Best Oil for Popcorn: Ultimate Guide for Movie Night Perfection

Popcorn is a classic snack enjoyed by millions across the world. However, achieving that perfect, movie theater-quality popcorn at home is not always easy. The secret to delicious popcorn lies in choosing the right oil, which not only helps in popping the kernels but also adds flavor and aroma to the snack.

Oil for popcorn comes in a range of options, from the commonly used vegetable and canola oils to specialty oils like coconut and sunflower. Ultimately, the right choice of oil for your popcorn will depend on your personal taste preferences and health requirements.

After spending hours researching and taste-testing various oils, I’ve identified some of the best options for creating irresistibly delicious popcorn at home. So, get your popcorn maker ready, and let’s explore these fantastic oils together!

Best Oil for Popcorn

I’ve gathered the ultimate list of the best oils for popcorn for you. Let’s take a look at some of the finest options to make your popcorn game strong and flavorful.

Golden Barrel Butter Flavored Coconut Oil

Golden Barrel Butter Flavored Coconut Oil

I would highly recommend Golden Barrel Butter Flavored Coconut Oil for those seeking a dairy-free substitute for butter when making delicious popcorn at home.


  • Dairy-free substitute for butter
  • Adds a buttery flavor to popcorn without using actual butter
  • Colored with natural beta carotene


  • Some may find the coconut flavor overpowering
  • Solidifies at cooler temperatures
  • A bit messy when trying to melt and mix with popcorn

I recently used Golden Barrel Butter Flavored Coconut Oil for a movie night at home, and I must say, it did not disappoint. The oil gave my popcorn the buttery taste we all crave when watching a movie! Since it’s dairy-free, it’s perfect for those with lactose intolerance or vegans who want a similar experience.

However, as much as I enjoyed the buttery flavor on my popcorn, the coconut taste was quite prominent. It didn’t bother me too much, but those who aren’t big fans of coconut might find this a drawback in using this oil. It’s worth mentioning that the oil solidifies at cooler temperatures, so if you live in a place with cooler weather, be prepared to give it some time to liquefy before using it.

Overall, I think Golden Barrel Butter Flavored Coconut Oil is a great option for those looking to enhance their popcorn’s taste at home while still maintaining a dairy-free diet. Give it a try and see for yourself – you might be pleasantly surprised by how close it comes to the authentic buttery flavor we all love.

Snappy Butter Burst Popcorn Oil

Snappy Butter Burst Popcorn Oil is a game changer for popcorn lovers, bringing theater-quality flavor straight to your home.


  • Rich, buttery flavor reminiscent of movie theater popcorn
  • Naturally colored with beta carotene for golden kernels without added chemicals
  • No melting or refrigeration required for easy, convenient use


  • Flavor might be too mild for some tastes
  • Price increases may deter some customers
  • 1 gallon size may be excessive for casual popcorn fans

As a popcorn enthusiast, I was excited to try Snappy Butter Burst Popcorn Oil, and I must say, it lives up to its reputation. This 1-gallon container of buttery goodness transforms ordinary popcorn into a delicious, movie-theater-quality treat. The convenience of not needing to melt or refrigerate the oil is a huge plus, making it easy to enjoy buttery popcorn at a moment’s notice.

The natural beta carotene coloring adds a visually appealing aspect to the popcorn as well, giving the kernels a beautiful, golden hue. Although some may find the flavor to be too mild, adding more oil as a topping after the popcorn is popped can help enhance the taste to your preference.

However, there are a couple of downsides to the product. The price has been known to fluctuate, which may be off-putting for some customers. Additionally, the 1-gallon size may seem excessive for those who do not consume popcorn frequently, but it would be perfect for anyone running a concession stand or hosting large gatherings.

All in all, Snappy Butter Burst Popcorn Oil is worth a try for anyone looking to elevate their popcorn game. The rich, buttery flavor and easy-to-use format are sure to impress both casual snackers and popcorn connoisseurs alike.

Dutchman’s Popcorn Coconut Oil

I highly recommend Dutchman’s Popcorn Coconut Oil for its fantastic buttery flavor, healthy ingredients, and great performance that will take your homemade popcorn to the next level.


  • Delicious buttery flavor and aroma
  • Colored with natural beta carotene, no artificial coloring
  • Melts easily without smoking or burning


  • Container size may be too large for infrequent popcorn eaters
  • Price may be higher than other oils
  • Some consumers may prefer a lighter flavor

When I tried Dutchman’s Popcorn Coconut Oil, I was blown away by the delicious buttery flavor and aroma of my homemade popcorn. It was like having theater-style popcorn in the comfort of my own home. The oil melted easily in my popper without producing any smoke, and it didn’t burn the popcorn at all.

What I appreciate about this oil is that it’s colored with natural beta carotene, found in carrots, instead of artificial coloring or chemical-laden ingredients. This means you can enjoy the vibrant yellow look of theater popcorn without any unnecessary preservatives. Plus, with zero trans fats and being non-hydrogenated, it is a much healthier alternative to real butter or other oils.

While I find the container size perfect for my weekly popcorn cravings, it may be too large for those who eat popcorn less frequently. Additionally, the price may be higher compared to other oils in the market, but the quality of Dutchman’s Popcorn Coconut Oil justifies the cost for me. Lastly, some consumers may prefer a milder flavor for their popcorn, so keep this in mind if you’re not a fan of a rich buttery taste.

Overall, Dutchman’s Popcorn Coconut Oil is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to elevate their homemade popcorn experience. It’s delicious, healthy, and performs excellently. So go ahead and treat yourself to movie theater-quality popcorn at home!

Amish Country Popcorn Butter Flavored Canola Oil

Amish Country Popcorn Butter Flavored Canola Oil

I’m all for this delectable popcorn oil; it delivers fantastic buttery flavor and is both gluten-free and GMO-free.


  • Excellent buttery flavor
  • GMO-free and gluten-free
  • Low calorie


  • Price might seem high to some
  • Some may desire stronger butter flavor
  • Requires care when handling during shipping

After trying the Amish Country Popcorn Butter Flavored Canola Oil, I can say my popcorn nights just got better. The buttery flavor added by this canola oil is delightful, and the fact that it is gluten-free and GMO-free gives me peace of mind while munching away. Despite being low in calories, I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing any flavor, which is a huge plus.

As a popcorn lover, I appreciate when I find a product that doesn’t ruin the experience with an overpowering taste. The butter flavor is well-balanced—neither too strong nor too mild. However, some users may prefer a stronger butter taste, so it’s a matter of personal preference. For me, it strikes the perfect balance.

One potential downside is the price, which might seem steep to some. But considering the quality of the oil and the taste it adds to my popcorn, I find it worth the investment. Additionally, the packaging needs a little attention—my jar arrived somewhat damaged and leaking, which may affect others’ overall experience.

Overall, Amish Country Popcorn Butter Flavored Canola Oil enhanced my popcorn experience, and I heartily recommend giving it a try. Just be mindful of the shipping process, and you’re in for a treat!

Amish Country Popcorn Coconut Oil

I found that Amish Country Popcorn Coconut Oil is perfect for creating delightful and healthier popcorn at home.


  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Low calorie and vegan
  • Tree nut and peanut-free


  • Jar design could be improved
  • Price may be a bit high for some
  • Requires experimenting with amounts for best results

Upon using Amish Country Popcorn Coconut Oil, I was initially drawn to the fact that it’s both non-GMO and gluten-free. I feel confident indulging in a delicious bowl of popcorn without worrying about any potential allergens like nuts or gluten. Not only is it safe for people with allergies, but it also has a low-calorie count, making it a healthier option for a tasty snack.

I discovered that this coconut oil works great with most types of popcorn, giving it an authentic, buttery flavor without the need for extra salt or toppings. However, I have to admit that I needed to experiment with the amount of oil used to get the desired taste and texture for my popcorn.

One drawback is the jar design. It can be a bit challenging to remove the oil without making a mess, and the label can be tough to peel off. However, these are minor issues for an otherwise exceptional product.

Overall, I highly recommend Amish Country Popcorn Coconut Oil to anyone looking for a healthier, vegan alternative to traditional popcorn oils. Give it a try, and you might find it becomes your go-to popcorn oil for movie nights or gatherings.

Great Northern Popcorn Packs

Great Northern Popcorn Packs

You’ll love the convenience and taste of these popcorn packs for movie nights at home.


  • Convenient pre-measured packs
  • Consistent movie theater taste
  • Easy to use with 8oz kettle popcorn machines


  • Packaging can be tricky to handle
  • Oil may get messy
  • May need extra seasoning for more flavor

I was impressed by the convenience that the Great Northern Popcorn Packs offer. The pre-measured packets take the guesswork out of making popcorn and deliver consistently great-tasting movie theater-style popcorn every time. I didn’t have to worry about measuring or mixing ingredients, making it incredibly simple to use.

The popcorn packs are designed for use with 8oz kettle popcorn machines, and each packet makes enough popcorn to serve 6-8 people. This makes it perfect for movie nights, parties, or other gatherings. However, I noticed that the packaging can be a bit difficult to work with, and the oil may get messy if you’re not careful. It’s a good idea to have some paper towels on hand when using these packs.

The taste of the popcorn is reminiscent of movie theater popcorn, but I found that it could use a bit more seasoning for my personal preference. It’s easy to customize the seasoning to your liking, so this isn’t a significant drawback. Overall, I recommend the Great Northern Popcorn Packs for anyone who loves movie theater-style popcorn and wants a convenient and easy-to-use option for making it at home.

Orville Redenbacher’s Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored Popcorn Oil

Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Oil

This flavorful popcorn oil adds a tasty movie theater experience to your homemade popcorn, making it perfect for any snacktime or movie night.


  • Authentic buttery flavor
  • Enhances popcorn texture
  • Suitable for various poppers


  • Artificial flavoring
  • Might be too oily for some
  • Excessive quantity in the pack

After trying Orville Redenbacher’s Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored Popcorn Oil, I can confidently say that it really added an authentic buttery taste to my popcorn, making it feel like I was in a movie theater. It worked perfectly with my hot air popper and helped the kernels pop up light and fluffy. Unlike traditional butter, this oil didn’t shrink my popcorn or make it soggy.

The only drawback I found was its artificial flavoring, which may not appeal to everyone. Additionally, some people might find it too oily, depending on their personal preference. If you’re looking to add that movie theater taste to your popcorn without the guilt, this product works wonders.

One thing to note is that this product comes in a pack of six 16-ounce bottles, so make sure you have enough storage space and plan to make a lot of popcorn. Although the quantity might be excessive for some, it can definitely be an advantage if you’re hosting a party or have a family full of popcorn lovers.

In conclusion, Orville Redenbacher’s Popping & Topping Buttery Flavored Popcorn Oil is a great option for those who want to enhance their homemade popcorn experience. With its authentic taste, light texture, and adaptability to various poppers, I’d highly recommend giving it a try.

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Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best oil for popcorn, there are a few factors I consider to make the right choice. In this brief buying guide, I’ll share some of the key features and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Smoke Point

Smoke point is the temperature at which oil starts to break down and produce smoke. This is important because it affects the flavor of the popcorn and can fill your kitchen with smoke. Look for oils with a smoke point higher than 400°F (205°C) for popcorn. High smoke point oils include:

  • Refined coconut oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Light (refined) olive oil
  • Refined avocado oil


The ideal oil should compliment the popcorn’s natural taste without overpowering it. Some oils have stronger flavors than others, so choose the one that suits your preference. For example:

  • Refined coconut oil: Mild and slightly sweet flavor
  • Sunflower oil: Light and neutral flavor
  • Light (refined) olive oil: Mild and slightly fruity flavor
  • Refined avocado oil: Mild and buttery flavor

Health Benefits

Some oils offer more health benefits than others due to their fatty acid composition. Generally, oils high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are considered healthier. A few examples include:

  • Avocado oil: High in monounsaturated fats and Vitamin E
  • Sunflower oil: Rich in polyunsaturated fats and Vitamin E
OilMonounsaturated fatsPolyunsaturated fatsSaturated fats
Refined AvocadoHighLowLow
Light OliveHighModerateLow
Refined CoconutLowLowHigh

Finally, when choosing the best oil for popcorn, it’s essential to weigh your preferences and needs. Higher smoke point oils are ideal for making popcorn, but remember to consider the flavor and health benefits too. Once you’ve considered all these factors, you’ll be ready to pick the perfect oil for popping some delicious popcorn.

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