Best Vegan Hair Gel: Ultimate Eco-Friendly Stylers for 2024

In a market filled with styling products, finding the right hair gel that aligns with ethical and health-conscious choices can be challenging. Vegan hair gels offer a plant-based alternative to traditional hair gels, which often contain animal-derived ingredients or are tested on animals.

As someone with personal values invested in sustainability and animal welfare, I always look out for vegan hair gels with natural, nourishing ingredients. Common beneficial components to look out for include aloe vera, which provides hold and hydration, and proteins like quinoa or soy, which can strengthen hair. A good vegan hair gel should provide the desired hold without flaking or causing dryness, and it should work well with a variety of hair types.

Choosing the best vegan hair gel also requires careful consideration of hair type, desired hold, and personal preferences for scent and consistency. Some may prefer a lightweight gel that offers a soft hold for natural wave enhancement, while others might need a stronger product for structured styles. Ingredients and packaging sustainability are also critical, as many consumers seeking vegan products value eco-friendly practices.

Having sifted through ingredients, tested hold levels, and considered the ethical implications of various products, I’m ready to share my top picks for the best vegan hair gels. The right gel can make all the difference in achieving not just a great look but also in supporting a lifestyle that respects animal welfare and environmental health.

Best Vegan Hair Gel Picks

I’ve scoured the internet for the very best vegan hair gels that not only hold your style in place but do so without any animal-derived ingredients or testing. These hair gels are packed with plant-based goodness, making sure your hair stays fabulous throughout the day while also keeping your ethical standards in check. Whether you have curls that need defining or a sleek ponytail that requires a firm hold, there’s something here for every hair type and preference.

GIOVANNI Strong Hold Hair Gel

If you’re in search of a vegan-friendly hair gel that offers a firm grip without harsh chemicals, this one’s a winner in my book.


  • Offers a strong hold that keeps hairstyles intact
  • Made with organic botanical ingredients giving a natural touch to hair care
  • The gel works well for curls and adds a healthy shine


  • Some users may find the hold slightly too firm
  • Might not be the best match for those avoiding a glossy finish
  • A few have noted it can be drying to the hair

I recently had the chance to try the GIOVANNI Strong Hold Hair Gel, and it’s been a pleasant experience. The hold is seriously impressive; my styled hair stayed put throughout the day, even amidst light wind and humidity. It’s quite reassuring to know that I’m using a product free from parabens and phthalates, plus it’s vegan—something I’m very intentional about.

This gel didn’t weigh down my hair, a common issue I face with other products. Instead, it provided definition and a commendable shine that made my locks appear healthier. While I’m all in for a glossy look, some might prefer a more matte appearance, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Now, while the hold is remarkable, it can be a bit much if you’re looking for something that allows for natural movement. That, and after a few uses, I noticed it can be a tad drying, so it’s paramount to balance it with proper hair moisturization. Overall, combining its ethical attributes with its performance makes the GIOVANNI gel a staple in my routine.

Blackwood Hair Gel

I’d recommend this gel for anyone seeking a natural hold without the typical gel stiffness, especially with its eco-conscious ingredients.


  • Keeps hair styled all day without feeling heavy
  • Works wonders for a variety of hair types
  • Organic ingredients mean no harm to my hair or the planet


  • The scent might not be everyone’s cup of tea
  • May not provide the extreme hold some styles require
  • A bit pricier compared to others, but worth it for the quality

Having tried a plethora of hair gels that promise the earth but deliver a crusty mess, I was skeptical about Blackwood for Men BioFuse Hair Sculpting Gel. To my surprise, this one felt different as soon as I worked it into my hair. It gives that just-right medium hold that lasts from morning coffee to evening plans without leaving any residue that could ruin a good hair day.

Sensitive to those overpowering salon smells, I was relieved to find that this gel has a natural scent that doesn’t announce itself across the room. It’s refreshing to know you’re not head-to-toe in chemicals just to keep a neat appearance. Plus, the gel’s consistency made application a breeze, distributing smoothly and evenly without having to use half the tube.

I’ve got to hand it to Blackwood: they’ve considered all hair types and our planet while crafting their gel. Waving goodbye to harmful additives like silicone and parabens made me a quick fan, and the added botanicals left my hair with a healthy sheen. Sure, I’ve come across cheaper gels, but none that leave me feeling this guilt-free about what I’m putting on my hair and washing down the drain.

MGA Sculpting Gel

I’d grab this gel in a heartbeat for reliable hold without compromising my hair’s health or the environment.


  • Offers powerful hold without the usual stickiness
  • Battles humidity effectively, keeping hair styled and smooth
  • Free from harsh chemicals, aligning with my clean beauty routine


  • Might not work for all-day hold for some hair types
  • The herbal scent could be a hit or miss, depending on personal preference
  • May not provide enough moisture for extremely dry hair

Waking up to unruly hair had become a daily struggle until I started using the MGA Sculpting Gel. I was pleasantly surprised; my hair stayed put throughout the day with no signs of flaking or that dreaded crunchy texture. It feels good to trust a product that not only styles my hair but also cares for my scalp with its natural ingredient list.

Applying it post-shower has become a ritual. The gel works effortlessly into my damp hair, offering a stronghold that’s perfect when I have a long day ahead. It tames my flyaways and frizz, which is a life-saver on humid days. What’s even better, it reactivates with water, so a quick touch-up is all I need if I’m switching up my look for the evening.

On the environmental front, the MGA Sculpting Gel ticks all the boxes. Knowing it’s vegan and free from nasties like sulfates and parabens puts my mind at ease. It washes out without leaving any residue, keeping my hair and conscience clean. Sure, the herbal citrus scent isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it refreshing. There’s something empowering about a haircare product that delivers on its promises while standing firm on ethical grounds.

Nature’s Touch Organic Gel

I’d definitely recommend Nature’s Touch Organic Gel for anyone seeking a natural, effective hair styling solution that nurtures hair health.


  • Strong hold without the sticky residue
  • Organic ingredients nourish hair and scalp
  • Pleasant, subtle citrus scent


  • May not hold up in extreme humidity
  • Lighter hold may require reapplication
  • Some may find the scent too mild

I’m really impressed with how this gel kept my flyaways in check. It’s not every day you find a hair gel that manages to tame frizz while feeling like nothing’s there. What’s more, my hair actually feels healthier since I switched to using it, probably because of all the natural ingredients conditioning my scalp and strands.

This gel doesn’t scream, “I’m wearing hair product!” There’s none of that typical gel stiffness or flaking, and my hair can actually move naturally while keeping its shape. And if you care about what you’re putting on your body and into the environment, you’ll appreciate that it’s made with certified organic botanicals.

That said, while my hair looked pristine in the office, I did notice it needed a bit of a touch-up after a sweaty commute home. Nevertheless, reapplying was not an issue, especially since the gel’s scent is a refreshingly light citrus—a nice departure from the overly perfumed alternatives that can be a bit much in enclosed spaces.

The bottom line is Nature’s Touch Organic Gel works well for everyday use, and my conscience feels just as good as my hair knowing that this eco-conscious choice contributes to the planet’s wellbeing as well as my own.

All About Curls High Def Gel

I think you’ll love the All About Curls High Def Gel’s stellar performance on curly hair, providing a strong hold without the dreaded crunch.


  • Delivers strong, crunch-free hold
  • Infuses moisture for soft, frizz-free curls
  • Complements all types of curly hair


  • Bottle design can make dispensing tricky
  • May not be ideal for very thick hair types
  • Some may find the residue post-brushing bothersome

I’ve been on the hunt for the ultimate curl-defining gel and stumbled upon the All About Curls High Def Gel. First off, my hair just drank up the lovely natural scent of this gel. Applying it was a breeze; my hair was sculpted beautifully, and I noticed a significant bounce and definition.

What I didn’t expect was the hydration it packed. For a product that offers such supremacy in hold, it’s fascinating how it doesn’t leave my hair feeling like a helmet. The moisture factor it provides is a godsend, practically rescuing my locks from the frizz monster that loves to wreak havoc on humid days.

Now, while the gel worked wonders on my hair, squeezing out the product turned out to be an unexpected mini-workout. The bottle is a bit stiff, certainly keeping the gel safe, but a softer container would make life easier. Also, while my friend with thicker locks gave it a go, she wasn’t as enthused. Her curls needed a little more persuasion to stay in place, and brushing out the gel later left a residue she wasn’t fond of.

Maintaining my hair now feels like less of a chore and more like a simple step in my daily routine with this gel. The All About Curls High Def Gel brings discipline to unruly tresses without being tyrannical – a liberating approach to curly hair care that I highly recommend if your hair craves gentle guidance rather than a stern command.

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Buying Guide

Ingredients That Matter

When I pick a vegan hair gel, I start by reading the label. I look for natural ingredients like aloe vera and protein sources such as quinoa. Hypoallergenic and non-irritating substances are big pluses, especially for sensitive skin. It’s important to ensure everything is plant-derived.

Hold and Shine

Depending on my hairstyle needs, I consider the level of hold and shine that a gel provides:


I match these features with the look I’m aiming for, whether that’s a slick-back or a casual tousle.

Scent and Consistency

The texture of the hair gel is a make-or-break factor. I prefer a consistency that’s not too sticky yet spreads evenly. As for the scent, I choose something subtle that won’t clash with my other grooming products.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainability is important to me, so I seek out hair gels in recyclable or biodegradable containers. It’s a simple step that lets me take care of my hair and the planet.

Price Point

Finally, I evaluate the cost. I do a little research to find a product that offers a good balance between quality and affordability. High prices don’t always guarantee the best performance, nor do bargain options signal poor quality.

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