Best Vegan Chapstick: Pucker Up for Plant-Based Perfection!

Chapped lips have met their match with vegan chapstick, a cruelty-free marvel that hydrates without harm. Unlike conventional chapstick, which might sneak in animal-derived ingredients like beeswax or lanolin, vegan chapsticks use plant-based wonders to achieve the same, if not better, moisturizing prowess.

The best vegan chapsticks are like a love letter to your lips, promising all the smoothness without any bees getting busy on your behalf. Plus, using them alongside a pair of vegan snow boots can definitely help you get ready for the winter season!

In our quest for the perfect pucker, we’ve scoured the world of vegan chapsticks and noted the standout stars. During this luxuriously lip-smacking journey, ingredients have been our north star.

We’ve been on the lookout for the likes of coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E — hydrating heroes that work their magic in the cruelty-free realm of lip care.

Navigating the balmy waters of vegan lip care, we’ve rubbed our lips together, tapped into our inner smooth operators, and tested a slew of products to help you find the balm-diggity of lip care. Ready to banish the crackle and pop of dry lips? Let’s glide straight into the silky-smooth world of the best vegan chapsticks out there.

Best Vegan Chapsticks to Keep Your Lips From Going on Strike

Let’s face it: our lips have it tough. They brave the sun, they tackle the cold, and don’t get us started on the wind. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best vegan chapsticks that’ll make your lips feel like they’ve just been to a spa retreat, minus the cucumber slices.

Earth’s Daughter Organic Lip Balm

Vegan Lip Balm

We think you’ll love basking in the lush, moisturized bliss these lip balms provide, with flavors that’ll have you reapplying just for the taste.


  • Moisturizes lips with a blend of organic oils and butters.
  • Comes in a variety of delightful, organic flavors.
  • Eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals.


  • The citrus flavor might not be everyone’s cup of tea.
  • Texture may vary from batch to batch.
  • Regular reapplication may be required for chronic dryness.

Just slid on the Pomegranate flavored lip balm from Earth’s Daughter and our lips couldn’t be happier. It’s like a hydration party, and every cell on our pout is invited. The sunflower oil and cocoa butter combo really knows how to smooth things over.

Peach Apricot is the next contender; imagine slathering your lips with summer, folks. We’re chewin’ on the fact that it’s 100% vegan and free from the bad stuff. Makes you wonder why all lip balms aren’t this conscientious.

Now, let’s address the mint in the room – the Spearmint flavor is a breath of fresh air for your smackers. It might not replace your lip therapies if you’re dealing with Sahara-desert-level dryness, but for daily moisture maintenance, we’re stocking up.

AriZona Lip Love

AriZona Iced Tea SPF 30 Lip Balms

We reckon these balms are a must-try for the sunscreen enthusiast with a flair for tea-inspired novelty.


  • Combines hydration with a solid SPF 30
  • Sports familiar, much-loved AriZona tea flavors
  • Pleasing, non-goopy application


  • Opening the packaging might turn into a mini workout
  • Aftertaste can be a bit more honey than some prefer
  • Flavor match isn’t always spot on, but it’s a valiant effort

Ah, the refreshment of sipping an Arizona Iced Tea, but imagine that feeling gracing your lips any time of the day! That’s the vibe the AriZona Iced Tea SPF 30 Lip Balms by Vacation Sunscreen gives us, and let me tell you, it’s a charming experience. The Mucho Mango tastes like summer vacations and simpler times, and who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia with their lip care?

Now, while we adored slathering our lips with these tasty balms, let’s chat about their protective muscle. If your pout’s going to brave the sun, don’t sweat it; SPF 30 has got your back—or, should we say, your lips? Also, water-resistant for 80 minutes, so take that, splash zone!

Here’s the tea, though. We wrestled a bit with the packaging—seems like the balm’s playing hard to get. Also, for the honey-averse folks out there, the aftertaste might tickle your taste buds in unexpected ways.

eos Vanilla Bliss

eos Vanilla Bean Lip Balm

We just can’t get enough of this eos Vanilla Bliss chapstick; it’s like a dessert for your lips that you don’t feel guilty about.


  • Infused with a dreamy vanilla flavor that’ll have you smacking your lips for more
  • Made with organic ingredients, so your eco-conscious mind can rest easy
  • Its hydrating power lasts longer than a lunch date with your bestie


  • Vanilla scent might be too enticing, tempting you to reapply just for the taste
  • On the pricier side of lip care, which might make your wallet a little weepy
  • If you’re a fan of packaging variety, the minimalist design might cramp your style

You know when you find a lip balm that’s so good, you want to tell everyone about it? That’s eos Vanilla Bliss for us. Running it over our chapped winter lips, and suddenly we’re sipping vanilla lattes at our favorite coffee place—without the caffeine jitters.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a million half-used lip balms in the bottom of your bag. But trust us, once you feel how the eos stick glides on your pout, leaving it soft as a cloud, you’ll toss the old ones to the wind.

After a week, we noticed our lips could give even the juiciest peach a run for its money. Sure, we’ve had to explain to numerous folks that, no, we’re not eating a vanilla cupcake; it’s just our bomb chapstick. But hey, that’s a conversation starter, right?

Eco Lips Bee Free

Eco Lips Variety Pack

We’d say grab this Eco Lips Vegan Lip Balm if you fancy moisturized lips without the beeswax buzz.


  • Glides on our lips smoother than a jazz saxophonist on a Saturday night
  • Variety packs are the spice of life, and these scents are the cinnamon on our apple pie
  • Its eco-friendly pod packaging makes our inner tree-huggers do the happy dance


  • Might feel a tad greasy for our mates with an aversion to lip slip
  • Reapplication may be frequent, it’s like our lips are on a hydration speed date
  • The cap sometimes pulls a disappearing act, faster than our motivation on a Monday morning

We popped open one of these and swiped it on. Right off, the smoothness had us questioning if we’d accidentally grabbed a figure skater’s chapstick. The scent? A fresh, subtle waft of goodness, like walking through a meadow without the sneezing.

During our test, the balm’s cozy feel on our lips made us want to kiss our beeswax-reliant past goodbye. We noticed a couple of reapplications might be needed, but hey, it just means we get to relive the sweet smell a couple of times a day.

Let’s talk packaging—100% plastic-free. We felt pretty smug toting it around, knowing our lip care routine didn’t cost the earth any tears. Use it, and you’re basically saving the planet one swipe at a time.

Pacifica Lip Balm Trio

Pacifica Lip Balm Trio

Let’s pucker up to these beauties—you’ll be smacking your coconut-scented lips with joy!


  • Hydrates without feeling like you’re wearing candle wax
  • No bees were hustled for the making of this balm
  • The scents make us want to eat them (but please, don’t)


  • You might attract vegans and fruit enthusiasts alike
  • Could be mistaken for a unicorn snack with those dreamy scents
  • Some have found the scent too subtle, like whispers of flavor in a quiet room

Ever held a luau for your lips? That’s what it feels like the second we glide on the Pacifica Lip Balm Trio. The watermelon practically does the hula on our taste buds, while the coconut and vanilla feel like a first-class ticket to an exotic escape. It’s a hydrating little vacation without the pesky jet lag.

We were skeptical about the whole “non-sticky” claim, but huzzah, it’s true! Plus, there’s something reassuring about knowing we don’t have bees on our conscience.

But let’s face it: in our quest for kissable lips, not all balms are created equal. The Pacifica trio is more understated in the scent department. Let’s call them the strong, silent type—ideal if you’re not into the whole aromatic symphony on your face.

If your propensities lean more towards the bold and beautiful scents, you might have to sniff a little harder with these balms.

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Buying Guide

What We Look For

When we’re on the prowl for a vegan chapstick, we have a little checklist to ensure our lips get the royal treatment sans animal products. Let’s start with the ingredients:

  • Natural Oils & Butters: We love to see the likes of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter. You know, the kind of stuff you wouldn’t mind smearing on a piece of toast. But lips first, please!
  • Vitamins: A and E are like the Batman and Robin for our puckers, fighting off chapped-lip villains.

What We Avoid

Our vegan chapstick treasure hunt isn’t just about what we want, it’s about dodging the no-gos:

  • Beeswax: Bees worked hard on that. We scoff and move on.
  • Petroleum: Derived from oil. We’d rather save the fossils for the dinosaurs.
  • Artificial Flavors/Colors: We prefer our lip gear free of potentially harmful additives.

The Feel Factor

Texture is a big deal:

  • Stick vs. Jar: Do we want to be seen in public with our finger in a pot? Stick it is, then.
  • Glide vs. Tackiness: If it feels like we’ve just kissed a jar of honey, that’s a hard no.


Because we care about Mother Earth just as much as we care about our pouts:

CriteriaOur Thoughts
PackagingShould be recyclable or, better yet, made from recycled materials.
Company PracticesExtra points if they’re using renewable energy or supporting local communities!

Remember, our lips deserve the best—and that doesn’t cost the earth.

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