Best Tortilla Press for Flour Tortillas: Top Picks for Perfect Crisp (2024)

Making fresh tortillas at home can elevate a meal from good to great, and a tortilla press is a quintessential tool for achieving that authentic taste and texture.

Traditionally used for corn tortillas, presses have evolved to accommodate flour tortillas’ softer, more pliable dough. Whether you’re rolling out burritos, tacos, or vegan quesadillas, the right tortilla press can make the process quicker and more uniform.

Flour tortillas require a slightly different press technique compared to their corn counterparts due to their different gluten content and elasticity. A press designed for flour tortillas will typically provide a larger, flatter surface to handle the expansion and contraction of the dough without tearing it.

Material is also important; cast iron presses are durable and provide even pressure, but aluminum and wooden presses are lighter and easier to handle.

When choosing the best tortilla press for flour tortillas, consider the press size to accommodate your desired tortilla diameter. The ease of cleaning is also critical, as the dough can stick to the surfaces. Look for presses with a simple design and minimal crevices. Some models even come with non-stick coatings or include parchment papers for convenience.

Our research into a variety of presses takes into account these key factors to deliver options that are not just high-performing but also suit a range of preferences and kitchen setups.

Top Picks for Flour Tortilla Presses

We’ve compiled a selection of outstanding tortilla presses that will make your homemade flour tortilla experience both easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting out, our list includes options that balance quality, efficiency, and user-friendliness to help you achieve that perfect tortilla every time.

Victoria 8″ Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press

We found this cast iron press to be a real game-changer for our taco nights, making the process much easier and more enjoyable.


  • Creates evenly pressed tortillas with little effort
  • Preseasoned with flaxseed oil, enhancing its natural nonstick properties
  • Constructed from durable cast iron, promising years of reliable use


  • Heavy to handle, which might be a challenge for some users
  • Requires some maintenance to keep the cast iron in top condition
  • Not dishwasher safe, so cleanup is manual

Navigating the culinary landscape, we’ve realized that nothing beats the satisfaction of homemade tortillas. Straight from the kitchen, the warm, soft consistency of flour tortillas crafted with the Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press simply elevates our meals.

Handling this press feels reassuring, with its weight a testament to the durability of cast iron. Our first press and the dough spread out perfectly, hinting at the promise of delicious tacos to come. After a few tries we perfected our technique, churning out tortilla after tortilla.

After a bit of hand washing, the press was back to looking like new. We take pride in properly maintaining our kitchen gear, and this cast iron classic integrates seamlessly into our routine. We’re enjoying exploring its versatility, branching out to patacones and arepas, which adds a delightful twist to our diverse kitchen repertoire.

ARC Stylish Tortilla Press

ARC Stylish Tortilla Press

We found that the ARC Tortilla Press adds both function and style to our kitchen, making it easier than ever to whip up perfect flour tortillas.


  • Made from heavy-duty cast iron for durability
  • Comes with different size options to suit various needs
  • Included parchment paper ensures a non-stick experience


  • The handle may feel a bit loose, requiring attention during assembly
  • Some users might find it heavier than expected
  • The large size might not mesh well with smaller cookware

Our kitchen adventures became a lot more exciting with this tortilla press. It took a little trial and error, but soon we were pressing out uniformly thin and even tortillas like pros. This gem is a heavy hitter—quite literally! Its cast iron construction means you won’t need to use much force, which is great for saving energy for more cooking.

Cleaning can often be a chore with kitchen gadgets, but not with this tortilla press. The pre-seasoned surface is a breeze to hand wash, and we learned that keeping it dry is key to maintaining its sleek look. Just a wipe with a paper towel after washing, and it was as good as new.

Choosing the right size is important, though. We were tempted by the vastness of the 10-inch press but realized it made tortillas too large for our standard pans. However, it turned out to be a superb size for making larger wraps or for those times when we’re entertaining a crowd.

We’ve enjoyed exploring the versatility of this press beyond just tortillas—it’s excellent for flattening dough for other culinary delights, too. Whether it’s empanadas or mini pie crusts, this press has proven to be an indispensable tool in our kitchen.

Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker

Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker

If you’re aiming for perfect flour tortillas at home with minimal fuss, this appliance is a solid bet.


  • Effortless cleaning due to non-stick surface
  • Adjustable heat for varying tortilla crispiness
  • Compact and sleek in design


  • Handle may feel fragile to some
  • Performance with flour dough can be inconsistent
  • Possible shipping and durability issues

Cooking with this tortilla maker transports us straight to the heart of a bustling kitchen. The aroma of fresh flour tortillas crisping up is genuinely unbeatable. Thanks to the non-stick plates, we don’t have to worry about a difficult cleanup, giving us more time to enjoy our creations.

The level of control we get over how toasty or soft our tortillas turn out is fantastic. Just a twist of a dial and you’ve got tortillas that match anyone’s preference, whether for a hearty burrito or a light and airy quesadilla. It was designed to fit right in with our kitchen appliances, does its job well, and adds a touch of elegance.

While we appreciate the ease of use, the handle does give us a moment’s pause; it seems to require a gentle touch. Moreover, when using it for flour tortillas, we’ve noticed you might need a little patience to get those perfectly thin and even rounds. It’s worth noting that some have had concerns with shipping and the longevity of the product, but in our use, it has held up to the task at hand.

Vivicreate Tortilla Maker

Vivicreate Tortilla Press

We found this press to be a dependable tool for any kitchen, simplifying the tortilla-making process.


  • Durably crafted from cast iron
  • Simplified use that’s both intuitive and effective
  • Compact design ensures it’s a breeze to store


  • The initial paint layer may chip, so prep with parchment is a must
  • Despite its sturdiness, the heft might be a factor for some
  • Uneven pressing can occur if not used with care

There’s satisfaction in using the Vivicreate Tortilla Press, especially noticing that its cast iron body stands tough against frequent use. We didn’t detect any bending or warping—a testament to its solid construction.

The ease of use impressed us whether we were making corn or flour tortillas; the larger handle allowed for a comfortable grip, requiring minimal effort for a perfect press.

Our storage worries were laid to rest after we saw its compact nature. We effortlessly tucked it away after prepping a batch of tortillas, which was particularly handy for us with limited kitchen space.

However, it’s important to mention that we noticed some paint flaking off during initial use. Parchment paper became our go-to, which solved this small snag and made for an easier clean-up.

For those of us not used to working with weighty kitchen tools, the heft of the press was something to get accustomed to, but certainly not irresolvable. The weight contributed to a more stable pressing with a little adjustment.

Care is needed with this press. Without an even hand, we found the press could create uneven tortillas, especially nearer to the handle. After a little practice, this became a non-issue, ensuring every tortilla was just as we wanted.

IMUSA Silver Tortilla Press

IMUSA USA Tortilla Press

We recommend this press for anyone looking to recreate the authentic experience of making tortillas at home; it’s simple and delivers consistent results.


  • Leverages well for minimal effort
  • Sturdy build guarantees durability
  • Perfect for creating uniform tortillas


  • Non-heavyweight design may slide when pressing
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Occasional paint chipping after extensive use

Just yesterday, we gathered in the kitchen to tackle homemade tortilla making. The process was intuitive with the IMUSA Tortilla Press, and even the kids had a blast pressing their own tortillas. It was an outright win when we needed evenly pressed tortillas for taco night, turning out each one with a satisfying consistency.

Reliability in the kitchen is key, and this press did not disappoint. The pressed tortillas came out almost effortlessly, which was especially noticeable when we made large batches. Handling the press felt secure, and it didn’t require much muscle, which is a relief when you’re preparing for a larger gathering.

We’ve used it numerous times, and its aluminum construction has proven robust. Although we noticed a friend’s press showed some wear over time, specifically some paint chipping near the hinge, ours is still going strong. It may not be cut out for a commercial kitchen, but it’s become an indispensable tool for our monthly tortilla-making sessions. If you’re looking to ditch store-bought options for the charm of homemade, the IMUSA Silver Tortilla Press is a great ally in the kitchen.

Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Victoria 6.5 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

We think this press is a must-have for anyone craving homemade tortillas with consistency and ease.


  • Produces evenly pressed tortillas with minimal effort due to its heavy-duty construction.
  • Maintenance is a breeze, which makes it user-friendly.
  • Versatile enough for various dishes, not just tortillas, enhancing its value in our kitchen arsenal.


  • Its weight might be challenging for some to maneuver or store.
  • The surface can be rough, so using parchment paper is necessary to prevent sticking.
  • Though sturdy, handling it with care is key to avoiding any potential damage over time.

We’ve just finished pressing a batch of warm flour tortillas with the Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press and are thoroughly impressed. The weighted design made the pressing process almost effortless, delivering consistent results. It felt like we had a piece of professional kitchen equipment right on our countertop.

Prepping for taco night has never been more straightforward or enjoyable. We found the reinforced handle design to be both sturdy and comfortable, making the task of pressing tortillas less daunting. Maintenance was worry-free since a simple wipe-down was all it took to keep the press clean.

This isn’t just a one-trick pony; we’ve also used it for patacones and chapattis, broadening our culinary horizons significantly. The versatility of the Victoria tortilla press is a prime example of how a single tool can elevate our entire cooking experience. Each dish we’ve tried has come out with an authentic touch that only this robust press can provide.

Let’s not forget the charm that comes with making our own tortillas. There’s something incredibly satisfying about the texture and taste of homemade tortillas that store-bought ones just can’t match. This press has not only improved our meals but also brought us closer to the tradition of tortilla making. It’s been a game-changer in our kitchen, and we’re confident it will be in yours too.

Pontuss Hardwood Press

Pontuss Hardwood Tortilla Press

After trying this press, we can confidently say it’s a solid choice for corn tortilla enthusiasts who value aesthetic appeal and function.


  • Crafted from food-grade hardwood, which ensures longevity and a pleasing look.
  • Enhanced design requires less force to flatten dough.
  • Simple to assemble and user-friendly.


  • Not ideal for flour tortilla pressing due to gluten elasticity.
  • The size might be smaller than expected.
  • Some users reported durability issues with the handle during use.

Once we got our hands on the Pontuss Hardwood Tortilla Press, we were taken with its natural charm and sturdy feel. An unmistakable quality to its construction speaks of durability, which is essential for our frequent taco nights. We noticed the wood’s fine craftsmanship, which added to our kitchen’s decor and felt like it’ll stay with us for years to come.

Using the press was straightforward; the reassuring heft of the hardwood delivered even and consistent tortillas with every attempt. We were thrilled that the ergonomic design translated into less effort during pressing. This meant less strain on our hands, making the process more enjoyable rather than a workout session.

We have to admit that while this press performs brilliantly with corn dough, our attempts with flour tortillas didn’t yield the same thinness we desired. It appears the gluten in the flour dough doesn’t cooperate as well with this kind of press.

The compact size is a double-edged sword—it’s perfect for smaller kitchens but might not meet everyone’s needs if larger tortillas are the goal. There’s also a point to be made regarding the handle: a few reviews pointed out that it can be prone to breaking, suggesting that while the press is predominantly reliable, there might be inconsistencies in the materials used.

Buying Guide


We want our tortilla press to last, so material is key. Cast iron presses are durable and provide even pressure, while aluminum offers a lighter alternative. For occasional use, wooden presses bring a traditional feel.

Cast IronDurable, even pressure, classic lookHeavy, might require seasoning
AluminumLightweight, easy to handleLess durable than cast iron, may warp over time
WoodAesthetic appeal, traditional methodCan absorb flavors, less uniform pressure


Tortilla size is a personal choice, so consider a press that fits our needs. A 6-8 inch press suits smaller tortillas, while 10-12 inches are perfect for larger ones.

Size Range (inches)Best for
6 – 8Tacos, small tortillas
10 – 12Burritos, larger tortillas

Ease of Use

We should look for a press that is easy to use. A handle with a comfortable grip will make the pressing process easier, especially if we’re making a large batch of tortillas.

  • Comfortable handle — reduces hand strain
  • Non-stick surfaces — tortillas can be removed without tearing
  • Balance & stability — press should not rock or move while in use


Consider the cleaning and care routine. Cast iron may require seasoning, while aluminum and wooden presses need regular cleaning to maintain their condition.

  • Simple Assembly/Disassembly — for easy cleaning
  • Rust-resistant Coating (for metal presses) — to prevent rust
  • Wood Treatment (for wood presses) — to avoid cracking and warping

We’ll find a reliable and efficient tortilla press for our kitchen by focusing on these features.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll address some common inquiries about selecting and using tortilla presses for making delightful flour tortillas.

What size tortilla press is best for making large flour tortillas?

For making large flour tortillas, a press with a diameter of at least 8 inches is ideal. It allows enough space to flatten the dough into a sizable and even shape.

Is a cast iron tortilla press more effective than an aluminum one?

A cast iron tortilla press generally provides more uniform pressure and maintains its heat better, which can be advantageous when pressing a lot of tortillas.

What type of tortilla press do Mexican households prefer?

Many Mexican households treasure a traditional wooden tortilla press for its durability and the classic feel it brings to the kitchen.

How can I flatten flour tortillas if I don’t have a press?

Without a press, we can use a heavy rolling pin or a flat-bottomed pan to manually flatten the dough into thin, round tortillas. It takes a bit more elbow grease, but still gets the job done.

Are electric tortilla presses suitable for making flour tortillas?

Yes, electric tortilla presses are quite suitable for flour tortillas as they can press and cook the tortilla in one go, making the process more streamlined.

What are the benefits of using a wooden tortilla press?

A wooden tortilla press is less likely to stick to the dough; it doesn’t conduct heat, thus remaining cool during pressing, and it’s also adept at evenly distributing weight.

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