Best Vegan Vitamin C Supplement: Immunity Boost for Ultimate Wellness!

Vitamin C is fundamental to our health, playing a vital role in the growth, development, and repair of body tissues. It’s involved in many bodily functions, including the absorption of iron, the maintenance of the immune system, and the protection of cells against oxidative stress.

As an essential nutrient, we cannot produce vitamin C ourselves, so it must be obtained through our diet or supplementation. For those following a vegan lifestyle, it’s important to source vitamin C from supplements that align with their ethical choices, hence the rise in vegan vitamin C supplements.

These vegan supplements come from non-animal sources and are often derived from fruits or manufactured synthetically to avoid any animal byproducts. The assurance that these supplements are cruelty-free and sustainably sourced is a significant consideration for anyone looking to minimize their ecological footprint while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When shopping for the best vegan vitamin C supplement, it’s critical to look at the source of vitamin C, additional ingredients, dosage, and certifications confirming it is truly vegan. Certifications from third-party organizations can give an added layer of trust.

I’ve researched and tried various options to ensure you get the high-quality vitamin C your body thrives on without compromising vegan values. Let’s take a look at the supplements that not only promise to support your health but are also true to vegan principles.

Best Vegan Vitamin C Supplement Picks

I’ve explored a variety of vegan vitamin C supplements to bring you my top selections. Whether you’re focused on boosting your immune system or just looking to complement your plant-based diet, I’m confident these supplements will meet your needs. Check out my favorites below!

Sports Research Vitamin C

I just tried these 1000mg Vitamin C capsules, and honestly, they’re a solid choice for immune support and antioxidant boost.


  • No unnecessary fillers, making them gentle on my stomach
  • Vegan-certified and allergen-friendly boots my confidence in the product quality
  • The high potency of 1000mg of Vitamin C per capsule simplifies my daily routine


  • They’re quite large, which might be challenging for some to swallow
  • Only available in a one-size bottle, which may not suit everyone’s needs
  • Being high in potency, they may not be suitable for those who prefer lower doses for their dietary requirements

I’ve been vigilant about my immune health and decided to incorporate Sports Research Vitamin C into my daily regimen. The ease of taking just one veggie capsule per day rather than multiple pills has been a game-changer. They’re free from gluten and soy, which is a relief because I’ve got allergies that can be a nuisance with other supplements.

After consistent use, I’ve noticed that my energy levels seem more stable, and I feel good knowing I’m taking care of my body with a product that aligns with my vegan lifestyle. These capsules have no weird aftertaste, which is something I can’t say for other supplements I’ve tried in the past.

The family-owned brand ethos of Sports Research resonates with me, and knowing they prioritize high-quality, research-backed products adds to the trust factor. Sure, taking a vitamin C supplement might not seem exciting, but when it’s this easy and aligns with so many of my personal values, it’s a win in my book. Plus, the bottle is huge, so I’m stocked up for a good while.

Solgar Vitamin C Boost

I’d recommend grabbing a bottle of Solgar’s Vitamin C if you’re in the market for a vegan-friendly boost to your immune system and overall health.


  • Immune system feels stronger
  • Skin looks more radiant and healthy
  • Easy to incorporate into daily routine


  • The size of capsules might be large for some
  • Mild aftertaste that not everyone enjoys
  • Premium price point compared to some competitors

Having tried Solgar’s Vitamin C, my immune system feels like it’s gotten a hearty boost. Even during periods when everyone around me seems to be catching something, I’ve managed to stay healthy. The role this supplement plays in white blood cell function seems to be doing the trick, just as advertised.

Skin health isn’t usually my top priority, but I’ve noticed my skin looks clearer and feels more supple since I started taking these capsules. I attribute this to the vitamin’s role in collagen formation. Considering the harshness of the winter season, this is a welcome benefit.

Daily incorporation of this supplement into my routine has been seamless. Solgar’s commitment to non-GMO, vegan-friendly products aligns with my dietary preferences, ensuring I’m not compromising on my values for the sake of convenience.

However, the size of the capsules can be a bit off-putting for those who struggle with larger pills. Despite this, they have no bad smell and are manageable once you get used to them. Additionally, there is a slight aftertaste that lingers briefly after consumption, but it’s nothing a quick drink of water can’t fix.

Lastly, while the price is a bit higher than some other brands, I find the quality and peace of mind provided by the Solgar brand to be well worth the extra cost. They’ve been in the game for a long time, and their expertise shows in the quality of their products.


If you’re seeking a high-absorption Vitamin C supplement without animal products or harmful additives, this should be in your cart.


  • Comes from natural sources, making it easy for my body to utilize.
  • Bioflavonoids enhance the vitamin’s effectiveness.
  • Devoid of common allergens and unnecessary ingredients.


  • You might find it a bit pricey compared to synthetic options.
  • Capsules might be large for some people to swallow.
  • The recent price hike may affect affordability.

When I took the NATURELO Vitamin C capsules, the first thing I noticed was how gentle they were on my stomach. Unlike some synthetic vitamin C supplements I’ve tried before, which sometimes caused me a bit of discomfort, these were surprisingly digestible.

I’ve been on the lookout for clean and effective immune support, and I found just that with NATURELO. The added bioflavonoids seem to really amplify the vitamin C’s effect, giving me the antioxidant boost I felt my body needed, especially during the seasonal changes when I feel like my immune system could use some extra help.

One aspect I’m particularly fond of is the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients; it’s reassuring to see a supplement that’s vegan and free from common allergens. While it’s true that you may pay a little more for these quality ingredients, to me, it feels worth it. These capsules integrate seamlessly into my wellness routine, although the increased cost has made me consider my budget a bit more carefully.

Peak Performance Vitamin C

I’d say go for it if you’re seeking a vegan vitamin C that feels natural and supports more than just your own health.


  • Sourced from whole food Acerola Cherry for max absorption
  • Tested by 3rd party for safety and quality assurance
  • Contributes to a noble cause with 1-for-1 Vitamin Angels donation


  • Higher price point than synthetic options
  • Some users may prefer higher vitamin C content per serving
  • Limited flavor options due to its natural composition

After giving Peak Performance Vitamin C a try, I was impressed by how it’s derived from whole food—that’s a breath of fresh air from the synthetics I’ve seen around. I popped these capsules feeling confident, knowing that they prioritize absorption using real Acerola Cherry. There was something satisfying about taking a supplement that I knew wasn’t jam-packed with artificial ingredients.

Transparency’s another big win here. I genuinely appreciate that Peak Performance isn’t shy about its 3rd party testing—talk about putting safety first! And while swallowing the capsule, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of a feel-good vibe knowing my purchase would send vitamins to a child in need.

Sure, I admit, the wallet felt the difference. You might shell out a few more bucks compared to the cheaper stuff, but I believe you’re getting what you pay for. And while some might hanker for a vitamin C that’s super high in dosage per serving, I found the balance in these capsules to be just right for my daily self-care routine. Plus, the unflavored aspect? It’s honestly a plus in my book, sidestepping the usual artificial taste.

MaryRuth’s C Gummies

I’d recommend these gummies for a tasty and effective way to up your vitamin C intake.


  • Gummies are easy to chew and the flavors are delicious.
  • They’re vegan, catering to specific dietary preferences.
  • The non-GMO, organic ingredients give me peace of mind.


  • The gummies sometimes stick together in the bottle.
  • A bit pricey compared to other brands.
  • You may prefer a supplement with more than just vitamin C.

I’ve tried integrating MaryRuth’s Vitamin C Gummies into my daily routine before, and I’ve become quite fond of the experience. The blend of cherry, orange, and grape flavors makes it enjoyable to get my daily dose of vitamin C. Unlike some supplements that are a chore to take, these gummies are something I look forward to.

As someone who’s aware of dietary impacts, it’s reassuring to know that these are pectin-based and vegan. It’s tough to find gummies that align with a vegan diet, but these hit the mark without compromising on taste. The clean ingredient list further assures me that I’m making a healthy choice for my body.

However, the gummies aren’t without their drawbacks. When the jar gets low, I notice they start sticking together, and it can be annoying to pry them apart. Considering the cost, I’d expect them to stay separate and fresh throughout the whole bottle. And while they’re great for vitamin C, I do sometimes wish they offered other nutrients, which would reduce the number of supplements I take daily.

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Buying Guide

When I’m out shopping for a vegan vitamin C supplement, I keep a few key features in mind. Here’s what I look for:


I prefer a supplement that has a clean label with minimal fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients. It’s important to check that the vitamin C source is plant-based; common sources include acerola cherries and camu camu berries.


The amount of vitamin C per serving is crucial. I aim for a dosage that matches my dietary needs, usually between 100-250 mg per day. It’s a good practice to consult with a healthcare provider to determine the right amount for personal health goals.

Third-Party Testing

I look for a supplement that’s undergone third-party testing for quality assurance. Certifications from organizations like USP or NSF indicate that the product was tested for potency and purity.


To ensure I’m getting the most out of the supplement, I check for added ingredients like bioflavonoids that can enhance absorption. Supplements that contain ascorbic acid or liposomal vitamin C are known for their higher bioavailability.


Vitamin C supplements come in various forms: capsules, tablets, powders, or chewables. I choose the form based on my convenience and preference, considering how easy it is to incorporate into my daily routine.

By keeping these pointers in mind, I find it easier to navigate the options and select the best vegan vitamin C supplement for my lifestyle.

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