Best Bamboo Steamer Basket: Stylish Steaming in 2024!

Steaming food is a fantastic way to preserve nutrients and bring out natural flavors without the need for oils or fats. It’s a cooking method that’s been used for centuries, revered for its gentle cooking process that can leave vegetables vibrant, proteins tender, and dumplings perfectly moist.

I find that using a bamboo steamer basket allows for excellent heat distribution, enhancing the texture of food without adding unnecessary elements. Plus, the aromatic quality of the bamboo can impart a subtle but delightful essence to the steamed food, something metal or plastic steamers simply can’t offer. It’s perfect for any steamed vegan recipe!

Finding the right bamboo steamer basket feels like a quest for the perfect cooking companion in my steam-based culinary adventures. It’s the blending of efficiency, health, and tradition that directs me toward the most suitable option for my kitchen.

Best Bamboo Steamer Basket List

I’ve scoured the internet and kitchen stores to find the best bamboo steamer baskets that are perfect for anyone looking to prepare delicious plant-based meals. These steamers are fantastic for preserving the nutrients and flavors of your veggies, dumplings, and other vegan delights, making meal prep a breeze while maintaining a minimal impact on our planet!

Joyce Chen Bamboo Dreams

If you’re craving tender veggies and fluffy buns without animal products, snagging this steamer is a smart kitchen upgrade.


  • Retains the tender textures and flavors of the food
  • Has the convenience of two tiers for cooking multiple items
  • Made from renewable bamboo for an eco-friendly choice


  • Requires some care to prevent mold or falling apart
  • Limitations on size per tier – may not fit larger food items
  • Can be tricky to find the perfect heat setting at first

Wrapping my hands around a chopstick and lifting a freshly steamed dumpling is my kind of moment. The steam billows out as I break apart the dumpling, revealing a piping-hot, perfectly cooked filling.

The Joyce Chen Bamboo Steamer turns my kitchen into a vegan dim sum parlor. It’s just delightful to cook with, ensuring that everything comes out just right—a bit of bite to the broccoli and bao so fluffy, they’re like little clouds of joy.

The bamboo aroma lightly infuses each dish, lending a subtle, earthy undertone that’s simply irreplaceable. I’ve found the two tiers especially handy when I’m meal-prepping—it saves me a ton of time

One thing I keep an eye out for is the steamer’s longevity. Bamboo is fantastic, but it doesn’t take kindly to being left wet or being overexposed to heat. I had to remind myself a few times to make sure it was thoroughly dry before storing.

And while two tiers are great, I do wish they were a tad larger for those big veggie steams. But once you find that sweet spot on the stove, you and this bamboo steamer will be crafting delicious meals together for ages.

Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer

If you’re keen on maintaining a vegan lifestyle and love preparing veggies and dumplings, the Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer is a game changer in your kitchen routine.


  • Preserves natural flavors and nutrients of food with even heat distribution
  • Two-tier design offers versatility and space efficiency for steam cooking
  • Comes with convenient accessories, including liners and ceramic sauce dish


  • Requires careful hand cleaning to maintain its condition
  • Not suitable for use in microwaves or dishwashers
  • Additional purchase of vegan steam recipes may be necessary for new users

Since I switched to a vegan diet, finding the right tools for my kitchen has been paramount. The Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer has truly made my meal prep enjoyable. It’s quite the multitasker, efficiently steaming layers of vegetables and buns at the same time.

With my busy schedule, I appreciate kitchen tools that are simple to use and clean. So, I was fairly impressed by the lightweight design, making the steamer easy to handle. Initially, I was concerned about maintenance, but it turned out to be pretty straightforward.

A quick hand wash and air dry, and the steamer was ready for another round. Admittedly, I’ve been a bit creative, using the ceramic dish for more than just sauce—it’s perfect for holding a heap of chopped garlic ready to top off my dishes.

In all honesty, I won’t be preparing non-vegan steam dishes, so I haven’t faced any limitations there. I must say, if you adore dumplings, and vibrant steamed veggies like I do, adding this bamboo steamer to your cart is a no-brainer. It’s a simple joy that has brought a wholesome change to my vegan lifestyle.

Pinkunn 10” Bamboo Steamer Set

Pinkunn 10'' Bamboo Steamer Set

Anyone looking to step up their plant-based culinary game would be delighted with this steamer set’s versatility and easy handling.


  • Enhances flavor and preserves nutrients in vegan dishes
  • Easy to clean by hand and quick to dry
  • Comprehensive kit supports a range of Asian cuisine preparation


  • Not dishwasher safe; hand wash only to prolong life
  • Requires careful handling to avoid breakage
  • Limited to cooktops, not suitable for oven use

After steaming some vibrant green broccoli and tender bok choy, I was thoroughly impressed. Both vegetables retained their bright color and crisp texture. The subtle hints of ginger and garlic I added for aroma infused perfectly, proving that this steamer does indeed lock in flavors wonderfully.

What surprised me most was the convenience of the two-tiered design. I could steam my jasmine rice below my dumplings without any hassle. The bamboo steamer’s natural insulating properties kept the heat distributed evenly, so everything cooked at the same pace.

The dumpling-making tools were a blast to use too. I thought crafting perfect dumplings would be a chore, but this kit made it fun and approachable. The paper liners are a lifesaver – no sticky situations, and cleanup was just a matter of rinsing and drying. It’s comforting to know that with this set, I have everything I need to create an array of delightful vegan treats for my friends and family.

Chok Dee’s Bamboo Steamer Set

Chok Dee's Bamboo Steamer Set

I’ll break it to you straight: if you love steaming your veggies and dumplings with flair and care, this steamer is a kitchen must-have.


  • Steams more than just dumplings, including delectable veggies and delightful desserts
  • Comes with a nifty stainless steel ring, so it snuggly fits different pot sizes
  • Eco-conscious design with reusable silicone liners


  • Bamboo may fray over time with frequent use
  • The natural material requires more attention while cleaning
  • Larger than typical steamers, so it might take up considerable storage space

I recently got into the delightful world of bamboo steamers, and this Chok Dee set stole my heart. With its versatile design, I’ve been able to whisk together a host of sensational steamed buns and vibrant veggies. The eco-friendly bamboo lends a touch of authentic Asian cuisine charm right in my kitchen, and I’m all for its sustainable qualities.

The durability is impressive – it feels solid, almost like ceramic, but without the breakability. I love the convenience it offers, with a stainless steel adapter ring elegantly solving my compatibility woes. Any pot in my eclectic collection can pair with it, thanks to this thoughtful addition.

The silicone liners are a stroke of genius as well. They’re a breeze to clean, and I appreciate not having to fuss with disposable paper liners. This is a set that respects the planet as much as it caters to my cooking adventures. However, I admit the bamboo can show wear after multiple steam sessions. It’s a small trade-off for such culinary versatility, in my opinion.

For anyone dedicated to a plant-based lifestyle, this steamer set is a treasure. Salemoved effortlessly from idea to implementation, and I’ve already been bragging about my homemade, vegan dumpling dinners. Trust me; this is one cooking gadget that lives up to its promise, and then some.

KitchenCrust Bamboo Beauty

KitchenCrust Bamboo Steamer

If you’re into healthy, plant-based cooking like I am, this bamboo steamer is a dream come true.


  • Perfectly steams a variety of veggies and dumplings
  • Includes accessories, enhancing the overall value
  • The natural bamboo adds an authentic touch to the kitchen


  • Takes practice to clean and maintain properly
  • The bamboo can retain water if not dried well
  • May not fit all pot sizes perfectly

I recently used my KitchenCrust Bamboo Steamer for a breakfast of champions: think tender, richly colored steamed veggies and perfectly soft, warm buns, all delightfully easy to prepare. The two tiers allowed me to separate my buns from my broccoli – culinary art in motion. It’s like this steamer intuitively understands the artistry of timing and heat distribution necessary for impeccable results.

I appreciate the accessories that came with it, too—chopsticks, a sauce dish, and those handy reusable liners. They all add up to a more enjoyable steaming adventure. The craftsmanship is apparent; it looks and feels premium, blending seamlessly into the array of utensils embracing my vegan lifestyle.

Transitioning to cleanup, there’s a bit of a learning curve to ensuring its longevity. I’m careful to clean it immediately after use and let it dry thoroughly to preserve its natural charm. Just a bit of tender loving care ensures this kitchen gem stands the test of time. It’s a small price to pay, given the sheer joy it brings to my culinary creations.

HAPPi Studio Bamboo Steamer

HAPPi Studio Bamboo Steamer

After experimenting with this bamboo steamer, I can say it’s a stellar choice for those who appreciate cooking with a touch of tradition and health in mind.


  • Retains the authentic taste and nutrients of food beautifully
  • Deeper basket design allows for steaming larger quantities at once
  • The included stainless-steel ring prevents scorching, enhancing durability


  • Not dishwasher safe, so manual cleaning is a must
  • Slight care needed to ensure it dries fully to prevent mildew
  • Inner ring may detach with extensive use over time

I’ve always been keen on steaming my food as it’s a fantastic way to keep all the nutrients intact. When my electric steamer gave up on me, I decided to switch to this bamboo alternative. The HAPPi Studio Bamboo Steamer not only adds an authentic flair to my kitchen but also steams my veggie dumplings flawlessly. And because it’s a deeper design, I don’t have to cut the veggie stacks to squash them in.

The aroma of freshly steamed bao buns lingered in my kitchen just yesterday evening. While I savored the taste, I appreciated the product’s durability even more. It’s a clear upgrade from my old steamer. I simply placed it on top of a pot, and it worked its magic without any hiccups. That stainless-steel ring is truly a genius addition; no burn marks on the bamboo.

Caring for this steamer requires a bit of attention — I rinse it immediately after use and make sure it’s completely dry before putting it away. The natural bamboo feel of this steamer, coupled with its eco-friendliness, makes it an excellent choice in my books. Despite its few quirks, such as needing cautious cleaning and drying, it’s a kitchen essential for anyone serious about their steaming game.

Dumpling Dream Steamer

If you adore clean eating and adore Asian cuisine as much as I do, this bamboo steamer from Three Way Cut makes life so easy and healthy.


  • Multi-tier design allows for cooking different dishes simultaneously.
  • The heatproof handles save your fingertips from a scorching.
  • Comes with a ring adapter and silicone liners which are pure gold for a non-stick experience.


  • Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning; requires gentle hand wash.
  • The metal ring adapter can be subject to warping under heat.
  • Might require mild sanding upon arrival to smoothen any rough edges.

Cooking with this steamer feels like giving a gift to yourself and the environment. I recently steamed up some veggie gyoza and leafy greens, and they came out perfectly tender — not a hint of sogginess in sight. The tiers are a real space saver, allowing me to juggle multiple ingredients without messing up my timing.

The bamboo material is not just sustainable but also gives an authentic touch to the kitchen. There’s a certain joy in connecting with traditional cooking methods, especially when they’re this efficient. I’ve found myself reaching for this set more often than I thought I would, especially on those busy weeknights.

Handling the steamer is a breeze, thanks to those nifty handles. When you’re in the groove of cooking, you definitely don’t want any oopsie burns. It’s an understated feature that’s got your back. And let’s talk about those silicone liners – they’re a lifesaver. I can pop my dumplings right on there, and cleanup is as simple as a quick rinse. No more scraping bits off the bamboo.

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Buying Guide

Bamboo steamer baskets are not only traditional but also inherently eco-friendly and sustainable. There’s something warmly authentic about using bamboo, a material that’s been part of Asian cooking practices for generations. When I’m selecting one, I focus on several key features to ensure I’m getting the best product for my needs.

Size and Fit

First, I consider the size. The diameter of the steamer needs to fit my pot or wok properly. Typically, they range from 6 inches to 12 inches, so it’s important to measure beforehand.

Steamer Tiers

The number of tiers is also a consideration. More tiers allow for steaming multiple items simultaneously, but I keep in mind that steam time may vary depending on which tier the food is placed.

Material Quality

I look at the quality of the bamboo steamer. It should feel sturdy and well-constructed. I check if the slats are close together to retain steam effectively.

Material QualityConsideration
SturdinessBamboo should not feel flimsy.
ConstructionSlats should be tight to hold steam.
OdorThere should be no chemical or strong bamboo smell.

Lid Design

The lid is another important feature. It should sit snugly to trap steam. I prefer a dome-shaped lid that allows condensation to run down the sides instead of dripping on the food.

Ease of Cleaning

Since I prefer not to soak the basket to avoid mold, a steamer that cleans easily without harsh detergents is best. Simply a quick rinse and air-drying should do.


Lastly, sustainability is essential. I look for steamers made from responsibly sourced bamboo to align with my eco-friendly values.

Remember, always inspecting the steamer for any signs of glue or chemicals that aren’t vegan-friendly is key to aligning with my vegan lifestyle. Quality and conscious choices go hand in hand when it comes to finding the perfect bamboo steamer basket.

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