Best Griddle Grill Combos: Top Picks for 2024 Cookouts

Griddle grill combos are a versatile addition to any kitchen, offering a combination of traditional grilling and flat-top griddling. It’s the ultimate solution for those who seek variety in their cooking and enjoy experimenting with flavors.

The beauty of a griddle grill combo lies in its hybrid design, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously or create complete meals without using numerous kitchen appliances. Additionally, these cooking gadgets are handy for those who love to entertain and cook for a crowd, as the large cooking surface accommodates numerous portions simultaneously.

When looking for the perfect griddle grill combo, consider size, material, heat distribution, and ease of cleaning. The ideal model should offer an optimum balance between a spacious cooking surface and portability.

The materials for these are quite the same as the ones used in the best grills for Korean BBQ. Ensuring even heat distribution across the cooking surface is essential for achieving perfect results and selecting a model that’s easy to clean helps streamline your cooking process.

Considering these factors, I diligently researched and tested various griddle grill combos to bring you a list that caters to various cooking styles and budgets. So, without further ado, let’s dive into these excellent options that will elevate your culinary skills and satisfy diverse tastes.

Best Griddle Grill Combos

I’ve gathered the ultimate list of best griddle grill combos for you. Let’s dive into it and find your perfect match!

Royal Gourmet GD403 4-Burner Portable Flat Top Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Royal Gourmet GD403

If you’re in the market for an efficient, portable, and multi-functional grill combo, this Royal Gourmet GD403 is the one for you.


  • Versatile combo with separate cooking zones
  • Portable design with folding legs
  • Convenient features like paper towel holder and tool hooks


  • Lacks a lid for the grill side
  • BTU output might seem insufficient for some users
  • Some users report damage upon arrival

I recently used the Royal Gourmet GD403 combo grill for a weekend gathering, which impressed everyone. The 4 separately controlled stainless steel burners generated a total of 48,000 BTU, and though I initially thought it might be insufficient, it worked well for my needs.

The portability of this grill is excellent, with easy-to-fold legs and lockable caster wheels that allow me to move it easily for storage and transport. With its compact and cart-style design, the Royal Gourmet GD403 also adds a touch of style to my outdoor cooking setup.

The built-in paper towel holder, tool hooks, and side tables made grilling practical and enjoyable, keeping all my essentials within reach. Cleanup was hassle-free, with a full-width grease tray and grease cup that collected excess residues and drippings under the grill.

Though there was no lid for the grill side, I managed to cook everything by adjusting the heat. The only downside is that it may not provide a complete searing experience for some users. Additionally, some users have reported receiving damaged units upon arrival, but I was fortunate to receive mine in excellent condition.

The Royal Gourmet GD403 provides incredible versatility and convenience, making it a perfect companion for outdoor cooking events like camping, tailgating, or even simple backyard gatherings. Its user-friendly features and portable design make it an excellent choice for grilling enthusiasts.

Royal Gourmet GD4002T Tailgater Tabletop Gas Grill Griddle

Royal Gourmet GD4002T

The Royal Gourmet GD4002T Tailgater Tabletop Gas Grill Griddle Combo is a versatile and portable option for BBQ enthusiasts who want a mix of grilling and griddling experiences.


  • Portable and easy to set up
  • Ceramic-coated griddle plate and cast iron cooking grates for versatility
  • Powerful 40,000 BTU performance


  • Grease tray may need modifications
  • Griddle requires conditioning
  • Not very lightweight

I recently got my hands on the Royal Gourmet GD4002T Tailgater Tabletop Gas Grill Griddle combo, and it has made my outdoor cooking escapades even more enjoyable. I realized that its portability allows me to easily take it to my backyard gatherings and camping trips without hassle.

One thing I particularly like about this grill-griddle combo is its cooking versatility. It has a ceramic-coated griddle plate and cast iron cooking grates. The 40,000 BTU performance, thanks to its four independently controlled stainless steel burners, provides consistent heat distribution over the 430 sq. in. cooking space.

Although the grill worked great for me, I noticed that the grease tray could improve. The drip tray tends to slide out of place during use, so I might have to modify it slightly to keep it in place. Additionally, I had to condition the grill first, similar to how cast iron requires seasoning to enhance its non-stick abilities.

Despite the minor flaws, I found the Royal Gourmet GD4002T Tailgater Tabletop Gas Grill Griddle combo to be a reliable choice for those on the go or simply wanting a fun backyard BBQ experience. Its portability, versatility, and power make it a great addition to any outdoor cooking setup.

Royal Gourmet GD401 Portable Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Royal Gourmet GD401

The Royal Gourmet GD401 is a versatile and user-friendly choice for those who love both grilling and griddling outdoors.


  • Dual cooking zones for simultaneous grilling and griddling
  • Ample cooking space and powerful burners
  • Compact storage with fold-down legs and locking casters


  • Some users reported rusting issues
  • It may require additional accessories for optimal use
  • Packaging for shipping might not be the best

When I tried the Royal Gourmet GD401, I knew it would become a boon in my outdoor cooking arsenal. Its two individual cooking zones have been a game changer when hosting cookouts with friends and family.

Not only does the GD401 have plenty of cooking space, but its four burners also deliver 48,000 BTUs, ensuring even and efficient cooking. I also appreciate the automatic ignition system, which makes it a breeze to start up compared to some grills I’ve used.

When it comes to storage and portability, I couldn’t be happier. The fold-down legs and locking casters make it easy to tuck the grill away when it’s not in use or to roll it around my patio when needed.

However, some users have complained about rusting, even with proper seasoning and covering. Additionally, the GD401 doesn’t have lids for covering the food while cooking, so you’ll need to purchase those separately. Finally, the packaging for shipping seems to be lacking, but customer service has been responsive in addressing issues.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my Royal Gourmet GD401 and believe it will be a fantastic addition to any outdoor cooking setup. With its versatile cooking zones and user-friendly design, it’s hard to go wrong with this grill and griddle combo.

Royal Gourmet GD402 4-Burner Portable Flat Top Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Royal Gourmet GD402

The Royal Gourmet GD402 is a fantastic griddle grill combo offering a versatile cooking experience with minor drawbacks.


  • 2-in-1 combo with large cooking areas
  • High-performance burners with 48,000 BTU
  • Portable design with folding legs and locking casters


  • No lid for the grill side
  • Grease management could be improved
  • Assembly can be a bit challenging

I recently got the chance to use the Royal Gourmet GD402 and found its dual cooking zones – porcelain-enameled cast iron gas grill and ceramic-coated steel griddle – reasonably practical. The ample cooking space allowed me to prepare various dishes for friends and family.

The four individually controlled burners and automatic ignition system made adjusting the heat for each dish easy and cooked the food evenly. The product’s portability also impressed me with its folding legs and locking casters.

However, I did notice that the lack of a lid on the grill side could be problematic when controlling the heat while cooking. The grease management system could also be improved, although it comes with a grease tray and cup to collect excess residues.

Assembling the grill and griddle combo took some time and effort, but I could appreciate its overall performance and versatility once it was put together.

I recommend the Royal Gourmet GD402 if you want a 2-in-1 griddle combo with a large cooking area and plenty of power. With minor improvements, it could become the go-to solution for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Mueller Ultra GrillPower 2-in-1

Mueller Ultra GrillPower

As a versatile and convenient indoor cooking companion, this grill and griddle combo is a fantastic choice for any kitchen.


  • Wide range of cooking options with minimal mess
  • Nonstick plate for easy cooking and cleaning
  • Efficient temperature control for various dishes


  • Some users may find the lightweight design flimsy
  • Temperature settings might not suit everyone
  • May take time to heat up initially

My experience with the Mueller Ultra GrillPower 2-in-1 has been quite enjoyable. With its easy assembly and non-stick cooking plate, I’ve cooked various dishes with minimal oil and a swift cleanup process.

One thing I particularly appreciate about this grill is the adjustable temperature control – it offers up to 5 different settings and can reach temperatures of up to 400°F.

However, I must point out that while the lightweight design is great for portability, it can feel flimsy, and some users might prefer a more solid build. Additionally, I noticed that it takes some time for the grill to heat up initially. Once heated, though, it maintains its temperature just fine.

Despite these small cons, I’m quite pleased with the Mueller Ultra GrillPower 2-in-1. Its wide range of cooking options, easy cleanup, and efficient temperature control make it a reliable indoor cooking tool. If you’re seeking versatility and convenience, this grill and griddle combo is an excellent addition to any kitchen.

Jungda Grill Cover for Blackstone Duo 17 Inch Griddle & Charcoal Grill

Jungda Grill Cover

The Jungda Grill Cover is a highly functional and durable cover designed to protect your Blackstone Duo 17-inch skillet and charcoal grill combo with ease and style.


  • Durable material – heavyweight 600D Oxford cloth
  • Waterproof – 100% waterproof coating
  • Windproof – adjustable drawstrings and four locks


  • Slightly too long for some smaller grills
  • Wheels may be harder to move when covered
  • May attract pet hair

I can’t imagine not having this Jungda Grill Cover in my life. The durability of the 600D Oxford material has certainly been tested, and it has not disappointed me in keeping my grill protected from damage while not in use.

The waterproof coating on the inside of the cover is perfect for when those unexpected storms roll in. I no longer worry about the rain damaging my grill, as the waterproof feature ensures it stays dry and ready for use. The adjustable drawstrings and four windproof locks also provide added security during those windy days.

However, the cover does run a bit long for my particular grill model, which means it drags on the ground. Pet owners should also know that the material could attract pet hair, so be prepared for the occasional thorough cleaning!

Overall, the Jungda Grill Cover has been a great addition to protect my Blackstone Duo grill. I would recommend this grill cover to anyone looking to protect their investment and extend the life of their griddle and charcoal grill combo.

Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 Indoor Grill & Electric Griddle Combo with Bacon Cooker

Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 Indoor Grill & Electric Griddle Combo with Bacon Cooker

This Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 grill is a must-have for those who love versatile cooking options and easy cleanup.


  • 4-in-1 cooking versatility
  • Family-sized cooking surface
  • Removable nonstick plates for easy cleaning


  • Lacks a power button or off switch
  • Grill ridges may be too large for some users
  • No handle for easy transport

I recently used this Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 grill and am thrilled with its versatility. It works as an indoor BBQ grill and a double griddle so that I can cook an entire meal simultaneously!

What stood out was the grill’s adjustable temperature control feature, which allows cooking on low or high heat settings up to 400 degrees. Additionally, the grill’s nonstick plates, which can be removed after cooling down, make cleaning up quick and easy.

However, the grill has no power button or off switch, so unplugging the cord is crucial. Some may find the grill ridges too large for their liking, affecting how food cooks. Lastly, the absence of a handle makes moving the grill challenging, especially when hot.

Despite these drawbacks, the Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 Indoor Grill & Electric Griddle Combo delivers a fantastic cooking experience with its multiple versatile functions and easy cleaning. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys preparing various dishes at home while having a simple cleanup process.

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Buying Guide

When looking for the best griddle grill combo, I keep a few key factors in mind to ensure I get a top-notch product. In this buying guide, I’ll share some of those considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Size and cooking area

First up, it’s important to consider the size of the griddle grill combo and the actual cooking area. I like to think about how much space I have in my kitchen or patio and whether the unit will fit comfortably.

Also, the cooking area should be large enough to accommodate my cooking needs. For example, a more substantial cooking area is necessary if I frequently cook for large gatherings.

Material and construction

The next aspect I pay attention to is the material and construction of the griddle grill combo. I prefer skillets made from cast iron or thick-gauge stainless steel, which offer better heat distribution and durability. Additionally, I look for a sturdy frame and high-quality components to ensure the unit will stand up to regular use.

Temperature control

Precise temperature control is crucial for getting great results every time I cook. I prefer griddle grill combos with adjustable heat settings and an easy-to-read temperature gauge. This allows me to set and monitor the desired temperature throughout cooking easily.

Ease of cleaning

Nobody wants to spend hours scrubbing grime off their griddle grill combo after cooking a delicious meal. I always check if the unit has features that make clean-up easier, such as a non-stick surface, removable grease tray, and dishwasher-safe components.

Additional features

Finally, I like to consider any additional features that may add value to my griddle grill combo, such as:

  • Side shelves for extra storage and prep space
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • Tool hooks to keep cooking utensils handy
  • Reversible griddle plates for added versatility (e.g., one side for grilling and the other for flat-top cooking)

By paying attention to these factors, I can confidently decide which griddle grill combo will suit my needs and help me create mouthwatering meals for my family and friends.

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