Best Canned Enchilada Sauces: Ultimate Picks for 2024

Enchilada sauce is a delicious component of one of the most beloved Mexican dishes: enchiladas. Having a tasty and reliable sauce can elevate your enchilada experience from good to exceptional, which is why canned enchilada sauces are so popular.

Canned enchilada sauces come in various flavors, spice levels, and ingredients to suit different preferences. They are a versatile product that can be used not only for enchiladas but also for various Mexican-inspired dishes and even some vegan dishes.

As a lover of canned enchilada sauces, I embarked on a journey to find the best options on the market. I spent a considerable amount of time researching and testing various canned enchilada sauces to discover which ones deliver not only the flavor but also the quality that enchilada enthusiasts like myself are searching for.

Best Canned Enchilada Sauces

I’ve put together a list of the best canned enchilada sauces available on Amazon. These are perfect for simplifying your cooking experience and making sure dinner is packed full of flavor. Check out my top picks below!

La Victoria Red Enchilada Sauce Traditional, Mild, 28 oz

La Victoria Red Enchilada Sauce

You’ll love this sauce for adding great flavor and spice to your homemade enchiladas without being too hot.


  • Tasty and mild flavor
  • Nice consistency
  • Gluten-free


  • Some cans arrived damaged
  • Possible price fluctuation
  • Not ideal for heat lovers

I recently tried out the La Victoria Red Enchilada Sauce, and I have to say, it enhanced my homemade enchiladas like never before. The mild flavor added just the right amount of spice without being overpowering, allowing me to savor each delicious bite.

What I also appreciated about this sauce was its consistency. It wasn’t too runny or thick, making it perfect not only for enchiladas, but also for flautas and as a dipping sauce for tacos. Plus, it’s gluten-free, which is a huge bonus for anyone with dietary restrictions.

However, be aware that some customers have reported receiving dented cans. Although this didn’t happen to me, it could be a potential issue if you order online. Also, it’s worth noting that since the sauce is on the milder side, it may not be the best choice for those seeking a spicier kick.

Overall, La Victoria’s Red Enchilada Sauce is a fantastic addition to any Mexican-inspired meal. The flavor, consistency, and gluten-free aspect make it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their culinary creations. Just make sure to check your cans upon arrival!

Old El Paso Mild Green Chile Enchilada Sauce

Old El Paso Mild Green Chile Enchilada Sauce

I highly recommend the Old El Paso Mild Green Chile Enchilada Sauce for its authentic flavor and versatility in various Mexican dishes.


  • Authentic Mexican flavor
  • Mild heat level for the whole family
  • Great for various dishes


  • Thin consistency
  • Unexpected color
  • Dented cans upon delivery

My experience with the Old El Paso Mild Green Chile Enchilada Sauce was overall quite positive. The authentic Mexican flavor really elevated my enchiladas, and I found it to be quite versatile for other dishes like casseroles, soups, and salads as well.

However, I did notice a couple of downsides to this enchilada sauce. The consistency was thinner than I expected, which made it slightly harder to work with in some recipes. Additionally, the color of the sauce wasn’t what I anticipated – although this didn’t affect the taste. Lastly, upon receiving my order, I found that all of the cans were dented, which raised some concerns about their storage and handling.

Despite some minor drawbacks, the Old El Paso Mild Green Chile Enchilada Sauce provides an authentic and delicious taste that can enhance various Mexican dishes. Just be aware of the thin consistency, unexpected color, and potential for dented cans upon arrival.

365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Red Enchilada Sauce

Organic Red Enchilada Sauce

This flavorful enchilada sauce is definitely a top choice for those looking to elevate their homemade enchilada dishes.


  • Rich, authentic taste
  • Organic and high-quality ingredients
  • Convenient jar packaging


  • Might be a bit mild for spice lovers
  • A bit thin, may need cooking to thicken
  • May be too spicy for some young children

The 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Red Enchilada Sauce surpassed my expectations when I decided to incorporate it into my enchilada night. The fact that it’s organic and made without compromising on ingredients really elevates this sauce above other canned enchilada sauces.

The jar packaging provides a nice change from the usual cans, making it easier to pour and store. However, the sauce was a bit thin for my liking, so I had to cook it down a bit in a saucepan before using it in my recipe.

My family generally enjoys a good level of spice, but I noticed that the kids found this sauce a bit too spicy for their liking. It might not be the perfect option if you have kids with sensitive taste buds. Nonetheless, for anyone seeking a high-quality, flavorful enchilada sauce, the 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Red Enchilada Sauce is absolutely worth trying.

Las Palmas Red Enchilada Sauce, Medium

Las Palmas Red Enchilada Sauce

A must-buy for enchilada lovers seeking a medium-spiced, authentic-tasting canned sauce.


  • Rich, authentic flavor
  • Medium spice level is just right
  • Easy-to-use canned format


  • Potential for damaged cans during shipping
  • Not available in all local stores
  • Not as customizable as homemade sauce

After trying Las Palmas Red Enchilada Sauce, it has become an essential ingredient in my kitchen for whipping up a quick batch of enchiladas. Founded in 1922, this Ventura, California-based brand boasts an authentic family recipe, and the flavors speak for themselves.

The medium spice level in this sauce is perfect for those who like a little kick, but don’t want their enchiladas to be overwhelmingly spicy. The red chiles used in Las Palmas Medium Red Enchilada Sauce provide that delicious traditional taste, elevating my enchiladas to scrumptious new heights.

The 19 oz can is incredibly convenient for someone like me who may not always have time to make enchilada sauce from scratch. However, there have been instances where cans arrived damaged during shipping. I do wish it were more readily available in my local stores. Regardless, when it comes to flavor and ease of use, Las Palmas is hard to beat.

While it’s true that making your own sauce allows for customization, Las Palmas Red Enchilada Sauce offers an exceptional, authentic alternative for those hectic nights when homemade just isn’t in the cards. It’s a reliable go-to for me, and I’ll definitely be purchasing it again.

HATCH CHILI COMPANY Organic Mild Red Enchilada Sauce, 15 OZ

Hatch Mild Red Enchilada Sauce

I’d recommend this sauce for its authentic, flavorful taste without excessive additives or preservatives.


  • Authentic, rich flavor
  • No hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup
  • Gluten-free and no synthetic nitrates or nitrites


  • A bit pricier than other brands
  • Mild heat may be too mild for some
  • Can sometimes be hard to find

I recently had the pleasure of using HATCH CHILI COMPANY’s Organic Mild Red Enchilada Sauce in my kitchen while making a batch of homemade enchiladas. Right from the start, I appreciated the organic nature of the product and the absence of hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, and synthetic nitrates.

This enchilada sauce has a deep and rich flavor profile that makes it perfect for a variety of dishes, not just enchiladas. The consistency is just right, not too thick or thin, making it easy to work with. This being a mild sauce, I found the heat level to be just right for my taste buds, but those who prefer a spicier kick might find it insufficient.

My only gripe with this sauce is the price, which is a bit higher than other similar products on the market. Additionally, it wasn’t always easy to find in my local stores. But overall, I believe the quality and flavor of HATCH CHILI COMPANY’s Organic Mild Red Enchilada Sauce make it worth the investment.

I would definitely recommend HATCH CHILI COMPANY’s Organic Mild Red Enchilada Sauce to anyone looking for a flavorful, organic canned enchilada sauce. Its rich taste, healthy ingredient list, and good consistency make it a top choice in my book, despite the slight drawbacks of price and availability. Give it a try next time you’re cooking up some tasty Mexican cuisine!

Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Sauce, Medium, 15 oz

Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Sauce

This Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Sauce is a must-try for those who want a perfect balance of flavor and spice.


  • Delicious and authentic Hatch chilies
  • Versatile: great for enchiladas and soups
  • Medium heat level suitable for most tastes


  • Slightly thicker consistency than some may prefer
  • Contains soy, a possible allergen
  • A bit pricier compared to competitors

I recently prepared enchiladas using Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Sauce, and I must say, the flavor was incredibly rich and satisfying. The medium heat level was just right for my taste buds, providing a spicy kick without being too overpowering. It also had a nice thickness that helped coat the enchiladas evenly.

One thing I particularly liked about this sauce is its versatility. I tried it as a base for a chicken tortilla soup by mixing it with low-sodium chicken broth, and it was a hit among my guests. The authentic Hatch chilies really elevated the dish to something special.

However, I did notice that the consistency is slightly thicker than some other enchilada sauces I’ve tried. While this wasn’t an issue for me, those who prefer a thinner sauce may want to dilute it slightly with some broth or water. Additionally, it contains soy, which could be a concern for those with allergies.

To sum up, if you’re a fan of genuine Hatch chilies and are looking for a canned enchilada sauce with excellent flavor, give this Hatch Green Chile Enchilada Sauce a try. It might be a bit on the pricier side, but the taste is worth it. Just be aware of its thickness and soy content in case these factors may affect your preference.

Simply Organic Red Enchilada Simmer Sauce

Simply Organic Red Enchilada Simmer Sauce

I’d recommend the Simply Organic Red Enchilada Simmer Sauce for its bold flavor and versatility with cheese, beef, and chicken enchiladas.


  • Rich, tangy flavor with a smoky twist
  • Certified Organic
  • Suitable for multiple types of enchiladas


  • Might be too spicy for some
  • Quantity may not be enough for a large dish
  • Slightly higher price due to organic ingredients

Diving into the world of enchilada sauces, I recently tried the Simply Organic Red Enchilada Simmer Sauce on my homemade chicken enchiladas. This sauce brings a tangy, aromatic taste to the dish while adding rich notes of cocoa and smoked paprika. The ancho pepper heat pleasantly warms your taste buds without overpowering the entire meal.

One thing that stands out about the Simply Organic sauce is that it’s certified organic. I appreciate being able to serve my family a healthier option without sacrificing flavor.

Although this sauce has a balanced heat and flavor profile, it might be a little too spicy for those with a milder palate. Additionally, the organic ingredients cause the price to be slightly higher than non-organic alternatives, but for me, the flavor and quality make it worth the extra cost.

Overall, the Simply Organic Red Enchilada Simmer Sauce brought new life to my enchilada dishes. Its bold and smoky flavor, combined with the organic ingredients, make it a must-try for your next enchilada night. If you’re a fan of spice and looking for a versatile sauce with a rich taste, this sauce might just hit the spot.

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Buying Guide

When I’m looking for the perfect canned enchilada sauce, there are a few key factors to consider. Let me share with you some tips on what to look for, and how to choose the best one.

Flavor Profile

First things first, the flavor profile of the sauce is a major consideration. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell just by reading the label, so I like to keep these in mind:

  • Spiciness: Mild, medium, or hot? Choose according to your personal preference and tolerance for heat.
  • Richness: Is it a tomato-based sauce or a sauce with a more complex mix of flavors like mole?
  • Authenticity: Look for sauce descriptions that mention traditional ingredients and cooking methods, as this can be a good indicator of authentic flavors.

You may need to try a few different sauces to find the one that best suits your taste buds, but it’s totally worth the effort!


When you’re buying any type of sauce, be it an enchilada or stir fry sauce, important to check the ingredient list, not just for health reasons, but also to ensure you’re getting the best possible flavor. Some things to look for:

  1. Natural ingredients: Avoid sauces with artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  2. Quality spices: Quality spices can make a huge difference in the flavor of your sauce. Look for sauces that list specific spices they use, like cumin, chili powder, or oregano.

Price and Size

Don’t forget to consider the price and size of the can when making your decision:

SmallPerfect for a single meal or if you want to try a new brandPrice per ounce might be higher
MediumGood for multiple servings or larger recipesYou might get bored of the same sauce if you use it often
LargeGreat value, ideal for bulk cooking or meal preppingMake sure you’ll use it all before it spoils or gets wasted

Always remember to balance your budget with the quality of the sauce. Sometimes, paying a little more can make a world of difference in taste!

Now that you know what to look for in a canned enchilada sauce, I hope you’ll have an easier time finding the perfect one for your next meal. Happy sauce hunting!

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