Best Paella Pan for Grill: Enriching Your Outdoor Feasts

Paella, a renowned Spanish dish, has made its mark on global cuisine with its complex flavors and festive presentation. For those who love grilling and are fans of this hearty dish, integrating the experience of cooking paella on a grill takes the sensory pleasure to new heights.

Choosing the best paella pan for grill is crucial. Unlike a regular skillet, a traditional paella pan is wide and shallow, designed to promote even rice cooking.

It also has slightly sloping sides, which helps form the much-coveted ‘socarrat’ — the crispy layer of rice at the bottom of the pan. The best paella grill pans are typically made of materials that conduct heat well, like a stainless steel paella pan.

When selecting a paella pan, size is of paramount importance. Furthermore, it would help if you considered a durable pan with handles designed for maneuvering it easily, as paella can be quite heavy once all the components are added.

With a passion for plant-based dishes, I find using the grill to add a smoky depth to my vegetable paellas genuinely elevating. The following section will guide you through some top choices, ensuring every grain of rice in your vegan paella is infused with the robust flavors only outdoor grilling can provide.

Best Paella Pans for Grill

I’m always looking for tools that make cooking more enjoyable and efficient, especially when it involves paella. Finding the right pan can make a huge difference in achieving that perfect socarrat.

I’ve scoured the world of kitchenware to share with you the top paella pans that work great on the grill. These pans promise even heat distribution and durable construction to handle the high temperatures needed for a crispy, flavorful paella crust.

Garcima 18-Inch Pata Negra

Garcima Paella Pan

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty paella pan that feels like it belongs in a professional kitchen, this could be your best bet.


  • Withstands high heat and has a great heat distribution
  • Versatile enough for grills, ovens, or stovetops
  • Comes with useful cooking tips and recipes


  • Requires more care to prevent rusting
  • Might be too large for some home stovetops
  • Heavier than other pans, so it’s not as easy to handle

I just tried out this Garcima Paella Pan on my grill, and I’ve got to say, it felt like I was cooking up a feast on the streets of Valencia. The heat distribution was spot on – no hot spots or uneven cooking.

Taking it from my grill to the table made for a fantastic presentation. It’s generously sized, and trust me, it can feed a small crowd. Though, it’s worth noting that you’ll need to measure your stove or grill space to ensure this culinary giant fits.

Maintaining it isn’t a no-brainer since it’s carbon steel, meaning it loves to be pampered after washing with a coat of oil to keep rust at bay. But, given the paellas I’ve been turning out, a little extra TLC is well worth it.

Outset Cast Iron Grill Pan

Outset Cast Iron Pan

I’ve added this pan to my grilling arsenal, and it’s safe to say that outdoor cooking will never be the same for me.


  • Withstands high temps perfectly for a charred yet non-stick cooking experience.
  • Versatile for not just paella but also deep-dish pizzas and various grilled dishes.
  • Built sturdy and strong, transport from grill to table is a breeze.


  • Initial seasoning takes a bit of time, so patience is necessary.
  • Being cast iron, it’s heavy to maneuver, especially when full.
  • Requires careful handwashing and immediate drying to maintain quality.

I’ve tried grilling with the Outset Cast Iron Grill Pan, and its robustness blows me away. The heavy-duty cast iron ensures I get that authentic, smoky flavor locked into my vegan paella.

I particularly appreciate the versatile non-stick surface when experimenting with plant-based ingredients that often stick to regular pans. Its deep walls make it perfect for a sizeable, deliciously crispy crust on a deep-dish pizza.

However, cast iron does come with its quirks. I had to spend some extra time seasoning the pan before first use, and it’s heavy, which means I need to be extra careful when the pan is filled with my culinary creations. Cleaning requires a gentle hand and immediate drying, but it’s a small trade-off for the quality of meals this pan produces.

Machika Enameled Paella Pan

I just had the chance to whip up a delicious vegan paella in this Machika pan, and I must say, it cooks as vibrantly as it looks.


  • Heats evenly, ensuring no spot is left unattended.
  • Cleaning is a breeze—no scrubbing required.
  • Aesthetically pleasing on the dining table.


  • Enamel on the handles may have some quality inconsistencies.
  • Not suitable for all stovetops, especially induction.
  • The size can be bulky for small ovens or grills.

Cooking with this pan was quite an experience. Its heat distribution is impressive—each grain of my rice cooked perfectly, and the veggies picked up a beautiful, even char without sticking. Pans this size can be a nightmare, but a simple sponge did the trick.

What wowed me was its table-ready design. It’s not just a cooking utensil but a statement piece that gives dinner an authentic touch. Gathering around this pan for a family meal felt special, like bringing a piece of Valencia to our home.

However, I did notice some slight bumps and blisters on the handles’ enamel, but nothing affected the cooking performance. Also, if you fancy induction cooking, you’ll have to pass on this one—it’s incompatible.

Armetale Grillware Paella Pan

Armetale Grillware Paella Pan

After giving it a thorough test, I’d recommend picking up this beauty, especially when you value sustainable, well-crafted cookware.


  • Retains heat exceptionally well, keeping my paella steaming hot
  • Sturdy construction endures without warping under high grill temperatures
  • Responsibly made from 100% recycled materials—an eco-friendly choice


  • Requires handwashing—so it’s a bit more TLC in the care department
  • Not nonstick, so I had to remember to keep things moving to prevent sticking
  • Heavier than some might expect, making handling and storage something to consider

I recently put the Armetale Grillware Paella Pan to the test on my grill. First, I love how the pan’s built to last—it’s solid under the high heat of my grill, and I haven’t noticed so much as a dent on it. This piece isn’t just about durability; its heat retention is top-notch.

Caring for the pan is straightforward, but it does need to be hand-washed, which I don’t mind since I like my cookware in mint condition. And while it’s not nonstick, a bit of oil and keepin’ the food moving did the trick just fine.

What’s great is that using this pan makes me feel good about the eco-friendly aspect—it’s made from fully recycled materials. It’s on the heavy side, which speaks to its quality, but something to note if you prefer lighter cookware.

GRILL FORCE Paella Mastery Set

GRILL FORCE Paella Mastery Set

After whipping up a delectable vegan paella with this set, I’m convinced it’s the go-to equipment for any paella aficionado.


  • Enameled steel pan provides even cooking and easy cleaning.
  • Sturdy legs and additional side table enhance outdoor cooking experience.
  • Quick assembly with a carry bag makes it ideal for mobile feasts.


  • The paella pan’s enameled coating may chip if not handled carefully.
  • Frame may feel a bit flimsy and requires gentle use.
  • Does not come with a propane tank, which is necessary for use.

The recent addition to my outdoor cooking arsenal, the GRILL FORCE Paella Mastery Set, hasn’t just lived up to its promise; it’s surpassed it. My experience was seamless, from the swift assembly to firing up the dual rings, thanks to the included regulator and igniter.

I appreciated how the pan’s design ensured even heat distribution across the rice. Clean-up was a breeze, too; nothing a little soak and wipe couldn’t handle. That side table shelf was a game-changer for organizing.

While the sturdiness of the frame raised some initial concerns, I was gentle and didn’t have to worry about any wobbling or accidents. Just handle it carefully, and it holds up well, even with the generous 18-inch pan full of aromatic delights.

Garcima Mirador Set

Garcima Mirador Paella Pan

If you’ve been dreaming of authentic paella nights, this beautiful set is your ticket to a fantastic outdoor cooking experience.


  • Dual flame rings for versatile heat control
  • Easy to assemble design saves time
  • Substantial size ideal for group gatherings


  • Requires regular maintenance to prevent rust
  • Not dishwasher safe, manual cleaning needed
  • Packaging by manufacturer could be improved

Cooking with this paella pan has taken my outdoor get-togethers to a new level. The first thing that struck me was the two flame rings, which let me easily tackle varying heat demands – crucial for perfecting that toothsome socarrat.

I appreciated how surprisingly simple it was to set the pan up. After twists and turns, it stood sturdy on its reinforced legs, ready to be christened with a vegan paella that would make Valencia proud.

While I’m all for embracing the traditional patina of a well-used carbon steel pan, it does mean I must be diligent in drying and oiling the pan after cleaning. Trust me, it’s worth it to protect your investment and keep each paella as delectable as the last.

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Buying Guide


When I’m picking a paella pan for the grill, the first thing I consider is what it’s made out of. Carbon steel conducts heat superbly, giving me that ideal socarrat. However, it needs a bit of maintenance to prevent rust.

Stainless steel is a breeze to clean and can handle the dishwasher, yet it lacks the heat conduction prowess of carbon steel. Lastly, enameled steel is rust-resistant and easy to clean, perfect for those who favor convenience.


Pan DiameterServings
10 inches1-2 servings
15 inches3-4 servings
22 inches6+ servings

I make sure the pan size matches my typical guest list. For intimate dinners, a smaller pan suffices, but for larger gatherings, I go bigger. The pan should be able to sit comfortably on my grill, so I always check my grill size before shopping.


Paella pans should be shallow — this helps acquire that exquisite crust on the bottom. I aim for ones around two inches deep so the rice cooks uniformly and moisture evaporates correctly. It’s too deep and more like a risotto than a paella.


Durability and safety matter to me, so I like pans with sturdy handles that can withstand the heat and provide a secure grip when moving the pan off the grill.

Price Point

I balance cost with quality and consider how often I use this pan. I don’t mind investing more if I know I’ll make paella frequently.

In my search, I prioritize these features for flawless paella. Easy maintenance, the right size for my needs, optimal depth for perfect cooking, strong handles, and a sensible price are key factors in my selection process.

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