Best Sweet Potato Cutters: Top Picks for Easy Slicing in 2024

Sweet potatoes are a nutritious and delicious staple. They’re perfect for roasting, mashing, or even turning them into delicious fries. To make the perfect sweet potato dish, a neat and convenient cutting tool is essential. A sweet potato cutter not only saves time and effort but also delivers consistent cuts that can enhance the presentation of your dish.

There’s a variety of cutters available on the market, such as the classic knife, a mandoline slicer, or even a specialized apple slicer. The perfect sweet potato cutter should make your life easier, and that’s why it’s important to choose the right one.

When it comes to choosing the right sweet potato cutter, it’s essential to consider material, size, cleaning ease, and functionality. Having evaluated a variety of sweet potato cutters based on these factors, I have found a selection of the best ones that make cutting sweet potatoes not only efficient but enjoyable.

Best Sweet Potato Cutters

I’ve gathered a list of the best sweet potato cutters for you! Check them out below.

Sopito French Fry Cutter

Sopito French Fry Cutter

I found the Sopito French Fry Cutter to be a valuable addition to my kitchen. Its ease of use and high-quality blade make it worth considering for your french fry cutting needs.


  • High-quality stainless steel blade
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Large cutting capacity


  • May be difficult to clean
  • Suction could lose grip over time
  • Not ideal for tougher vegetables like sweet potatoes

The first thing I noticed when using the Sopito French Fry Cutter was its high-quality stainless steel blade. It made cutting through potatoes and other vegetables a breeze by providing smooth and even slices. I also appreciated the ergonomic handle design, which made the entire cutting process easier and more comfortable.

I was pleased with the large cutting capacity of this cutter. It can accommodate a potato measuring 5.58 x 3.51 inches, making it suitable for most potatoes and other vegetables. This means I can get perfectly shaped french fries, sweet potato fries, and more without having to quarter or half cut the potatoes first.

However, I did find that the Sopito French Fry Cutter can be a bit challenging to clean. Taking off the front assembly (blade) can be a hassle, but it’s necessary to clean the cutter properly. Over time, I noticed that the suction grip tends to slide a bit, making it more difficult to use.

Overall, the Sopito French Fry Cutter is a solid choice for anyone looking to create evenly cut fries quickly and efficiently. With its high-quality blade, ergonomic handle, and large cutting capacity, it’s a worthwhile investment. However, be prepared for some cleaning challenges and potentially reduced suction grip over time.

Befano Potato Cutter for Perfect Fries

Befano Potato Cutter

This Befano Potato Cutter should be on your kitchen must-haves list for achieving restaurant-quality fries at home.


  • Two interchangeable blades for different fry sizes
  • Efficient for cutting sweet potatoes and other vegetables
  • Compact design takes up minimal kitchen space


  • Requires some force for cutting
  • Suction cups may not work on all surfaces
  • Plastic components might be less durable

Yesterday, I tried the Befano Potato Cutter for the first time, and let me tell you, my homemade fries have never looked better. With its two interchangeable blades (1/2″ and 1/4″), I was able to cut restaurant-quality fries right from the comfort of my kitchen. Plus, I found the cutter quite versatile – it works great on sweet potatoes, carrots, and even cucumbers.

I love how the Befano cutter is compact and easy to clean, unlike other french fry cutters, which take up too much space. It fits neatly in my kitchen cabinet, and the detachable handle makes storage even more convenient. Cleaning the blades was a breeze – all I had to do was rinse them underwater.

Although the cutter is generally well-designed, I did face a few minor drawbacks. The suction cups didn’t stick well to my countertop, causing a bit of slipping during use. Additionally, the cutters required a bit of force (and possibly some muscle power) to make clean, swift cuts. Moreover, I noticed that some of the plastic parts appeared to be less durable and might wear out sooner than other components.

Overall, I’m pleased with the Befano Potato Cutter because of its versatility and compact design. It made cutting fries an enjoyable process, and I can’t wait to use it for more vegetables in the future.

Eascandy French Fry Cutter

Eascandy French Fry Cutter

I believe this Eascandy French Fry Cutter is a fantastic investment for those who love making homemade fries, thanks to its sturdy build and versatile cutting options.


  • Stable on various countertop surfaces
  • Sharp blades for two different fry sizes
  • Large cutting space accommodates whole potatoes


  • Requires caution when cleaning sharp blades
  • Might be challenging to cut very large sweet potatoes
  • Not the cheapest option on the market

The Eascandy French Fry Cutter saved me so much hassle when I wanted to make perfect fries at home. I was amazed by the stability it offered – the strong suction cups and solid stainless steel handles kept it firmly in place on my countertop, whether it was smooth or rough.

What I appreciated the most was the two sharp, stainless steel blades that let me cut two different sizes of fries. They sliced effortlessly through potatoes, beets, onions, and even sweet potatoes. Just be careful when cleaning the blade, as it’s quite sharp – the provided brush helps avoid accidents.

The large cutting space (5.5″ x 3.7″) is another noteworthy feature. I could easily fit whole potatoes inside, without needing to cut them in half or quarter them beforehand. It’s also large enough for commercial use, letting me serve up restaurant-quality fries right in my own kitchen.

As for installation, the Eascandy cutter has a thoughtful design with minimal screws, making it easy to assemble or replace the blade. Just remember to be cautious of the sharp blade when handling it.

If you’re willing to invest in a high-quality, heavy-duty potato and sweet potato cutter, the Eascandy French Fry Cutter is a fantastic option. It’s stable, versatile, and easy to use, making it a great addition to any home or commercial kitchen.

POP AirFry Mate French Fry Cutter

POP AirFry Mate

An ideal choice for quickly and efficiently cutting veggies for fries and more, but not suitable for sweet potatoes.


  • Versatile for cutting potatoes and other veggies
  • Easy-to-use and sturdy lever action
  • Compact, durable, and easy to clean


  • Not recommended for sweet potatoes
  • Suction base could be stronger
  • Cuts only 3″ or smaller fries

I recently got the POP AirFry Mate French Fry Cutter and put it to the test, making some homemade fries. It’s a versatile and compact cutter that takes up little space on my countertop. It comes with two interchangeable blades, making it perfect for cutting potatoes, carrots, onions, zucchini, and cucumbers. However, it’s not recommended for sweet potatoes, which can be a bit of a bummer for some.

Using the cutter is quite easy. With the heavy-duty lever, I was able to firmly press my potatoes through the sharp stainless steel blades. The sturdy legs, along with the suction cup base, provided decent leverage while cutting, although I found the suction to be a little weak on some surfaces. The cutter is designed to make 3″ long fries, which I found to be a perfect size for my air fryer.

Cleaning the POP AirFry Mate is a breeze. The stainless steel material and dishwasher-safe components make it easy to wash with soap and water. However, be aware that the blades are very sharp, so handle them with care while cleaning.

Overall, the POP AirFry Mate French Fry Cutter is a reliable and efficient choice for prepping various vegetables but is not ideal for sweet potatoes. If you’re okay with that limitation, it’s great for making restaurant-quality fries right at home!

Coctive Versatile 4 in 1 French Fry Cutter

The Coctive Versatile 4-in-1 French Fry Cutter is a fantastic addition to any kitchen for creating perfectly sliced sweet potato fries and more.


  • Effortlessly creates uniform fries
  • Versatile for various vegetables
  • Convenient 3-blade system for different sizes


  • Limited customer reviews
  • May not be suitable for very hard vegetables
  • Larger sweet potatoes might need to be cut in half

I recently got my hands on the Coctive Versatile 4 in 1 French Fry Cutter, and I must say it has become one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. With this cutter, I can easily make perfectly sliced sweet potato fries in no time. The cutter significantly simplifies the process and makes my life so much easier.

What I love about this cutter is its versatility. Not only can I use it to slice sweet potatoes, but I can also use it for other veggies like onions, tomatoes, and more. This multipurpose cutter has quickly become an essential tool in my kitchen, streamlining my meal prep and making it much more enjoyable.

The Coctive cutter boasts a convenient 3-blade system, allowing me to customize the size of my sweet potato fries according to my preference. I can easily swap between the ultra-sharp blades to achieve different sizes for my fries, and I can even use it to slice fruits like apples.

If I had to mention any drawbacks, I’d say there are limited customer reviews available as it is a new product. Additionally, the cutter may not be suitable for very hard vegetables, and larger sweet potatoes might need to be cut in half before using the cutter. However, these minor issues do not take away from what an excellent product this is.

Overall, I am delighted with the Coctive Versatile 4 in 1 French Fry Cutter. It has made the process of making sweet potato fries a breeze, and its versatility in cutting various other vegetables only adds to its value. I highly recommend this cutter to anyone looking to purchase a high-quality, easy-to-use sweet potato cutter.

Solucky French Fry Cutter

The Solucky French Fry Cutter makes preparing homemade fries quick and easy, but be careful when handling the sharp blades.


  • Easy to cut various fruits and vegetables
  • 3 sets of interchangeable stainless steel blades
  • Compact and space-saving


  • Not suitable for sweet potatoes
  • Very sharp blades, need to be careful when handling
  • May require some effort to push down

The Solucky French Fry Cutter and was amazed by how quickly I could prep my fries. With its 3 sets of stainless steel blades, I can easily cut a variety of fruits and vegetables, from onions to apples. The best part is that it’s compact and doesn’t take up much space in my kitchen cupboards.

Using the cutter was a bit of a learning curve at first. Since the blades are extremely sharp, it’s essential to handle them with care to avoid any accidents. Additionally, sweet potato lovers should note that this cutter is not suitable for that particular vegetable. However, it works well with regular potatoes, carrots, and many other fruits and vegetables, making restaurant-quality fries in no time.

One downside for some users may be the effort needed to push down on the cutter. I didn’t find it to be a significant issue, but those with weaker hands or arthritis might struggle. To make it easier, simply use both hands to press down or, if necessary, apply more pressure to make the perfect fries.

To sum up, the Solucky French Fry Cutter is a great addition to any kitchen for those who enjoy homemade fries and require a tool that can cut various fruits and vegetables with ease. Keep in mind its limitations with sweet potatoes and the sharp blades, but in general, this cutter is a must-have for anyone who loves making fries at home.

Geedel French Fry Cutter

Geedel French Fry Cutter

I highly recommend Geedel’s French Fry Cutter for effortless, restaurant-quality fries at home.


  • Easy-to-use with extended handle for leverage and stable cutting
  • Versatile, suitable for cutting various vegetables
  • Safe and easy to clean, dishwasher-friendly


  • Made of plastic, potential durability concerns
  • Requires strong force to cut larger potatoes
  • Limited fry size (3/8 inches)

Using Geedel’s French Fry Cutter, I managed to make perfect, restaurant-style fries at home. The extended handle provided enough leverage, making it effortless to cut potatoes and other vegetables such as carrots, onions, and zucchini. I was surprised at how easy and fast it was to create delicious homemade fries.

One of the standout features of this cutter is the high-quality stainless steel blade that manages to stay sharp even after several uses. With double-side cutting, slicing potatoes and other vegetables becomes a breeze.

As someone who values safety, I appreciated that all parts of the cutter are made from food-grade ABS material, making it non-toxic and BPA-free. Additionally, cleaning the cutter is incredibly easy as it is dishwasher-safe.

However, there are some concerns with the durability of the Geedel French Fry Cutter. Its main body is made of plastic, and while it has held up so far, I worry about potential wear and tear over time.

Additionally, cutting larger potatoes requires quite a bit of force, which may be challenging for some users. Lastly, the cutter only slices fries into 3/8-inch sizes, limiting the versatility of fry shapes and thicknesses.

Despite these drawbacks, Geedel’s French Fry Cutter is an excellent addition to any home kitchen. It’s easy to use, versatile, safe, and easy to clean, making it perfect for preparing homemade fries and other vegetables. Just keep in mind the potential durability concerns, cutting force required, and limited fry size.

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Buying Guide

When I’m looking for the perfect sweet potato cutter, there are a few key factors I like to consider. In this buying guide, I’ll share some tips to help you find the best cutter for your needs.

Material and Durability

One of the first things I look for in a cutter is the material it’s made from. There are generally two options: stainless steel and plastic. Personally, I prefer stainless steel because it’s more durable and less likely to break. Plus, it’s pretty easy to clean.

MaterialDurabilityEasy to Clean
Stainless SteelHighYes

Size and Design

Another important factor is the size and design of the cutter. I like to think about how I’ll be using it and whether I need one that’s compact and easy to store, or if I prefer a larger, more substantial tool.

Smaller cutters might be a good fit for small kitchens or for occasional use, while larger cutters might be better suited for frequent use or for making larger batches of sweet potatoes.

Blade Sharpness and Safety

Of course, the sharpness of the blade is crucial for getting those perfect sweet potato cuts. I always make sure the cutter I choose has a sharp and effective blade, as this will make my job easier and minimize the risk of accidents. Also, a guard or some kind of safety feature is a nice bonus, since it helps prevent any accidental cuts or injuries while using the cutter.

Easy to Clean

Finally, I like to consider how easy the cutter is to clean. After all, nobody wants to spend ages trying to clean their kitchen tools. Stainless steel and plastic cutters are usually easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher.

However, some models might have small crevices or hard-to-reach areas, so it’s a good idea to read reviews and check the product description to ensure it’s easy to keep clean.

So, there you have it! By considering the material, size, design, blade sharpness, and ease of cleaning, you should be able to find the perfect sweet potato cutter that fits your needs.

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