Best Vegan Indian Cookbook: Savor Authentic Plant-Based Recipes!

Indian cuisine is an exhilarating adventure of flavors, embodying a rich tapestry of spices and textures. It’s a culinary tradition steeped in history and regional diversity, where every dish tells a story of culture and heritage.

Bringing this thrilling experience to the vegan realm invites creativity, as it aligns with India’s inherent use of plant-based ingredients, thereby offering a seamless blend for vegans and food enthusiasts alike.

Vegan Indian cookbooks are a treasure trove for those seeking to explore the vibrant world of Indian cooking minus the animal products. These vegan cookbooks are bursting with recipes that replace dairy and meat with innovative, plant-based alternatives, ensuring that the essence of the dish is maintained.

From succulent curries to fluffy naan and aromatic spices, these books introduce you to the art of crafting authentic Indian dishes in a way that’s both ethical and delectable.

The best vegan Indian cookbooks cater to all skill levels and offer alternatives for hard-to-find ingredients, making them accessible to everyone. It’s this blend of authenticity, adaptability, and inclusivity that makes these cookbooks stand out.

After an enthralling quest for these cookbooks, I’m eager to share the top picks that promise to transform your kitchen into a haven of Indian flavors. Whether you’re new to Indian cuisine or an aficionado with exacting standards, these cookbooks are sure to impress and inspire.

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Best Vegan Indian Cookbooks

I’m absolutely thrilled to share my top picks for vegan Indian cookbooks! These books are packed with flavorful and authentic plant-based recipes that’ll spice up your cooking repertoire. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure that not only satisfies your taste buds but also respects compassionate eating.

Indian Vegan Delights

The Best of Indian Cuisine in one Cookbook

I just tried an incredible selection of recipes from “The Best of Indian Cuisine in one Cookbook,” and I absolutely recommend it for anyone craving authentic vegan Indian dishes.


  • Incredible variety of vegan recipes
  • Enabled features enhance the cooking experience
  • Unlimited device usage means you can share with friends


  • No images of dishes may confuse beginners
  • Requires a digital device to view
  • Might be limited if looking for non-vegan options

Experimenting with the recipes in this cookbook has been a journey of flavors for me. The featured dishes capture the essence of traditional Indian cuisine with a vegan twist, all within a modern digital format that’s super convenient to use.

Navigating the cookbook on my Kindle, the text-to-speech feature came in handy, reading out recipes as I gathered ingredients. The presence of features like Page Flip and Word Wise made the process feel seamless, enhancing my cooking experience.

Sharing the cookbook across devices allowed me to swap recipe notes with a friend who’s also keen on vegan cooking. We’re all set for a week of meals that are both healthy and exquisitely flavorful, even if we wish there were some mouthwatering photos to guide us through the appearances of the final dishes.

Simplified Authentic Indian Recipes

Simplified Authentic Indian Recipes

As someone who loves the vibrant flavors of Indian cuisine, I’m thrilled to say that this cookbook has made vegan cooking a joyous and flavorful adventure!


  • Rich in authentic Indian flavors tailored for vegan diets
  • User-friendly with enabled text-to-speech making it accessible
  • Quick and hassle-free recipes perfect for busy weeknights


  • Limited to 61 pages, so variety could be wider
  • No X-Ray feature for in-depth cultural insights
  • Exclusive to Kindle format, which may not suit all readers

I just whipped up a couple of recipes from this gem, and my kitchen smelled like a fragrant Indian bazaar. The flavors were spot-on, just the right balance of spice and savoriness you’d expect from traditional Indian meals, all while being plant-based!

What I appreciate the most is how this book makes cooking seem less like a chore and more like an exciting exploration. The text-to-speech feature has been a real helper, too; it’s like having a guide read the recipes out loud while I cook.

Exploring the pages, I did wish for more content. While the recipes included are fantastic, I would have loved to see even more variety to expand my vegan Indian repertoire. But for beginners or those looking for a quick go-to, this digital collection is a treasure.

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen

Vegan Richa's Indian Cookbook

Diving into Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen made me feel like a chef in my own home, creating dishes that were as nourishing as they were flavorful.


  • Rich fusion of traditional and modern vegan recipes
  • Effortless to follow with practical tips
  • Culturally enriching cooking experience


  • Measurements in cups not universally convenient
  • Beginners might find some recipes challenging
  • Limited dessert section

Just last night, I explored a new recipe from this gem, and as the aromas wafted through my kitchen, I knew I had struck culinary gold. Every page invites you into a world of spices and hearty meals that cater to the vegan palate without compromising the essence of classic Indian cuisine.

The personal touches in the author’s narratives alongside the recipes give the cooking experience an intimate feel, almost as if Richa herself is guiding you through the journey of flavors.

Each attempt at a new recipe has been an adventure, sometimes challenging but always rewarding. It’s important to measure your ingredients correctly, as the book relies on cup measurements, which may require some conversion. Flexibility is key—if you’re new to Indian cooking, patience is your friend. But the end result? Absolutely worth it.

Stepping outside my comfort zone with Vegan Richa’s creativity has redefined weekday dinners. Every bite suggests you don’t need to be a seasoned vegan to appreciate the depths of plant-based Indian cuisine.

The sheer satisfaction I felt after my successful attempts confirms that this cookbook is a must-have for anyone looking to delve into vegan Indian cooking or expand their culinary horizons.

Plant-Based India

Plant-Based India Cookbook

I’m absolutely thrilled with “Plant-Based India”; it’s a treasure for anyone craving authentic Indian flavors in vegan form.


  • The recipes are truly flavorful and authentic.
  • Gorgeous photography brings the dishes to life.
  • Instructions are clear, enhancing the cooking experience.


  • Some ingredients may be new to those not used to Indian cooking.
  • A few recipes require longer prep times.
  • The book’s weight makes it a bit hefty for casual reading.

Opening the book, I was instantly captivated by the vibrant colors and the clear organization of recipes. Each page turned is an invitation to explore deeper into the rich culinary traditions of India, reimagined for the vegan palate. The photographs aren’t just delicious to look at; they guide you in visualizing the final dishes.

Cooking from the book last evening was a joy. The recipe for Creamy Chili Pasta was straightforward, and the steps were well-detailed, ensuring I never missed a beat. As someone who’s always chasing new flavors, I discovered a few recipes that are now must-haves in my recipe rotation.

Leafing through “Plant-Based India,” it’s clear the author has poured heart and soul into every page. I relished not just the cooking but the educational aspect, too. The book presents a delightful balance between traditional Indian cuisine and the practicalities of modern, vegan diets. It’s a culinary journey I’m eager to continue, one delicious recipe at a time.

Vegan Instant Pot Delights

The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

I’m utterly convinced this cookbook is a must-have for anyone eager to dive into the world of vegan Indian cooking with an Instant Pot!


  • The diversity of recipes keeps your meals exciting and varied.
  • Each recipe includes detailed Instant Pot instructions, perfect for beginners.
  • The book is peppered with gorgeous, inspiring photography.


  • Some ingredients may be hard to find for those in smaller towns.
  • A few recipes might be intimidating for new cooks.
  • The hardcover format could be limiting for those who prefer a digital copy for convenience.

Far from the monotony of beans and rice, each dish in this cookbook is a celebration of spices and textures you’ll want to explore again and again. It’s turned my Instant Pot into my best friend in the kitchen!

Navigating through the cookbook was a breeze, with clear instructions that made me feel like a pro. The Baked beans on toast became an instant hit at home – it’s my new go-to for potlucks and family gatherings.

And let’s talk about those stunning photos! They had me salivating before I even started cooking. This isn’t just a collection of recipes; it’s a culinary adventure – a visually delightful one that I can’t recommend enough to any food enthusiast, especially those looking to expand their vegan palate.

The Complete Plant-Based ATK

The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook

If you’re looking to enrich your kitchen with a world of vegan Indian flavors, this cookbook is a trove of culinary delights.


  • Abundant recipe selection catering to various tastes and preferences
  • Offers flexibility in recipes, great for both beginners and seasoned cooks
  • Includes nutritional info, making it easier to track health goals


  • Limited photographs that might not appeal to visual learners
  • Some recipes incorporate sugar, which could clash with certain dietary restrictions
  • The large volume might be overwhelming for some users at first glance

I recently had the pleasure of diving into ‘The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook’ by America’s Test Kitchen, and it felt like hitting a culinary jackpot. Not only did the comprehensive spice blends transport me right into the heart of India, but the variety of recipes also meant

I could have something new for every meal. Tailoring dishes to my taste was a breeze, and I found joy in the flexibility it offered, allowing me to swap ingredients without abandoning tradition.

All the 500 recipes have crystal-clear instructions, making preparation practically foolproof. This can give a sigh of relief for a kitchen enthusiast who enjoys experimenting without mishaps.

The educational snippets sprinkled throughout the book were eye-opening and augmented my understanding of plant-based nutrition. It’s not just a cookbook; it’s a learning experience.

Nevertheless, as someone who enjoys a visual feast, the scarcity of photos left me longing for more vibrant, colorful depictions of the finished meals. Moreover, encountering recipes with sugar was a bit disappointing, considering my commitment to eliminating refined sugars from my diet.

Admittedly, the sheer volume of content can seem daunting at first, but once I eased into the book, it proved to be an invaluable resource on my kitchen shelf.

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Buying Guide

Assess Your Culinary Level

I always consider my cooking skills when choosing a cookbook. Beginners might look for books with step-by-step instructions, while experienced cooks could prefer more complex recipes. It’s essential to find a balance between challenging and achievable dishes.

Ingredient Availability

I check the ingredients section. Cookbooks should utilize ingredients that I can easily find at my local stores or online. I avoid books that rely heavily on rare or hard-to-source items.

Nutritional Information

If nutrition is important to me, I seek out books that provide detailed nutritional information for their recipes. This helps me to keep track of my dietary intake and effectively maintain a healthy diet.

Step-by-step instructionsEasier to follow for beginners
Complex dishesMore engaging for seasoned cooks
Accessible ingredientsEnsures I can try every recipe
Detailed nutritional infoHelps maintain a balanced diet

Authenticity and Variety

I love to explore authentic flavors, so I gauge the diversity of recipes in terms of regional dishes and the use of traditional spices. The variety of recipes should keep me engaged and excited to try new things.

Reviews and Recommendations

I do my homework by reading reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow vegan food enthusiasts. They often highlight aspects of the cookbook that might resonate with my preferences or cooking routine.

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