Best Vegan Face Serum: Revitalizing Your Skin in 2024

Skincare is increasingly personalized, with products tailored to specific diets, ethical beliefs, and skin types. Among these specialized products, vegan face serums are gaining prominence.

These serums are distinguished by their exclusion of animal-derived ingredients and focus on plant-based formulations. The best vegan face serum aims to provide intensive care for the skin, delivering moisture, vitamins, and antioxidants without relying on animal-sourced ingredients.

Choosing your serum is just like selecting a vegan facial cleanser. It hinges on understanding your skin’s needs and the ingredients to address them. For instance, those dealing with dry skin might look for hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, while someone aiming to combat signs of aging may prioritize serums with retinol alternatives like bakuchiol.

When browsing for a vegan face serum, scrutinize the label for certifications that confirm its vegan status and observe the product’s ethical commitments, like being cruelty-free or eco-friendly. Additionally, it’s important to note the texture and consistency that suits your preference, whether it’s a lightweight fluid that layers well under makeup or a richer serum for nighttime rejuvenation.

After dedicating time to researching and analyzing various serums, I’ve honed in on an array that stands out for its efficacious composition and alignment with vegan standards.

Best Vegan Face Serums

I’ve got a thing for skincare that’s as kind to animals as it is to my skin. That’s why I’m all about vegan face serums these days. They’re packed with natural, cruelty-free ingredients that help my complexion look radiant without any compromise.

If you’re looking to boost your routine with something compelling and ethical, you’re in luck. I’ve rounded up some fantastic options to nourish your skin and leave you feeling great about your choices. Let’s take a look at the best vegan face serums out there.

Pacifica Vegan Serum

If you’re seeking a cruelty-free boost of hydration that caters to all skin types, Pacifica’s Vegan Collagen Complex Serum could be your go-to.


  • Provides a notable hydration boost
  • Ingredients are ethical and skin-loving
  • The texture is silky and applies smoothly


  • The scent might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • No dramatic changes in skin appearance for some users
  • The packaging could improve to ensure product integrity upon delivery

I recently switched to a kinder skincare regimen and gave the Pacifica Vegan Collagen Complex Serum a whirl. The serum felt luxurious as I applied it to my face, a sensation I enjoy every time. It made my skin feel pampered, with a noticeable plumpness and hydration boost even after the first few uses.

This serum’s blend of vegan collagen and hyaluronic acid is impressive; my skin seems to drink it up. The consistency isn’t too thick or sticky, which I find ideal for layering under my moisturizer and makeup.

While the effects on fine lines are subtle, the serum’s hydrating qualities stand out to me. It’s become a refreshing part of my nighttime routine, and the fact that it steers clear of harsh chemicals aligns with my skincare philosophy. However, I’m not overly fond of the scent.

Pacifica Glow Serum

I’d recommend grabbing this serum if you’re on a quest for radiant, smooth skin without the use of harsh chemicals.


  • Enhances skin brightness and smoothness
  • Versatile application, works well under makeup or alone
  • Formulated without common irritants and vegan-friendly


  • May feel somewhat sticky before fully absorbing
  • Scent can be strong, which might not be for everyone
  • Packaging could be improved to better preserve the serum’s active ingredients

The Pacifica Glow Baby Booster Serum left my skin feeling noticeably refreshed. I’ve used this serum consistently and observed a brighter complexion with a subtle glow that doesn’t scream “oily.”

After trying it for a few weeks, I noticed how much more even my skin tone looks. My face genuinely has that ‘just came from a spa’ radiance. Applying makeup over it? Seamless. It creates a smooth canvas, making my foundation glide on effortlessly.

Using it at night feels like a replenishing treat. While I sleep, the glycolic acid gets to work, and I wake up to skin that looks like I spent a week detoxing from city life. But a word to the sensitive: test it first, as glycolic acid, while effective, can be strong.

Eclat Vitamin C Serum

I’d recommend this if you’re seeking a vegan serum revitalizes skin with notable hydration and brightness.


  • Leaves the skin feeling hydrated without a greasy residue
  • Noticeable improvement in skin texture and tone within a few weeks
  • Soothing effect on the skin, likely thanks to the aloe vera content


  • May not work as quickly on dark spots as some might hope
  • Scent might not be appealing to everyone
  • Inconsistent results with wrinkle improvement reported by some users

Having just applied Eclat’s Vitamin C Serum, my skin instantly feels hydrated. The serum glides on smoothly, and there’s a noticeable absence of that sticky or greasy aftermath that can sometimes plague face serums.

As someone who’s often out and about, I appreciate this serum’s defense against the visible signs of aging. Since my skin tends to react at the slightest provocation, the calming properties of aloe vera within the blend are much appreciated.

A couple of weeks in, the mirror greets me with a refreshed complexion – the dullness that used to drag my skin down seems to have been brightened. However, patience is key for those dark spots; they seem to be playing a longer game.

Petite Pluie Serum Stick

After trying out this serum stick, I’d say it’s a solid choice for anyone seeking a vegan, moisturizing boost on-the-go.


  • The balm provides a convenient, no-mess application.
  • Offers a gentle formula that’s great for sensitive skin.
  • Hydration is immediate, leaving skin feeling soft.


  • It might not be hydrating enough for very dry skin.
  • Doesn’t appear to have a significant effect on wrinkles.
  • The moisturizing effect wears off relatively quickly.

This little serum stick has been a lovely addition to my daily skincare routine. Its compact size makes it incredibly travel-friendly, which means midday touch-ups are hassle-free. The application is a breeze, gliding on without pulling or tugging at my skin.

I’m pretty impressed with the formula; it’s vegan and cruelty-free without compromising performance. Since I’ve begun using it, I’ve noticed a nice soothing effect on my skin, and it doesn’t leave behind any sticky residue.

However, while it’s great for a quick fix, I find myself reaching for it more often than expected. The moisturization isn’t as long-lasting as I’d hoped. Also, if you’re looking for a product to make significant changes to fine lines, this might not be the miracle worker you’re after.

Proot Ginseng Glow

I’d say Proot’s Ginseng Serum is a game-changer for radiant skin, especially if you’re into plant-based skincare.


  • Imbues skin with a fresh, luminous quality
  • Feels light and absorbs quickly
  • All vegan ingredients, ideal for the conscientious shopper


  • The distinct ginseng scent might not appeal to everyone
  • Could be sticky for some skin types
  • The color might vary due to natural ingredients, which could be off-putting to some

Since I started using Proot’s Ginseng Radiance Serum, my complexion has a new lease on life! It’s astounding how just a few drops of this potent essence can awaken my tired skin. This could be your holy grail for anyone struggling with dullness or the initial signs of aging.

The first thing I noticed was how light the serum felt on my skin; there was no heavy or greasy residue. Just smooth, pliable skin that felt like it was taking a big drink of moisture. The hydration lasted throughout the day, and I felt confident about my routine.

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t address the aroma. The ginseng fragrance might throw you for a loop if you’re not a fan of herbal scents. Also, the consistency was a touch sticky after application.

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Buying Guide

Understanding Ingredients

When picking a vegan face serum, I first examine the Ingredients List. I look for hydrating components like hyaluronic acid and natural extracts that support skin health.

It’s crucial to avoid ingredients derived from animals, such as collagen or keratin. Here’s a table of ingredients I consider:

Good to HaveAvoid
Hyaluronic AcidAnimal-Derived Squalene
Vitamin C and ECollagen
Green Tea ExtractKeratin
Aloe Vera

Skin Type Suitability

Each skin type has different needs. Oily skin thrives with lightweight, oil-free formulas that don’t clog pores. For dry skin, I look for extra moisturizing ingredients.

Sensitive skin requires gentle, non-irritating elements. It’s all about what works for me and my skin type.

Ethical Standards

I value ethical production, so cruelty-free and eco-friendly serums are important. Many brands will display certifications like the Leaping Bunny to indicate their commitment to ethical practices.

Packaging & Preservation

I prefer packaging that reduces waste and ensures the longevity of the serum. Airless pumps, dark glass bottles, or recyclable materials are what I typically choose. These options help preserve the product’s efficacy and show a brand’s dedication to sustainability.

Price Point

Price doesn’t always equate to quality. I consider my budget and look for a serum that offers a good balance between cost and effectiveness. Remember, a higher price might be due to organic ingredients or higher ethical production standards.

Considering all these factors helps me narrow down the best vegan face serum for my skincare routine.

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