DIY Open Pantry Shelves

When I first went vegan, I was introduced to many new ingredients like lentils, bulgar, red quinoa, nutritional yeast flakes, xanthan gum, spelt flour, evaporated cane sugar, etc.

I’m still adding new ingredients here and there. The problem is, my cupboards are filling up and they’re looking pretty cluttered.

During a brief stop at Margaux’s house, I noticed the open pantry in her kitchen. Ah-ha! That’s what I need. I have a small corner of dead space in my kitchen that would be perfect for this.

My husband had some time off last week, so he created some floating shelves for me. I stocked up on canning jars and transferred several chip-clipped bags of dry ingredients to their new homes, complete with labels from an old-school-style embossing label maker. As you can see, I’ve got plenty more jars to fill.

And I FINALLY painted a chalkboard area next to the shelves. I’ve been wanting a chalkboard in the kitchen for a long time. I dressed it up for Christmas, but it’s post-holiday purpose will be for weekly menus and grocery lists… and maybe some doodling.

After recently discovering that not all sugar is vegan, I started buying organic sugar and storing it in these jars. I love the way it looks and I swear it keeps it more fresh!

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15 thoughts on “DIY Open Pantry Shelves”

  1. This fulfills EVERY piece of me that wants ORDER in my house. Thanks for the inspiration, and also for the dread of opening my cupboards, once again to find things strewn about… Congrats on the detox. The word “detox” has always scared me. Might need to talk with you about it :)

  2. It’s interesting how women stay productive (getting your pantry in order) while going through challenges (detox!). So good to see that positivity in you, Livvy. You are healthier now and have a new pantry. :)

  3. I totally get what you mean about all new ingredients when going vegan! My cupboards are overflowing as well. My hubby makes fun of me for all my canning jars full of stuff. Love the floating shelves, they are beautiful.

  4. I absolutley LOVE the floating shelf organization and the chalkboard wall? Do you have DIY instructions for both of those projects?

  5. My food was already in glass jars, but not uniformly labeled. I found this post this morning, went out and bought a label maker, and have spent a good amount of time remaking the labels. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  6. Hi! I like your idea of organizing with the canning jars.. Can you tell me what size jars did you use?
    i know you did it a couple of years ago .. would love to hear back from you.., Thanks


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