Best Vegan Vitamin B Supplement: Elevating Vegan Health

Maintaining a balanced and nutrient-dense diet is crucial, especially for those who follow a plant-based lifestyle. Among the many nutrients that vegans must pay special attention to is Vitamin B12, a critical component that supports the nervous system and is essential in producing red blood cells.

The best vegan vitamin B supplement typically includes a range of B vitamins, including B12, B6, and B9, and is specifically crafted to meet vegan dietary requirements. These supplements ensure users can conveniently maintain their B vitamin levels without compromising their ethical or dietary choices.

When selecting your supplement, whether it’s a vitamin B or vitamin E supplement, it’s essential to look for third-party certifications that ensure the product is truly vegan. Additionally, checking for added fillers, allergens, or artificial ingredients is vital to ensure the purity and efficacy of the supplement.

Opting for whole-food-based supplements with minimal additives became a priority, as they tend to be cleaner and more naturally assimilated by the body. It became clear that the best supplement would deliver the necessary nutrients efficiently and safely.

Considering all these considerations, I decided it was essential to not just rely on manufacturer claims but to look into user testimonials, brand reputation, and scientific backing of the formulations. With that said, let’s take a closer look at these products.

Top Picks for Best Vegan Vitamin B Supplement

Finding the right vegan Vitamin B supplement can be a bit of a hassle, but I’ve got you covered. Whether you’re after B12 for energy, B6 for mood regulation, or a complex to cover all your bases, there’s something on the market for everyone.

I searched the most reputable options that promise to deliver the nutrients your body needs without any animal-derived ingredients. Stick around as I walk you through some of the best finds.


If you’re on the hunt for an energy boost and overall health support, VISPURA B-Complex has got you covered with its all-in-one formula.


  • Contains all essential B vitamins, enhancing overall wellness
  • Noticeably boosts energy, keeping me focused throughout the day
  • Vegan-friendly, aligning well with my cruelty-free lifestyle


  • The uncoated tablets can be a bit tricky to swallow sometimes
  • Some may find the natural taste a bit off-putting
  • No added vitamin C, which might be a drawback for some

My mornings have taken a positive turn since I started on VISPURA B-Complex; the swiftness of that energized feeling kicking in is impressive. With my busy schedule, I rely heavily on these B vitamins to keep my energy levels steady and my mind sharp – they have not let me down.

I’m pretty pleased with how my skin and hair feel, hinting at the holistic benefits of a well-rounded B vitamin routine. It fits effortlessly into my vegan lifestyle, and the lack of additives gives me peace of mind, knowing I’m avoiding unnecessary chemicals.

Despite their tiny size, I’ve found the tablets challenging to swallow occasionally. They start dissolving quicker than I’d like, leading to the taste lingering.

MaryRuth’s Vitamin B Complex

Having just tried MaryRuth’s Vitamin B Complex, I’d recommend it to anyone seeking a boost in energy through an all-vegan, easy-to-take supplement.


  • The cherry flavor is surprisingly pleasant and natural tasting.
  • It integrates seamlessly into my morning routine with simple liquid drops.
  • I’m fond of the clean, organic ingredients that align with my vegan lifestyle.


  • The dropper sometimes makes it tricky to get the exact serving size.
  • Taste might be too sweet for some, despite the natural flavorings.
  • Price point could be a hurdle compared to other B vitamin options.

Incorporating MaryRuth’s Vitamin B Complex into my daily diet has been a breeze. This clean, guilt-free feeling comes from using an organic and non-GMO product. It gives me that initial kick, covering my B-vitamin bases.

The natural cherry flavor does a great job – it’s refreshing and far from those artificial tastes some liquid supplements have. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a subtle but consistent uplift in my energy levels, something I attribute to this blend of B vitamins in their bioavailable forms.

My only gripe is the dropper. It demands a steady hand and patience to get the correct serving size. Moreover, while not overpowering, the sweetness might not be everyone’s cup of tea.


If you’re aiming for a holistic approach to vitality, these capsules are a game-changer with their blend of natural ingredients.


  • Efficacious ingredient combination supporting overall wellness
  • Positive impact on energy levels, noticeable from personal use
  • Includes a supplementary boost of fruit and veggie nutrition


  • Initial adjustment period might lead to increased urination
  • Capsule size may be a concern for some
  • A bit on the pricier side relative to other B complex supplements

The difference in my energy was palpable after introducing NATURELO’s B Complex to my daily regimen. The plant-based formula, fortified with the essential B vitamins and nature-derived CoQ10 and Choline, aligns perfectly with my vegan lifestyle.

Reflecting on my physical response to this supplement, it’s clear that the carefully chosen bioactive forms of the vitamins are doing their job. I’ve tried various B-complex supplements, but the gentle nature of this one on digestion is a standout feature.

While I’ve substantially benefitted from this high-quality B Complex, it’s fair to say that the vivid yellow pee was a surprise. And while I appreciate this product’s comprehensive nature, the capsules’ size can be a little daunting at first glance.

DEVA Vegan B12

I found the DEVA Vegan B12 a convenient and effective option for maintaining my B12 levels as a vegan.


  • Enhances energy with high-quality B12 as Methylcobalamin
  • Flavorful lemon lozenges that dissolve quickly
  • Includes added benefits of B6 and Folic Acid


  • The lozenge form might not appeal to everyone
  • Lemon flavor may not be to your liking if you prefer unflavored supplements
  • Only available in one flavor option

Taking the DEVA Vegan B12 has been a game changer for my daily routine. The small, lemon-flavored lozenges are surprisingly tasty and dissolve in no time.

After using these supplements for a few weeks, I’ve noticed an uplift in my mood and energy levels. Plus, their commitment to customer satisfaction gives that extra peace of mind.

What stands out is how the added B6 and Folic Acid contribute to holistic health benefits. I appreciate how this supplement aligns with my vegan lifestyle and provides the energy boost I need to stay active throughout the day.

Dr. Danielle’s B-Complex

I think picking up Dr. Danielle’s B-Complex would be smart for anyone looking to boost their vitamin B levels with a vegan-friendly option.


  • Provides a noticeable increase in energy and vitality
  • Delicious cherry lemonade flavor makes daily intake pleasant
  • Vegan and USDA Organic, ensuring high standards


  • Might not last the full 60 servings as advertised
  • Some may require more time to notice the positive effects
  • The price point could be a barrier for budget-conscious buyers

Having sampled Dr. Danielle’s B-Complex, I find the cherry lemonade flavor genuinely enjoyable, turning what could be a chore into a moment I look forward to. The fact that it’s a liquid makes it a breeze to incorporate into my morning routine.

The change didn’t happen overnight, but gradually, I’ve been feeling more peppy, and my mid-afternoon slumps have become a thing of the past. It’s reassuring to know I’m staying on top of my B vitamins, which isn’t always easy with a plant-based diet.

Although the bottle suggests I’d get a two-month supply, my daily usage seems to lead to a shorter lifespan for the product—I might run out sooner than expected. While not a deal-breaker, it’s something to remember for anyone monitoring their supplement budget closely.

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Buying Guide

When I’m searching for the best vegan vitamin B supplement, I look out for several features to ensure I’m getting the most suitable product for my needs.

Ingredient Quality

First, I check the ingredient list. It’s crucial to ensure that the source of the B vitamins is plant-based. I look for products that state they are 100% vegan, and I avoid those with fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives.

B Vitamin Types

I also consider the types of B vitamins included. A good vegan B complex should provide a wide range of B vitamins, such as B12, B6, B1, B2, B3, and folic acid.


Getting the dosage right is important. I examine the supplement facts to ensure I’m not exceeding the recommended daily intake, particularly for B12 since it’s stored in the body.


Third-party certifications give me peace of mind about product quality:

  • Vegan Certification: Confirms the supplement is free from animal-derived ingredients.
  • Non-GMO: Assures me that the ingredients haven’t been genetically modified.
  • Gluten-Free: Important if I’m sensitive or allergic to gluten.

Here’s a quick reference I use:

CertificationWhy It Matters
VeganAligns with my plant-based lifestyle
Non-GMONo genetically modified organisms
Gluten-FreeSuitable for gluten intolerance

Reviews and Reputation

I tend to skim through user reviews to gauge general satisfaction and look for any common issues with the product. Additionally, I prefer transparent companies about their manufacturing processes and sourcing.


Lastly, price is a factor but not the deciding one. A higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a better product, so I balance cost with the other elements I’ve considered to find the best value.

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