Best Seitan Choices for Delicious Vegan Meals

Seitan, also known as wheat meat, has become a staple in vegan and vegetarian diets due to its high protein content and meaty texture. It is made from wheat gluten, the main protein in wheat, and is a versatile ingredient that can take on various flavors and seasonings.

People opt for seitan as a plant-based alternative to animal proteins, and it’s praised for its ability to absorb a wide range of tastes. It’s best mixed with flavorful additives like vegetable stock powder or other spices.

When shopping for the best seitan, I consider several factors, including taste, texture, and ingredient list. Some products aim for a mild flavor excellent for soaking up sauces and marinades, while others come pre-flavored and are great for quick meals.

Texture-wise, you’ll want to look for a seitan that closely resembles the mouthfeel of the meat it’s replicating, be it chicken, beef, or pork. Additionally, checking the ingredients is vital for those with sensitivities or allergies to other components like soy or nuts, which are sometimes included.

The key is finding a seitan that not only matches your nutritional needs but also delivers culinary satisfaction. It should have a pleasing texture, complement any dish without overpowering it, and align with personal health goals and dietary restrictions.

Investing the time to discover the most suitable seitan means you’ll have a go-to ingredient that enhances your meals while supporting a compassionate, plant-based lifestyle. I dove into seitan offerings to share insights on products that meet these benchmarks and can elevate your vegan culinary experience.

Top Seitan Picks for Plant-Based Protein Lovers

I’ve scoured the market to find the most delicious and versatile seitan products for you. So, whether you’re a long-time vegan or just looking to cut down on meat, the upcoming list is packed with my favorites that I’m pretty sure will become staples in your pantry, too.

Companion Seitan Tidbits

Braised Gluten Seitan Tidbits

I’d recommend grabbing these seitan tidbits if you’re keen on a meaty texture without the meat—ideal for stews and stir-fries.


  • Mimics meat texture well, making it great for vegan and vegetarian dishes
  • Versatile for an array of recipes, from soups to sandwiches
  • Quick and convenient source of plant-based protein


  • Texture may not appeal to everyone, resembling an oyster for some
  • Some cans may arrive dented, so inspect your package upon arrival
  • May contain more water than expected, affecting the texture

I just whipped up a quick stir-fry using Companion Seitan Tidbits, and honestly, the savory depth they added was impressive. The way they absorb flavors reminds me of how tofu works but with a more fibrous, meat-like chew.

I’ve recently tossed these tidbits into a slow-cooked stew, and they held their shape and texture beautifully. The protein hit is substantial, too, making it a solid choice for my post-workout meals.

On my last order, a couple of cans arrived with minor dents, which was a bummer, but it didn’t affect the quality of the seitan inside. Though the texture might be an acquired taste for some, it’s definitely a staple in my pantry for its versatility and the fact it can elevate a dish from meh to mouthwatering without much effort.

Upton’s Traditional Seitan

Upton's Traditional Seitan

If you’re hunting for a meat alternative that nails it on texture and taste, Upton’s Traditional Seitan is your go-to.


  • Mirrors the chewy texture of meat brilliantly
  • Incredibly versatile for a range of recipes
  • No fridge full of preservatives – just simple, clean ingredients


  • Can be a bit bland on its own; it’s a canvas awaiting your culinary artistry.
  • May not suit everyone’s wallet for everyday meals.
  • Satiety can vary, might need an extra side to fill up.

Upton’s Traditional Seitan has been my savior on many meat-free Mondays. It’s like this blank slate, ready to soak up whatever flavors you throw.

Its ability to mock the texture of meat is nothing short of impressive. On its own, it’s a tad bland, much like tofu – you’ve got to bring it to life with spices and sauces. The price tag can also make you think twice before making it a daily staple.

While a serving is hearty enough, I’ve noticed some friends loading up on sides to feel completely satisfied. Still, it’s a stellar plant-based substitute that won’t have you missing meat one bit, provided you’re ready to get creative in the kitchen.

Upton’s Natural Seitan Strips

Upton's Natural Seitan

If you’re hunting for a versatile and satisfying meat substitute, these Seitan Strips by Upton’s Naturals won’t disappoint.


  • Perfect for a variety of dishes
  • Mimics meat texture splendidly
  • High in protein, low in fat


  • Only comes in larger sizes
  • Minimal seasoning may require extra flavoring
  • Limited availablity in local stores

Having just tried this Seitan in my lunch wrap, I was genuinely impressed with its convenience and natural, meat-like texture. These larger strips were a breeze to cook with and absorbed the flavors of my sauce seriously, making a hearty and delightful meal that left me looking forward to leftovers.

It added the perfect, protein-packed chewiness often lacking in plant-based dishes. The mild flavor profile meant it didn’t overpower the other ingredients but played well alongside a punchy vinaigrette and fresh greens.

An honest mention must go to the minimal seasoning. While some may relish the opportunity to customize the flavor to their liking, others might prefer something ready to go right out of the package. Still, Upton’s Naturals Seitan Strips remain a fantastic choice for anyone looking to diversify their plant-based protein options.

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Buying Guide

When I’m on the hunt for the best seitan, I keep an eye out for certain features. Let me break down what you should consider to make a smart purchase.


I always check the ingredient list first. High-quality seitan will have minimal additives. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Whole Wheat Gluten: Should be the main ingredient.
  • Water or Vegetable Broth: For moisture and flavor.
  • Seasonings: Natural herbs and spices enhance the taste.


Texture is a big deal when it comes to seitan. It should be:

  • Chewy: Gives that meat-like experience.
  • Firm: But not overly dense.

Nutritional Content

Protein is the star, but let’s not forget about:

  • Protein: Look for high protein content per serving.
  • Low in Unhealthy Fats: A bonus for heart health.
  • Fortified Options: Sometimes they have added vitamins and minerals.


Eco-friendly packaging is a plus for me. It should be:

  • Recyclable Material: Better for the planet.
  • Clear Labeling: Nutritional info should be easy to find.


Consider the price per ounce to get the best value:

QuantityPrice Range
Small (Under 8 oz)$
Medium (8-16 oz)$$
Large (Over 16 oz)$$$

Remember, a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. Stick to these points, and you’re likely to find some great seitan that’s delicious, nutritious, and ethically produced. Happy shopping!

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