DIY 3D Chevron Christmas Tree (free download)

I hope you’re feeling crafty because I created a FREE download for these DIY Chevron Christmas trees! You can make one or several of these cute little chevron Christmas trees to decorate your mantle, shelves, kitchen table, coffee table, Christmas village, etc. This is the perfect addition to your Western Christmas decor holiday collection!

CLICK HERE to download Big Tree Aqua (makes 1 tree)
CLICK HERE to download Big Tree Tan (makes 1 tree)
CLICK HERE to download Big Tree Red (makes 1 tree)
CLICK HERE to download Small Tree Aqua (makes 2 trees)
CLICK HERE to download Small Tree Tan (makes 2 trees)
CLICK HERE to download Small Tree Red (makes 2 trees)

letter size card stock paper
X-ACTO knife
cutting mat/board (something to protect your work surface)
ruler or straight edge

INSTRUCTIONS FOR BIG TREE (You should be able to figure out the very similar process for Small Tree):

Download Big Tree Aqua or Tan. Print two copies on card stock paper. Using the same two pieces of paper, print two copies again on the other side of the paper. Make sure that the trees are going in the same direction on both sides. NOTE: If you have a basic inkjet printer, your first copies will likely come out head first (top of the tree toward you). If this is true, then turn (do not flip) the paper so the printed side is still up and the paper is going head first into the printer tray. Proceed to print second two copies.

Using scissors, cut out both trees. It’s most efficient to first roughly cut around each tree, then cut all of the straight lines, then go back and cut the curved lines. When finished, flip the paper over and trim off any exposed template lines.

Use an X-ACTO knife, cutting mat and ruler/straight edge for this task. You will see two very small gray lines near the top and bottom of each tree. As shown in the second image below, on the first tree, cut from the edge to the gray line on the top and bottom. On the second tree, cut a straight line right down the middle between the two gray lines. NOTE: If you don’t see the gray lines, just use the guide below.

Position the first tree through the slit in the second tree, sliding the top into place first, then gently curve the first tree to get the bottom into place. The two trees should be interlocked and perpendicular to each other. Straighten as needed. NOTE: If there is some buckling, simply extend the two slits on the first tree by just a hair.

Told ya it was cute! If you like this project, you can “Pin It” by clicking on the Pinterest icon just below, or share it using the Facebook/Twitter icons.

Oh, and if you prefer a different color chevron stripe, leave a comment below. I’ll see what I can do ;)

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  1. Thanks for these adorable trees. I love anything chevron patterned and I’ve never seen a printable like this. I will definitely be making a lot of these for around my house!


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