Best Vegan Dark Chocolate Brands: Indulge Guilt-Free!

Dark chocolate is loved by many for its rich flavor and potential health benefits due to its high content of cocoa solids. In recent years, the rise in veganism has stimulated a surge in the market for vegan dark chocolate, ensuring that the indulgence of a silky piece of chocolate comes without any animal-derived ingredients.

Craft chocolatiers and large confectionery companies alike have responded by creating dark chocolate bars that are not only vegan but also rival their non-vegan counterparts in taste and quality. These are great to use for vegan baking!

When seeking out the best vegan dark chocolate, we closely consider the purity of ingredients, the percentage of cocoa, and the type of sweeteners used. Ethical sourcing and manufacturing processes are also high on the list. We strive to find a chocolate that delivers on all these aspects while still providing that melt-in-your-mouth experience that chocolate lovers crave.

To guide you to the ultimate chocolate bar, we’ve narrowed down the field to those brands whose commitment to the craft of chocolate-making is evident in every bite. Prepare for a journey through the best vegan dark chocolate offerings that promise pure, unadulterated cacao bliss.

Best Vegan Dark Chocolate Picks

We’re thrilled to present our curated selection of the finest vegan dark chocolate bars! Each one promises a luxurious taste experience without any animal products. Get ready to savor the rich, ethical indulgence that awaits in our list below.

Astor Vegan Truffles

Astor Chocolate Hazelnut Vegan Truffle Box

We’re in love with these Astor Vegan Hazelnut Truffles—they’re a true delight for anyone looking to indulge without the dairy!


  • Authentic Belgian chocolate that’s rich and indulgent
  • Decadent hazelnut center surprises with every bite
  • Elegantly packaged, perfect for giving as a heartfelt gift


  • May have a texture that’s not to everyone’s liking
  • Hazelnut flavor could be more pronounced for some palates
  • Price point may be higher due to premium ingredients and quality

Belgian chocolate has never failed to impress us, and when it comes in the form of vegan truffles, it’s an absolute game-changer. These little gems from Astor have a lush darkness that satisfies any chocolate craving. The fact that they’re dairy-free is the cherry on top.

The presentation is something out of a high-end boutique—each truffle is individually wrapped, exuding luxury and the promise of high quality. We’ve gifted these to friends and family, and the reaction has been nothing short of wondrous surprises.

For those new to vegan chocolates, it might take a taste or two to truly appreciate the difference. And while the hazelnut is there, it’s like a whisper, subtle and delicate. It leaves us wanting just a hint more of that nutty goodness. Despite this, our experience has been nothing short of delightful.

No Whey! Signature Truffles

No Whey! Foods

We just savored these gourmet vegan truffles and were thrilled with the allergy-friendly experience they delivered.


  • Offers a delectable variety of flavors catering to different taste buds
  • Crafted in an allergy-friendly facility, emphasizing safety for those with food sensitivities
  • Indulgent texture and taste that stand out among vegan chocolates


  • The premium experience comes with a higher price point, which might not suit all budgets
  • Can potentially melt during delivery if not handled properly
  • Some may find the flavors too similar, craving more distinct taste profiles

We were immediately impressed by the thoughtful variety of flavors in the Signature Truffle Collection. The Raspberry and Salted Caramel particularly stood out, offering a burst of decadent taste without any guilt.

Upon sharing these with friends with dietary restrictions, we were beyond pleased. Not having to worry about common allergens made the chocolates a hit in our inclusive gathering.

We must mention that the chocolates’ smooth, melt-in-your-mouth quality truly sets them apart from other vegan options we’ve tried. The rich, velvety texture made each piece feel like a luxurious treat, perfect for cozy evenings.

Kit Kat Vegan Delight

Kit Kat Vegan Milk Chocolate

We should definitely grab this Kit Kat Vegan Milk Chocolate Bar because it’s a sweet treat with a conscience.


  • Tastes like the original, but it’s vegan!
  • Ideal for a plant-based snack break
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives


  • Slightly more expensive due to import costs
  • Longer delivery time as it ships from the UK
  • Could arrive melted, particularly in warmer climates

Indulging in this classic wafer coated with smooth chocolate just got guilt-free with Kit Kat’s Vegan Milk Chocolate Bar. Our experience was reminiscent of the original Kit Kat, but with a kindness to animals that warms our hearts.

We understand the eagerness of waiting for a chocolate treat in the mail, and this one is worth the wait. Sure, it might take a few weeks, but the anticipation only amplifies the enjoyment. Plus, it gives us a fantastic break option without any animal products, aligning perfectly with our vegan values.

Thumbs up for the environmental packaging and the absence of undesired additives. Yes, the price tag is a notch higher, and there’s always a slight risk of the chocolate bars not being in perfect shape upon arrival. But when we get to indulge in these tasty bars, all doubts dissipate. A not-so-ordinary chocolate fix that feels as good as it tastes? Count us in.

Lindt Vegan Delights

Lindt Vegan Chocolate Candy Bars

We think these Lindt Vegan Chocolate Candy Bars are an absolute treat for anyone seeking the creamy richness of chocolate without any animal products involved.


  • Variety of flavors offers something for every palate
  • Almond paste and oat drink make for a creamy texture
  • European Vegetarian Union approved, ensuring true vegan standards


  • May contain traces of nuts and milk, problematic for allergies
  • Price point might be higher compared to standard chocolate
  • The bars come in a bundle, which limits trying individual flavors

Unwrapping the Caramel Sea Salt flavor, a heavenly scent of sweet and savory notes fills the air. The balance of smooth chocolate with a hint of salt is delightfully tantalizing.

The Hazelnut blend is a journey of textures – crunchy bits of hazelnut interplay with velvety chocolate, making every bite a memorable experience.

With the Smooth Chocolate, simplicity reigns supreme. It’s pure, undiluted pleasure that allows the cocoa’s richness to shine through, just what we crave in a chocolate bar.

Monty Bojangles Vegan Truffle Tower

Monty Bojangles Vegan Chocolate Truffles

We think you’ll be charmed by the Monty Bojangles Vegan Truffle Tower—a confection that transforms any occasion into a celebration of flavor.


  • Artfully presented in whimsical gift boxes, perfect for any special occasion.
  • A delightful variety of flavors satisfies diverse palates.
  • Winning a Great Taste Award underscores their superior quality.


  • Not suitable for those with severe milk allergies even though they’re vegan.
  • Can arrive melted if shipping conditions aren’t ideal.
  • The “may contain” disclaimer may cause confusion for strict vegans.

Opening the box of Monty Bojangles Vegan Truffles is an adventure in itself. The gift packaging is nothing short of enchanting, with intricate designs that capture the imagination even before you taste the truffles inside.

Upon tasting, the Cocoa Berry Blush is the first to dance on our taste buds. This raspberry-flavored delight combined with coconut is reminiscent of a fresh fruit smoothie encapsulated in smooth chocolate—a true treat for the senses.

Then there’s the Caramel Haze, which we find irresponsibly addictive. Imagine buttery chocolate truffles embedded with crunchy hazelnut pieces that provide a satisfying textural contrast to the creamy interior. It’s the kind of luxury our palates appreciate, vegan or not.

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Buying Guide

Cocoa Content

We want to ensure our dark chocolate is rich in flavor and benefits. Look for chocolate with a high cocoa content, typically 70% or higher. This provides the robust taste we crave and a good dose of antioxidants.


The best vegan dark chocolates have a short and sweet ingredient list. We aim for products with:

  • Cocoa: This should be the first ingredient.
  • Sweeteners: Look for unrefined options like coconut sugar.
  • Emulsifiers: Natural ones like soy lecithin are okay, but we favor those without any.

Organic and non-GMO ingredients are a plus, ensuring we’re consuming quality products.

Sugar Content

We’re conscious about our sugar intake. Carefully check the sugar content per serving. Optimal options have low sugar without compromising on taste.

Fair Trade and Ethical Sourcing

We also consider the ethical implications. Fair Trade certification indicates the chocolate is sourced in a way that’s fair to farmers and sustainable.

Taste and Texture

The perfect vegan dark chocolate melts smoothly and has a balanced bitterness. It shouldn’t be gritty or waxy.

Allergen Information

Lastly, ensure the chocolate is free from common allergens, especially if we have sensitivities. Look for labels such as:

AllergensOur Preference
NutsFree from nuts
DairyAbsolutely dairy-free
GlutenGluten-free preference

Grabbing the right bar is all about the balance of these features for the most enjoyable experience. Let’s indulge responsibly!

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