Best Vegan Hair Spray: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Styling

In personal care, increased awareness about our products has shifted towards ingredients that are kind to our bodies and the environment. When it comes to hair care, one product that often features prominently in our routines is hair spray.

Traditionally packed with chemicals and preservatives, hair sprays have been known to contain ingredients that some people find undesirable. Enter the best vegan hair spray: a refreshing alternative that promises to hold, style, and care for your hair without animal by-products or harsh substances.

By choosing products like vegan shampoo and hair spray, I consciously decided to use a cruelty-free product formulated with plant-based ingredients. This pivot reflects a commitment to compassionate living and caters to those with sensitive skin or scalps, as vegan formulations tend to be gentler.

I focus on a few critical aspects when I’m in the market for the best vegan hair spray. The ingredients list is paramount; I look for products free from sulfates, parabens, silicones, and synthetic fragrances. The performance is just as important—does it provide the hold and texture I need without leaving my hair stiff or sticky?

The company’s ethos and sustainability practices also influence my decision-making process. Finding a hair spray that ticks all these boxes can be challenging, but it’s worth the effort for its benefits to my hair and the environment.

Considering these considerations, I’ve taken the time to sift through numerous options, examining their ingredients, performance, and user feedback. I aim to find the best vegan hair sprays that promise to support my hair styling routine while adhering to my ethical and health-conscious standards.

Best Vegan Hair Spray

Selecting a hair spray that aligns with a vegan lifestyle means finding products that forego any animal-derived ingredients and aren’t tested on animals. I’ve rounded up some stellar hair sprays that give our furry friends excellent hold and respect.

These are the ones that have made the cut for being kind to animals and killer at keeping your hairdo in place all day.

Pacifica Big Waves Hairspray

If you’re aiming for beachy vibes without the crunch, this soft-hold spray has got you covered.


  • Enhances natural waves with a light, non-stiff hold
  • Divine scent of coconut and vanilla is like a tropical escape
  • Proud to support its 100% vegan and cruelty-free ethos


  • The hold might be too gentle for those needing a firmer grip
  • Coconut scent can be overpowering for some
  • Might not withstand extreme humidity or intense activities

After spritzing my hair with this Pacifica spray, I immediately noticed how the light mist gave my waves a soft grip without giving them that dreaded crunchy texture. Whether running errands or grabbing lunch with friends, this hairspray provides that laid-back, I-just-left-the-beach look without any effort.

It feels like summer in a bottle – the coconut and vanilla notes transport me to sunny shores whenever I catch a whiff of my hair. Unlike other hairsprays, this one captures the essence of the ocean breeze without leaving a chemical trail in the air.

I appreciate the commitment to being vegan and cruelty-free, which aligns with my values. However, it’s worth mentioning that I might reach for something with a stronger hold on particularly humid days or when I need my hairstyle to withstand more than just a gentle sea breeze.

Nature’s Organic Hold

If you’re venturing into eco-friendly haircare, this hairspray strikes the right balance between health-conscious ingredients and effective styling.


  • Keeps hairstyles intact without harsh chemicals
  • USDA certified organic, reassuring me of its purity
  • Light, pleasant scent that doesn’t overpower


  • May not provide a stronghold for more challenging hairstyles
  • Can be a bit pricey compared to conventional sprays
  • The initial wetness might dampen the hair slightly upon application

I’ve recently switched to more sustainable and health-conscious beauty products, so trying out Nature’s Organic Hold was a delight. Spraying it felt like a breath of fresh air, quite literally, due to its soft herbal scent.

I appreciated how the hairspray provided enough hold for my daily styles without making my hair feel stiff or sticky. The fine mist coated my hair evenly and left it with a subtle shine, which looked natural and vibrant.

I loved how it nurtured my hair with organic ingredients, but it didn’t hold up against my friend’s intricate updos during a windy outdoor event. Also, while I don’t mind investing in my hair’s health, the price was slightly higher than the non-organic options.

Maria Nila’s Extreme Hold

I’d recommend this spray if you need your style to stay put all day without the crunch – plus, it smells like a tropical cocktail!


  • Offers a stronghold without the stiffness
  • Pleasant scent that’s not overpowering
  • Easy to wash out without leaving residues


  • Spray nozzle can clog after initial use
  • Price may jump unexpectedly
  • May irritate eyes if it comes into contact

I just gave my hairdo a solid finish with Maria Nila’s Extreme Hold, and I must say, it’s been a fantastic experience. You need the hold for those hairstyles that have to last through everything from windy commutes to dance floor sessions. It’s got that great balance – stiff enough to hold yet flexible enough.

The aroma is another win – you’re walking around with this subtle blend of vanilla, passion fruit, and apple that reminds me of a day at the beach. Unlike other sprays that can be too much on the nose, this one has a scent that won’t compete with your perfume.

There is a downside, though – the nozzle. After the first spritz, I ran into some trouble with clogging. And be careful not to touch your eyes after using this product; they might not appreciate it as much as your hair.

Sun Bum Heat Defense

After using Sun Bum Heat Defense, my hair feels protected, and the quick-dry effect is a real time-saver.


  • Significantly reduces blow-drying time, ideal for rushed mornings.
  • Shields hair from thermal damage effectively, keeping it healthy.
  • Beachy scent adds a pleasant dimension to the hair styling routine.


  • The two-phase formula requires shaking before each use which can be easy to forget.
  • May not completely tame frizz for all hair types.
  • The initial green liquid may run out before the product is fully finished.

I just tried out the Sun Bum Heat Defense, and I’ve got to say, my long locks are thanking me! The spray has a lightweight consistency that doesn’t weigh my hair down.

The necessity to safeguard my hair from heat damage can’t be understated. With this protective spray, I’m confident that my hair remains healthier. It’s like having a little guardian angel in a bottle, especially with a flat iron.

However, when it comes to frizzy situations, it might not always give me the flawless finish I’m after. Remembering to shake the bottle can also be a nuisance, as the oil separation is natural.

FRAGFRE Firm Hold Spray

This is a gem if you’re seeking a hair spray that caters to sensitive skin without skimping on hold.


  • Doesn’t aggravate sensitive skin
  • Holds style effectively
  • Free from a plethora of common irritants


  • Not the strongest hold for some hair types
  • May cause itchiness in rare cases
  • Issues reported with bottle leakage during shipping

I gotta say, I’ve been reaching for the FRAGFRE Firm Hold Spray more often than not these days. Its gentle formula hasn’t given my sensitive skin a moment’s trouble. Plus, the shine it adds is what my hair craves.

That steady hold keeps my style fresh from the get-go, and even after a full day, my hair still has that bounce and volume. It’s reassuring to know I’m not subjecting my hair to nasties, as this spray kicks parabens and sulfates to the curb.

If you’re someone with unruly locks expecting this to work miracles, you might find it falling a bit short. It’s been great for my day-to-day, but on humid days, I sense it struggles a bit. And while it’s rare, I did notice a mild itch after using it once or twice, though nothing deal-breaking.

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Buying Guide

When I hunt for the best vegan hairspray, I like to keep a few key features in mind. This helps me select a product that meets my ethical standards and performs well.


I always start by checking the ingredients list. I look for products that are free from animal-derived ingredients and by-products. The hairspray must contain nourishing components like aloe vera, vitamins, and natural oils that benefit my hair.

  • Must-have: Plant-based ingredients
  • Avoid: Animal derivatives, harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates


Of course, the hairspray has to do its job. I check for the type of hold it offers—light, medium, or firm—and consider what styles I want to use it for. I also ensure it doesn’t leave any residue or flakes in my hair after use.

  • Look for: Desired hold level, non-sticky formula
  • Check: Non-flaking, residue-free

Environmental Impact

Since I’m looking for vegan options, I also care about the product’s environmental footprint. I prefer hairsprays packaged in recyclable materials and aerosol sprays that are ozone-friendly or non-aerosol alternatives that are better for the environment.

  • Packaging: Recyclable or biodegradable
  • Spray: Ozone-friendly or pump


Reliable certifications can tell me a lot about a product. I seek out hairsprays that have certifications from credible organizations that confirm that the product is truly vegan and cruelty-free.

By focusing on these features, I can feel confident that I’m making a well-informed choice that’s good for me and the planet.

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