ease of use can’t be overstated. I look for:

  • Intuitive Interfaces:
    • Clear, easy-to-read displays make a world of difference.
  • Convenient Controls:
    • Simple dials or buttons are my go-to for hassle-free operation.

Safety Features

Safety is non-negotiable. I check for:

  • Lid Lock:
    • This prevents the lid from being opened while under pressure.
  • Pressure Release:
    • I look for cookers that offer both quick and natural release.


Lastly, ease of cleaning is important. I favor models with a detachable inner pot that’s dishwasher-safe.

By keeping these features in mind, I can sift through the options and pick an electric pressure cooker that suits my vegan lifestyle and cooking preferences without the guesswork.

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