Best Vegan Fiber Supplements: Ultimate Picks for Plant-Based Gut Health

Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet, playing a key role in maintaining digestive health and regularity. While it’s best obtained naturally from whole plant foods like fruits, vegetables, and grains, many people find it challenging to meet their daily fiber needs through diet alone.

This is where fiber supplements come in handy, helping fill the dietary gaps. Vegan fiber supplements, in particular, align with plant-based diets and lifestyles, offering these essential nutrients without the use of animal products.

Just as with getting any other type of vegan supplement, choosing the best vegan fiber supplement involves considering a few critical factors. The source of the fiber is important; common vegan fiber sources include psyllium husk, inulin, and chicory root, among others.

It’s also vital to look at additional ingredients that might be included, such as artificial sweeteners or preservatives, which some individuals prefer to avoid. The method of delivery—whether it be in powders, capsules, or chewables—can affect how convenient and enjoyable the supplement is to take.

With the myriad of options on the market, I spent time sorting through different brands and formulations to find the best vegan fiber supplements out there. My aim was to identify products that are not only effective but also cater to a variety of preferences and dietary requirements.

Best Vegan Fiber Supplements

Whether you’re looking to ease digestion, regulate your system, or just up your fiber intake, these options have got you covered. Let’s get right into what makes these picks stand out.

NOW Psyllium Husk Caps

I’ve added these capsules to my daily regimen, and they’ve been a great source of fiber without the hassle of mixing drinks or chewing gritty wafers.


  • They’re super convenient to take compared to fiber powders.
  • I’ve noticed a positive change in my digestive regularity.
  • They’re non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and don’t contain gluten.


  • You need to take quite a few capsules daily to meet your fiber needs.
  • They must be taken with plenty of water to avoid digestive discomfort.
  • The capsule size might be a bit large for those who struggle with swallowing pills.

Having tried NOW Psyllium Husk Caps, I found them incredibly easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle. There’s no need for prep time; I just take them with water and get on with my day. They particularly came in handy during travel when my diet wasn’t as fiber-rich as it should be.

The fact that they’re vegan and non-GMO is a big plus for me, aligning with my desire to consume more plant-based, clean supplements. Also, being soy and gluten-free, they’re suitable for most diets, which adds to their appeal.

Taking these capsules has had a noticeable impact on my digestive health. I’ve experienced fewer bouts of irregularity, and it’s been easier to keep my fiber intake consistent. It’s a relief not to rely on less convenient fiber sources. Overall, they’re a solid choice for anyone looking to up their fiber intake the easy way.

Viteey Fiber Gummies

I believe these fiber gummies are a hassle-free and tasty alternative for anyone looking to enhance their dietary fiber intake.


  • Packed with prebiotic fiber, supporting a healthy digestive system
  • Delicious fruit flavor makes them enjoyable to take
  • Free from added sugars, aligning with health-conscious dietary preferences


  • Gummies can melt in high temperatures, requiring careful storage
  • May not be suitable for those who are sensitive to the alternative sweeteners
  • Results might vary; some might need a higher dosage for effectiveness

I was keen to try Viteey Fiber Gummies as a convenient addition to my fiber intake; the reality didn’t disappoint. Chewing on these gummies, I relished the burst of fruit flavor, noticing the absence of that characteristic artificial sweetener aftertaste. It felt like indulging in a treat rather than taking a supplement.

Staying regular sometimes can be a challenge—I’m sure many can relate. Thankfully, these gummies packed a punch with prebiotic fiber that got me back on track. I appreciate the subtlety with which these little chews work their magic. There’s nothing forceful; it’s a gentle nudge towards regularity that I’ve found both effective and kind to my system.

I love the fact that Viteey’s gummies are vegan and free from common allergens, ticking off several boxes for dietary inclusivity. However, I realized during a hot spell that they need to be stored carefully—warmth turned them a bit sticky. And, while they work for me, I’ve heard others might need more than the recommended dose, suggesting effectiveness may vary.

Just Better Fiber

If you’re aiming for a healthier gut with a natural, easy-to-use fiber supplement, Just Better Fiber is a solid choice for its simplicity and effectiveness.


  • Mixes seamlessly with beverages without altering taste
  • Helps reduce hunger pangs by promoting satiety
  • May contribute to a flatter stomach and weight management


  • May cause digestive upset if not gradually introduced
  • Limited flavor options, available only in unflavored
  • Potential adjustment period for optimal results

Encountering Just Better Fiber felt like stumbling upon a hidden gem in the vast desert of wellness products. I initially sought a fiber boost that could integrate with my diet minus the usual disruptive side effects, and this product didn’t disappoint. Sprinkling the powder into my morning smoothie, it blended right in without leaving clumps or any graininess — as if it was never there.

The absence of bloating was a relief, showcasing how gentle it was for me, especially compared to other options I’ve tried. Moreover, the satiety factor played a huge role in my snack-filled afternoons; those incessant cravings became a thing of the past. I felt full longer, steering clear of the kitchen until mealtime rolled around again.

It’s refreshing to see a supplement that doesn’t require a palate sacrifice or a complex routine. Swirling a scoop into my coffee or scattering it over my oatmeal, the fiber dissolved without fanfare. Whilst I recommend easing into it to avoid any digestive adjustment jitters, it seems well-tailored for those seeking a fuss-free fiber source.

MaryRuth’s Fiber Gummies

If your diet needs a fiber boost, MaryRuth’s Fiber Gummies are a convenient and tasty option worth considering.


  • They’re vegan and fit a variety of dietary restrictions.
  • The gummy form is a breeze to take compared to pills.
  • Pleasant papaya taste that deviates from the usual bland flavors.


  • The texture might not appeal to everyone, as it’s a bit tougher than typical gummies.
  • Each gummy contains sugar alcohols, which may not agree with all digestive systems.
  • Limited to one flavor, which might get boring over time.

After incorporating MaryRuth’s Fiber Gummies into my routine and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. As someone who often forgets to eat enough fruits and veggies, these gummies made it easy for me to up my fiber intake. The papaya taste is a nice change from some other fiber supplements I’ve tried; it’s sweet without being cloying.

Taking these gummies felt more like having a treat than taking a supplement, which is a big win in my book. I found myself actually looking forward to my daily “fiber gummy time”. Plus, the chewable form means no more struggling to swallow large pills — something I’m not particularly fond of.

I noticed some positive changes in my digestive health within a few weeks of using them. While I can’t attribute every improvement solely to these gummies, they’re likely a contributing factor. The simplicity of popping one gummy a day makes maintaining this new habit manageable.

It’s important to note, however, that they’re a bit chewier than your average gummy bear, which is something to consider if you prefer a softer texture. Additionally, for those sensitive to sugar alcohols, keep an eye on your body’s reaction.

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Buying Guide

Know Your Fiber Types

When I’m on the hunt for a vegan fiber supplement, I first consider the types of fiber available. There are two main kinds:

  • Soluble Fiber: This type dissolves in water, forming a gel-like substance. It’s known for supporting heart health and stabilizing blood sugar levels.
  • Insoluble Fiber: This doesn’t dissolve in water and helps with digestive regularity and preventing constipation.

Understand Your Needs

Each person’s digestive system is unique. I think about my dietary needs and digestion when choosing a fiber supplement. If I’m prone to constipation, I might lean towards a product heavier in insoluble fiber. For maintaining heart health, soluble fiber is my friend.

Check for Additives

Some fiber supplements include additional ingredients like sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. I always check the label to ensure that the product I choose aligns with my preference for minimal additives.

Dosage and Serving Size

I’m mindful of how much fiber I’m aiming to add to my diet. As with taking any new vegan supplement, it’s important to start slow and increase gradually to give my body time to adjust.

Look for Certifications

To ensure a product is truly vegan and meets quality standards, I look for certifications like:

CertificationWhat It Indicates
USDA OrganicNo harmful pesticides or chemicals
Non-GMO Project VerifiedFree from genetically modified organisms
Certified VeganNo animal products or byproducts

Remember, the best vegan fiber supplement for me is one that fits seamlessly into my lifestyle and matches my dietary needs without causing discomfort or side effects.

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