Best Vegan Maple Syrup Brands for a Plant-Based Sweetness Boost

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener made from the sap of maple trees, primarily the sugar maple. It’s a staple in many pantries for its rich, caramel-like flavor, and it’s become particularly prized among the vegan community.

Unlike some sweeteners that are filtered using animal products, many maple syrup brands ensure their syrup is completely plant-based, making it an ideal choice for a vegan substitute for honey or other traditional sweeteners.

My search for the best vegan maple syrup centers on pure, high-quality options that deliver that classic, woodsy taste without compromising on ethical standards. It’s essential to look for syrups that are labeled as 100% pure maple and free from any artificial flavors or additives.

Understanding the grading system also helps; Grade A syrup is lighter and milder, while Grade B is darker and boasts a stronger maple flavor, which is perfect for recipes that require a more robust taste.

After tasting my way through numerous bottles and considering their environmental impact, I’ve zeroed in on a selection of syrups that stand out in the crowd. Each one brings something unique to the table while upholding the values important to vegans.

Best Vegan Maple Syrup Brands

As a fellow vegan, I know how crucial it is to find that perfect maple syrup that not only complements your pancakes and waffles but also aligns with your lifestyle. Let’s dive into the world of cruelty-free sweetness, where every drizzle is as ethical as it is delicious.

Vermont’s Finest Maple

Vermont Maple Syrup

I’d wholeheartedly recommend Vermont’s Finest Maple Syrup if you’re searching for that authentic maple flavor to enhance your morning pancakes or to creatively sweeten up your vegan dishes.


  • Ethically produced with a singular focus on pure, organic maple syrup
  • Surprisingly versatile, adding a rich, natural sweetness beyond breakfast
  • Packed with health benefits, including antioxidants and essential minerals


  • A little thinner than some commercial syrups, which might require a heavier pour
  • Premium product with a price tag to match
  • May lead to abandoning all other syrups due to its superior taste

Vermont’s Finest Maple Syrup has rich and complex tones that can make any breakfast feel like a gourmet treat. The fact that there’s only one ingredient – clean, simple maple syrup – aligns perfectly with vegan ethics, and knowing it’s crafted in Vermont provides that authentic stamp of quality.

It’s not your typical syrup; it’s a culinary chameleon! Whether I’m enhancing my oatmeal, sweetening up a salad dressing, or giving my vegan yogurt an indulgent twist, this syrup’s got me covered. The delicate flavor is never overpowering, which lets the natural taste of my dishes shine through.

What I love most about Vermont’s Finest is the way it elevates my meals without guilt. It’s chock-full of antioxidants and scores low on the glycemic index, which is a real win-win for my health and palate. Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle hasn’t always been easy, but sublime finds like this make it a dynamic and delicious journey.

Pyure Organic Maple Syrup

Pyure Organic Maple Syrup

I’ve just drizzled this Pyure Organic Maple Syrup on my morning oatmeal, and for anyone seeking a vegan, keto-friendly option, it’s an impressive find.


  • Authentic maple flavor without the sugar
  • Vegan and aligns perfectly with my keto diet
  • Uncompromising organic quality, offering peace of mind during indulgence


  • Can be too thin compared to traditional maple syrup
  • Not everyone may enjoy the specific sweetness profile of stevia and erythritol
  • Some might find the price point a bit high for the volume

Tapping into the world of vegan sweetness, Pyure has definitely caught my attention with their Organic Maple Flavored Syrup. When I topped my vegan waffles with a generous pour, I savored the rich maple essence that sang through without any overwhelming artificial aftertaste. It’s a game-changer for folks who follow a strict vegan and sugar-conscious lifestyle.

Knowing that I’m using a syrup that’s kind to the earth and my body fills me with confidence. Not only is it plant-based, but it’s also low-carb, making it a staple in my pantry. Whether I’m enjoying a lazy Sunday brunch or spicing up my afternoon snack, Pyure is my go-to for adding that touch of guilt-free sweetness.

As much as I relish the flavor, the consistency did catch me off guard initially. If you’re accustomed to the gooey, thick texture of conventional syrup, Pyure’s lighter consistency might take some getting used to. However, its versatility is unmatched, doubling as a sweetener for my tea and even for baking, proving that compromises on diet restrictions don’t have to mean compromises on taste.

Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup

Lakanto Maple Flavored Syrup

If you’re craving that classic maple syrup experience without compromising your vegan lifestyle, this syrup is a game changer.


  • Nails the natural maple taste without any sugar—seriously, it’s like the real deal on my morning pancakes.
  • Fits beautifully into my keto routine with just 1 net carb per serving; my fitness app loves this stuff.
  • The versatility is top-notch—I’ve used it in my coffee, oatmeal, and even as a glaze.


  • Thinner than traditional syrup—I’ve learned to pour with a light hand.
  • Doesn’t have that syrupy stickiness; it’s a bit too runny for some recipes.
  • After opening, you’ve got to keep it in the fridge and use it within 90 days. On the bright side, it’s an excuse to indulge more often!

Recently had Lakanto’s vegan maple syrup on my waffles, and I’m impressed. This syrup doesn’t just talk the talk; it delivers a rich, smooth maple flavor that sweetens my day without the sugar crash. It’s naturally sweetened with monk fruit, so it fits right into my sugar-conscious lifestyle. Moreover, it’s reassuring to know it’s non-GMO and gluten-free, making it a staple in my pantry.

I even gave my afternoon snack—an apple and peanut butter—a little drizzle, and it was a delightful twist. Additionally, I love that it doesn’t clash with my other dietary restrictions. As someone who’s always reading labels, finding a product like this that doesn’t contain a list of artificial nasties is refreshing.

My bottle of Lakanto is getting a workout, not just because it tastes good but because I’m finding new ways to include it in my meals. It’s perfect for someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen but doesn’t want to pile on the sugar. I can’t recommend it enough for fellow vegans looking for that cozy, sweet maple flavor we all know and love.

WildFour Organic Maple Syrup

I’d recommend this sumptuous WildFour Organic Maple Syrup to anyone looking to indulge in the authentic sweetness of pure maple without any artificial aftertaste.


  • Superb balance of caramel and vanilla essence
  • Versatile for both sweet and savory dishes
  • Healthier alternative sweetener, packed with natural vitamins and minerals


  • The price is a bit steeper compared to artificial syrups
  • Bottle size may seem small if you’re a frequent user
  • May not have the robust maple intensity some purists prefer

Opening up a bottle of WildFour Maple Syrup is like a breath of forest air — fresh, invigorating, and unmistakably natural. Drizzling this amber liquid over my morning pancakes, I immediately noticed the earthy undertones and rich, wholesome sweetness that only true maple syrup can provide.

Thinking about the health benefits only sweetens the deal. This vegan delight is an ideal replacement for simple syrup, offering up a punch of antioxidants and essential nutrients without the guilt typically associated with sweet treats.

Remember, though, that the finest quality does come at a cost, and WildFour’s creation is no exception. It’s more of a boutique experience than a budget buy. While I relished every drop, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sadness as the bottle quickly emptied. And for those who are all about that intense maple kick, this syrup walks a line of subtlety that may leave them wanting more.

Wholesome Yum Zero Sugar Syrup

Wholesome Yum Zero Sugar Syrup

I’d heartily recommend this syrup for anyone looking to indulge in sweet breakfast delights without the sugar rush.


  • Remarkably similar to traditional maple syrup in taste and texture
  • Compliant with keto and other low-sugar diets
  • Diverse usage from topping pancakes to crafting dressings and marinades


  • Pricier than some standard sugary syrups
  • May not agree with everyone’s digestion
  • Distinct difference in flavor that might not suit all taste buds

Wholesome Yum’s Zero Sugar Maple Syrup has been a game-changer in my kitchen. Moving towards a vegan lifestyle, I’ve missed drenching my morning pancakes in syrup; but with this, I can indulge without the guilt. It’s thick, sticky, and the maple flavor shines through gloriously.

Eating clean is important to me, and this syrup fits my regimen perfectly. It’s gluten-free and non-GMO, aligning with my eco-conscious choices. Drizzling it over my oatmeal or using it as a base in my salad dressings allows for versatility. My guests can never tell it’s sugar-free, which is always the ultimate compliment to its authentic flavor.

With any product, it’s not all sunshine and maple leaves; the cost can seem a bit steep compared to the average jug of syrup. Also, I’ve found that a sensitive stomach might not mesh well with this kind of sweetener, so it’s best to enjoy it in moderation. Lastly, those devoted to the super sugared syrups might notice a slight taste variance, but it’s a small price for maintaining a healthier diet, in my opinion.

Bushwick Kitchen’s Coffee Maple Syrup

If you’re hunting for a vegan-friendly twist to your morning brew, this coffee-infused syrup is a go-to that I’d gladly drizzle on just about anything.


  • Enhances flavors with a unique coffee infusion
  • Complies with various dietary preferences, being vegan, paleo, and gluten-free
  • Versatile use in recipes ranging from breakfast to cocktails


  • The bottle size might have you savoring every drop a bit too sparingly
  • Priced higher than your average syrup, reflecting its specialty
  • Intense flavor might not be everyone’s cup of tea (or syrup)

I stirred this syrup through my morning oatmeal, and the rich aroma of Stumptown coffee intertwined with the sweetness of maple brought an unexpected delight to the breakfast table. It carried me through from the first spoonful to the last, adding a nuanced flavor that’s hard to come by in other sweeteners I’ve tried.

The versatility hit home when I experimented with it in my after-dinner routine, swapping out my usual cocktail sweetener for a dash of this. It melded beautifully into my drinks, adding layers of cherry and toffee notes that had my guests asking for the secret ingredient.

What stands out to me most is that it’s more than just a breakfast companion. Its application stretches across the culinary spectrum, sneaking into my baked goods and vegan ice creams, proving it’s a pantry staple worth the investment for those who appreciate a confluence of quality ingredients and ethical practices.

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Buying Guide

When I’m on the hunt for the perfect vegan maple syrup, I always pay attention to a few key details. After all, not all syrups are created equal, and I want to make sure my pancakes are topped with the best.

Source and Purity

Firstly, I check the source. True maple syrup comes from the sap of maple trees, and I look for labels that specify 100% pure maple syrup. This means no other sugars or syrups are mixed in.


I also glance for a certification label. Certified organic syrups ensure that the trees have not been treated with pesticides or chemicals, which aligns with my vegan values.

AspectWhat to Look For
Source100% pure maple syrup
CertificationOrganic, Non-GMO

Sweetness Level

Maple syrups vary in flavor and sweetness. They are graded by color, with the lighter syrups generally being milder in taste and the darker syrups having a stronger maple flavor.

Environmental Impact

Lastly, I consider the brand’s commitment to sustainability. I prefer companies that emphasize their environmental responsibility, such as sustainable farming practices or eco-friendly packaging.

By keeping these factors in mind, we can all make informed decisions and enjoy delicious, ethically produced vegan maple syrup on our favorite dishes.

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